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Peter William

Peter William

Peter William is a writer, author, environmental activist, and mechanical engineer. He shares a great passion for indigenous and modern automobiles and green energy and loves to volunteer knowledge about all kinds of vehicles and automobile technology.

He also loves traveling, drinking coffee, and talking about the automobile industry. Peter William was born in 1982 in Woodland, Texas, in the US. He was always curious to discover new things right from the early days of his life. However, among all the topics, the thing that used to drive him the most was certainly the automobile. He graduated in mechanical engineering and obtained an MBA with a data analysis focus, which has greatly aided him in connecting and understanding the industry more.

With several years of experience in the automobile industry, there is hardly anything unknown to Peter William. Hence, he took up the pen as a sword and began his writing career. Initially, he used to write for himself. Later, he thought, why not write for others too? From discussing market trends, automobile repair tips, and tricks to reviewing automobile parts, he is helping businesses and customers know more about their favorite cars.

He is the author of the popular website Peter also works on a ZERO carbon emission vehicle design and traffic control using data technology. Get authentic and honest reviews about cars, vehicle parts, and modern engineering with Peter.