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How to Use a Flaring Tool

Use A Flaring Tool

A flaring tool can be extremely beneficial for your vehicle. Especially for car owners, flaring tools can provide efficiency. So, it is important to know how to use a flaring tool.

Flaring tools can be used for personal purposes as well as professional works. Any professional would surely have knowledge on using a flaring tool. If you are using it for your personal vehicle, you would definitely want to have enough idea about it first.

The main job of a flaring tool is related to the brake line replacement. It can also be used to replace the transmission cooling line. Here is a brief idea about its use and how to use it.

Understanding the Basics of Flaring Tools

The flaring tool is very useful for car owners. It is used to fit the piping. It is one of the traditional technologies that can be used without any technical or digital power.

Their main motive is to make life easier for people who own one or more car(s). It can fit any fuel, transmitting, cooling, and brake line. It is also known as a cutting tool since one of the main features of a quality brake line flaring tool kit is the cutting tool.

Therefore, it can be significantly helpful to know the process of functioning a flaring tool.

How to Use A Flaring Tool: 2 Simple Steps

Here we will see a 2-step approach to using a flaring tool.

Step 1: The preparation

The first step is to prepare before the actual action. The pipe unions should be broken first. Then the nipples need to be squirted. You should consider doing this at least a day before the action with the flaring tool. You may also need some brake fluids.

Eliminating the road wheel can prevent any leakage, and thus nothing will be ruined. Moreover, if there are any loose pipes, they need to clap. The nipples you squirted should be moving. In case they do not, you should consider replacing them immediately.

The final preparation is removing the nuts of the brake. You can use the ring spanner for the process. However, do not throw away the old nuts.

Step 2: The main process

First, you will need to use the tubing cutter to cut the tubing at the desired length. Remember, there cannot be any burnt areas at all.

Then, you will need to find the tubing clamp’s opening. You can put the tube on the area where the wingnuts are loose. After that, the adapter size needs to be placed correctly on the protruding tube. The thickness should be similar, and the position must be upside down. You must be careful in tightening the nuts so that the leaps are parallel to each other.

This is the segment where you use the brake fluid. The brake fluid is used to coat the adapter. While placing the flare on the tubing camp, you should be careful that the tubing clamp is point locked with the flaring tool screw. Keep on rotating the screw and tighten it as much as needed.

Finally, the adapter can be easily removed. Now, the brake line will need to be crossing through the end of the tube. After that, put the flaring tool aside. If you check the tubing carefully, there will not be any crack anymore. You can consider using any waste pieces to check whether there is any leakage or not.

Now, You may have a bubble flare or double flare tool, you need to know the exact way of use of those flaring tools.

How to Use a Bubble Flaring Tool: A Different Approach

It is crucial to know about the tool kits of a bubble flaring tool before you can learn how to use it. A good quality bubble flaring tool kit should include adapters containing a flaring bar and a yoke. Some bubble flaring tool kit will also include cutters that cut pipes.

The first stage is to cut the tubing by using the pipe cutter. You should ensure that you cut the tubing at the preferred and required size. Then, you will need to put the fittings perfectly inside a flaring bar. Remember, the tubes cannot move. Therefore, you should tighten the flaring bar so that any movement of the tubes can be prevented.

After that, use the flaring yoke so that the flaring button can be tightened. You must avoid tightening the buttons too much. You should stop squeezing once you realize the tight is enough. Finally, the bubble flare will be noticed when you take the flaring yoke and button out together.

How to Use a Double Flaring Tool: Taking Some Extra Measures

To use a double flaring tool, you should follow similar steps. However, the learning process is extremely critical here.

It is crucial to understand the usage of the double flaring tool first. In the case of a double flaring tool, there will be twice formed double flare tool. Although the process and functions are quite similar, the double flaring tool is much stronger and adaptable to high-pressure systems.

However, you should be extremely careful about the pressure and seal. The proper use of pressure and fitting is a must. A regular flaring tool can handle a maximum of 5000 PSI. You can use oil for the sealing process. Oil can decrease any friction making the sealing process super easy for you.


A flaring tool can ease your life without any doubt. If you own your vehicle and travel around a lot, having flaring tools can be extremely advantageous for you. You will not need to find professionals in the middle of a highway if you know how to use a flaring tool properly.

As you can see, it is just a 2-step approach. Moreover, we have given you the knowledge required for different kinds of flaring tools as well. So, enjoy the ride and fix your car on your own.