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7 Most Common Types of Bikes You Can Give a Try


Are you looking forward to having a bike? Cycling is always fun. It is also a very handy mode of transportation. Therefore, the demand for bikes has increased substantially during the past two decades. Countries are making separate lanes for bikes. And why not? Cycling has countless advantages, and I guess you also know some of them.

But it’s not quite easy to buy a perfect bike. There are many types of bikes, each specifically designed for a different purpose. So, if you want to get yourself a bike, you need to know about all the common types of bikes in the market. You need to know the special features of each type and how it fulfills your needs.

So without further due, let’s explore this beautiful world of bikes a little bit.

Types of Bikes People Mostly Use

1. Road Bike

A road bike is, perhaps, the most common type of bike you have ever seen. Those are lighter than the other types of bikes and are specifically designed for use on paved roads. Usually, road bikes deal with speed as the light-weight feature is allowing it to become speedier.

There are also some types of road bikes. For example, a race bike is one of those types. A time trial bike is another type. Time trial bike is all about speed. The bike is lighter than the other types of road bikes. This is purely designed for racing.

The main characteristics of a road bike are skinny tires, light-weight frame, skinny rims, fewer spokes, high gear ratio, drop handlebars.

If you live in an area that is full of paved roads, then a road bike is what you need to buy.

2. Mountain Bike

Mountain bike is also as much popular as road bikes. While road bikes are specifically designed to ride on the paved roads, mountain bikes are for off-road cycling.

The bikes are heavier than road bikes. These rugged bikes have frames that are geometrically suited to uneven and narrow dirt roads.

You can identify a mountain bike just by seeing a few characteristics. The tires are broader than those of road bikes, and also knobby wheels typically range from 27-inch diameter to 29-inch. Most bikes have suspension forks.

If you live in an area where roads are less developed, then a mountain bike is most suitable for you.

3. Hybrid bikes

It is a mixture of road bikes and mountain bikes. A hybrid bike is gradually becoming a popular one as it tries to accommodate somewhat stable features.

As opposed to road bikes and cyclocross bikes, hybrid bikes have flat handlebars – a common feature of mountain bikes.  The fame is usually somewhat similar to that of mountain bikes, as it tries to ensure more comfort.

However, like road bikes, the tires are usually skinny.  But some hybrid bikes come with tires similar to that of mountain bikes. If you just want to commute around your town and do a little bit of off-road cycling, then a hybrid will be the best choice.

4. Cyclocross bike

Have you ever heard of cyclocross racing? Well, it a racing form that features paved roads as well as obstacles such as steep hills, wooden trails, grass, and muddy fields.

The geometry of the bike is designed in a way that can tackle all the technical courses. The frame is usually shorter than road bikes, for example. Since cyclocross racing often involves muddy roads, it has mud clearance at the fork and frame. Also, to tackle the mud, like mountain bikes, the tires are knobby.

As disc brake is reigning nowadays, newer cyclocross bikes are also adopting this technology. 0Although the cyclocross bikes are conducive to racing, people still use it for general purposes, especially in winter when snow falls quite often. As you can see, a cyclocross bike is also a good option for off-road cycling.

5. Gravel Bike

A gravel bike is quite a versatile one, a recent development in the world of bikes. It shares some features with cyclocross bikes as well.

While might confuse it with cyclocross bikes on the first look, the gravel bike is quite a bit different. The geometry is directed toward more comfort, unlike the cyclocross bike, which is designed to tackle the obstacles.

The tires are quite fat and knobby as well, as in the case of mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. This blending of features allows the bike to generate as much comfort as possible. This feature is coupled with ease of riding on extreme terrain.

The frames are well built and strong – usually made of aluminum, and somewhat heavier. Most of them come with disc brakes which is quite common at present.

The negative aspect of grave bikes is that all its features directed toward flexibility resulting in reduced speed. So if you are looking for some speedy stuff, then a gravel bike won’t be a good choice.

However, if the roads where you are going to ride are full of dirt and mud, then you should consider gravel bikes as well.

6. Fat Bike

As you can guess from the name, the bike is unusually fat, compared to all the bikes discussed so far. Whereas mountain bikes are an excellent choice for mountains, it is not that effective on other extreme terrains. This is where fat bikes come. With its substantial body and tires, it allows a rider to do cycling on different types of terrains.

The bike comes with great suspension as it has to tackle different obstacles. The bike is suitable for any kind of weather.

The ‘fatness’ being the advantage is the disadvantage as well. The bike is heavier than almost every bike around. And this also results in reduced speed.

7. Triathlon Bike

A triathlon bike may look similar to a road bike. But the major difference is a triathlon bike is specifically designed for aerodynamic efficiency. Simply put, the aerodynamic efficiency means it helps the biker handle the air resistance quite efficiently.

The frame is designed in a way that gets your upper body lower. The geometry is absolutely conducive to forward-leaning. The aim is to make you more aero.

The tires are as thin as that of road bikes, typically around 23-25 mm. But the weight is more than that of road bikes.

So, if you want something speedier than road bikes, you may consider the triathlon bike. But triathlon is less versatile than road bikes. For example, a road bike is more conducive to riding in winter season and dirt roads than triathlon.

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Final Words

So, there were some of the most common types of bikes. There are also some types such as tandem bike, kid bike, sportive bike, electric bikes, etc. Among them, some bikes are easily recognizable, and some are less dominant. That’s why we have chosen the most popular ones.

Now that you know about these common types of bikes, it’s time to get yourself one. Happy riding!