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Best Car Dollies Reviewed & Compared


Well, it is evident that you will need the best car dollies if you have a car that you drive. Cars are a mechanical device that can stop anytime, and you may need to move it out. But due to its weight and driving, a single person cannot move the car. Car dollies are the best option that used to move the car when you need and wherever you need.

A Car dolly is essential for every car owner or driver who drives. Most of the people used to call the tow service to move their vehicle, which needs money for it. However, if you have a simple car dolly, then you are out of the hassle because wherever you are, can move your car without any difficulties with the device.

Here we are going to present you a list of the best vehicle dollies so that you can choose one without any problem. We have included reviews, information that you can use to compare each one of them. You will find the best car dolly buying guide in the below section that will guide you to pick the best and qualified on to purchase. Without any further due, let’s start the reviews.

Best Car Dollies for Quick, Easy Front-wheel load and Unload 

We have gone through each of the car dollies that have the potential to be on our list. We have collected users’ comments on each of the products on our primary list. Our experts also have to go through all the features and technologies of all devices.

We have prepared a list of the top ten vehicle dollies that you will see below. We have tested hundreds of the other products to present you with the best products only so that you can get the best of the best car dollies for your comfortable driving.

Top Ten (10) Best Car Dollies Reviews

Here in this section of our article, we are going to present you the complete information about the products. It will have the product features, product descriptions, including all the right side and wrong side of the device. We are presenting you them just to let you choose the right one for yourself. Let’s read the reviews first.

1. Pentagon Tool Commercial Grade Car Dolly (Editor’s Choice)

We are presenting our top pick on best car wheel dollies that is an excellent performance giving a set of standard dollies. Mentionable feature it consists that it is a pretty hefty plate dolly than the other traditional packs. It offers more stability, and more balance means more comfortable using.
The manufacturer also keeps the storing it specially, so they integrated this particular item with two whole in the body of the dolly. Those holes will ensure that the user can hang it anywhere with a hook or screw. It makes sure that their product does not waste your storage.

The 5060 has 3-inch bearing and balls on the wheels that come greased entirely from the factory, and it will give you a movement like a fluid. It comes with four pieces in a set that makes sure that you do not need to spend for each of them individually. If you are looking for the best budget car dolly that is not going to break your wallet, then it is your thing to go.



2. Red Hound Auto Wheel Car Dolly (Best Value)

There is always room to look for the desired product at the best value, and we picked the red hound vehicle dolly as the best value. We have selected this particular item for its versatility and build quality.

The manufacturer also offers a price that is comparatively lower than other for a set of 4-pack dollies. It will serve smoothly for a long time because it has better quality wheels and axles. It is made from sturdy polycarbonate material, and brakes are worth mentioning for its performance.

Another cool feature is that it has a built-in option to add an external rack that allows transporting two or four dollies at once. It enables the comfortable transport facility, and the colour of the product will attract your eye that you will love it. Other than that, the capacity of this particular dolly is comparable with others in the market. It can resist 1,500 pounds and up to 12-inch tires.



3. WEN 73017 Vehicle Dolly

Here comes our next product from WEN, its 73017 model comes with 2-pack wheel vehicle dolly for comfortable car movement. There is a valid reason for putting it just after two of the 4-packs car dollies. Though it comes with 2-packs, the price it offers for two dollies is worth mentioning for it builds quality. Even if you want to buy two of the 2-packs, the price is not going to burden on your wallet.

The construction of WEN 73017 is pretty similar and straightforward as we have discussed earlier previous reviews. The surface is made of sheet metal that ensures the strength and cut with raised diamond patterns that enable extra grip. The weight capacity that it can resist at 1500 pounds and the total weight capacity is 3000 pounds. Tire plates are made of casters of 2-1/2 inch that ensures comfortable movement.

This particular mechanical device has to carry handle to make the transport comfortable. It also has built-in brakes that ensure secure movement. It has a gorgeous black colour on it though most of the other dollies have red colour on them. Its colour will give you a different taste and a unique feel and help you to spot it quickly.



4. VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Wheel Dolly

Here is another 4-pack dolly for quick and comfortable movement of your vehicle. It is winning people’s eye due to its stylish look, durable construction, and a convenient handle to ensure flexible transportation. It is rust-resistant because it is made from thick diamond-plate steel.

These dollies can resist up to 1500 pounds each that means, and the whole pack is going to bear 6000 pounds in total. With 360 degrees rotation capabilities let the movement flexible in every way. Each of the dollies has a built-in brake system that will help to stop them in the shortest possible time.

Vivohome heavyweight vehicle tow dollies are equipped with an advance mechanism of quick locking to keep your vehicle stay still on an unsmooth surface. It is vital to have a built-in lock on them; otherwise, they might run over rugged surface, and that can lead you to unwanted hassles.



5. GoPlus Wheel Dollies

If you are searching for a professional wheel dolly for your garage or even for personal use, then GoPlus has features that are going to satisfy you. It will serve for moving your cars, trucks, including other heavy-duty vehicles that do not exceed the weight capacity.

It is a 4-pack multi-purpose car wheel dollies, and each dolly can resist max. 1500 pounds that make a total of 6000 pounds can hold this particular set of dollies. It will serve you for a long time if you do not go further and exceed the weight limit.

It has sturdy construction because it made from solid steel and exquisite craft as an incentive. It is not going bend or out of shape during use. Powder coat makes it rust-resistant, and water tightness and the colour is noticeable from a decent distance.



6. OTC Tools Stinger Car Dolly

Here is our first pick on hydraulic car dollies that most of the people would like to have. The item we placed on our list is an automatic one that you can put it in your car easily. Whenever you need just get it out of the vehicle and use. It is also effortless to place beneath the wheel to trail the car wheel to your desired place.

There is a roller you can use to lift your car on this particular dolly. It comes with a single pack and has the capacity of 1500 pounds to hold on it. You can use the hydraulic pump to lift-up your vehicle. Due to its workability and durability, it comes with one piece, but remember if you need more, then you need to pay for each of them.

The caster is made of high quality and flexible material that it will not reach any harm to your floor. So, you can move your car on any floor comfortably without any unwanted hassles. It also has the build-in locking system enabled so that you can lock it up at your desired place.



7. GoJack Hydraulic Model G6313 Car Dolly

Let’s not make it late; most of the hydraulic dolly users and our experts are agreeing with the same statement that this particular dolly from GoJak is the best out in the market. And it does not just come through, and it is because of their amazing structure and the durability it holds. In addition to the surprising fact, it comes for both the right tire and the left tire.

Let’s come to the next crucial part, and it is made from all-steel virgin materials and high-quality craftsmanship. It has double ball-bearing built-in with nylon caster to make the movement flexible. Speed of this particular model will show you its design perfection as a hydraulic dolly, and the quality of its components. It works smoothly that requires less-strokes to run.

Last but not least, it has the maximum weight capacity of 1575 pounds that is more than what we have reviewed so far. It can hold up to 13 inches wide tires, and surely it ensures the performance quality.



8. Stark Car Wheel Moving Dolly

Stark lightweight vehicle dollies will work perfectly for most cars and vans. It will take up to 12 inches of tires from any vehicle. It has a weight capacity of 1250 pounds, and the structure is user-friendly for what it works accordingly.

It is foldable and small storage is needed. You can carry it in your trunk and then use it whenever and wherever you need it.

It has a comfortable and quicker reattaching mechanism that improves your effort to it. You can use your legs to lift that makes your hands free for other tasks. It is an attractive feature that can attract your attention to consider. If you are a single user, then it might perform well for you.

The structure and made quality are quite impressive, and it will not come out of shape until you are using according to their manual. It is made of high-quality steel that makes it sturdy and durable for dolly users.



9. Omega HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly

If you are using wheel dollies for a while professionally, now you want to extend your experience, then it is your thing to try. It has a bit complex but smart mechanism that is going to give a different taste of using the device. The design is attractive for any user who wishes to have a dolly that grabs attention.

The structure is smarter than other regular car dollies because it is made of high-quality metals. The wheels are very sturdy though some people find the design a bit weird. Now, if you are choosing a unique design, then it will be different from others.

It is a heavy-duty car wheel dolly and comes with two pieces. If you want to have it for four wheels, then you need to buy another one of the same kind. Each wheel can hold up to 2000 pounds, and that is the maximum in our list.



10. Dragway Tools Hydraulic Car Wheel Dolly

Here comes the last car dolly that we are going to review. It is a heavy-duty hydraulic car dolly. It comes with 2-pack with vehicle positioning Jack that lift the hoist. Now, this particular dolly is designed with expert designers and developed the structure with high-quality materials.

You can quickly move most of the cars, trailers, trucks, and boats with this mechanical device. It is perfect for professional and personal use. In addition to that, you can easily store it in your garage, or shop. It can carry 1500 pounds of weight on each one and 22-inches wide tires you can put on it.

The structure is very sturdy and smooth that after setting up your vehicle on it, a single person can move it to the place you want to keep. If you are worried about putting your wide tire on the dolly, then you can choose this one, and you can leave your worries on it.



Consideration Before Buying the Best Car Dolly (Buying Guide)

Well, that is the best car wheel dollies reviews in the market right now. Branded manufacturers are differentiating the designs and features based on their reputation and product quality. You know that every brand has their client base and based on their acquisition, impacting their designs as well.  However, most of the people are now choosing the best one out of all the brands.

Now, coming to the essential section that you need to consider before you buy a wheel car dolly from the hundreds of them. You need to understand which one is the best and compare their features as well as their functionalities.

Well, we got your back, we have prepared the best buying guide for you that will help you to understand everything you need. We will discuss each part sumptuously that you can understand which features you need to look while picking one for you—lets’ start with knowing about the device briefly first.

What is Car Dolly?

A car dolly is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler trailer that used to place below the front wheel of your vehicle to move it wherever you need. It is a useful tool that every car driver keeps with them if they are well aware throughout the past experience.

However, if you want to lift your car on the trailer, then you need to have four of those. It would help if you used each of them for each wheel of your car and four of them will lift your car to move it wherever you want.

Types of Car Dolly

There are two types of car dollies you will see in the market or people around you are using. Standard car dolly and hydraulic car dolly. Some of them are automated, controlled by remote, and some of them are manual. We are going to discuss both of the standard and hydraulic in the below-

Hydraulic Car Dolly

Hydraulic car dollies are helping you by decreasing the effort and time a bit while you are using them. It has a built-in pedal that allows you to lift the car onto the dolly for you. Basically, it pumps the vehicle in the air so that you can easily place the device below the wheel of your car. It is more comfortable and time-saving. If you often need to move your vehicle, then it can be handy for you.

Standard Car Dolly

Now, the standard car dolly works like the traditional way. At first, you need to lift your car in the air and then place the dolly below the wheel. It requires quite an effort and time. If you do not use them often, then you can go for it. Due to the manual system, the price a bit less than the hydraulic one. The pumping pedal makes the price difference and worth the money very well.

Now, we have mentioned the automatic and manual, so you have got the idea about manual car dolly. To paddling manually by your leg or hand the automated car dolly also has the hydraulic system installed but the lifting work done automatically by the remote control system. That is the difference between automatic and manual car dolly.

Why Should You Buy a Car Dolly?

It depends on how passionate you are about your driving or business. Now, car dollies are useful for a single owner or a professional mechanic who deals with lots of cars. However, everyone who has a car or drives a vehicle can have a vehicle dolly for their own good. Here is why you should have a dolly for your car.

  • If you are a driver, then if you have a car dolly, you do not need to worry about moving your car to a different place when you need it.
  • If you are a pro mechanic, then you often need to move a car without holding the steering. Well, vehicle dolly will help you do that even without using brakes.
  • It will help you to move your car not in a particular direction but in any direction you want.
  • Most of the car dollies can handle any vehicles, and it is essential because different cars are weighing differently.

Buying a Car Dolly: Things to Consider

Now, we are going to discuss the most significant things that you need to remember very clearly. Those things can make a difference in the whole idea about the best vehicle tow dollies. Let’s start,

Look For Multipack

Instead of buying single pack dollies, buy multipack because it will save your money and ensure the comfortable uses. At least choose the 2-pack car dollies though best is to buy the 4-pack car dolly.

You will see that several manufacturers are offering single car dolly, but when you try to move your car, then you need at least two dollies to place front or rear wheel onto them. If you buy one piece then it may be of no use, you will need to buy four dollies for each wheel individually.

Preferably, if you can buy one 4-pack or two 2-pack dollies, then you are covered. So, do not make a mistake like others; it will make you suffer in the near future.

Keep in Mind the Weight Capacity

Here is another essential thing we need to explain, and you need to read it carefully. The weight of the vehicle is going to be transferred on the car dolly. So, if the dolly is incapable of resisting the weight of your vehicle, then it is going to fail or break.

When you are choosing a vehicle dolly for yourself, then you need to know the maximum weight capacity of the dolly. Top experts are recommending to pick the heavy-duty car dolly instead of considering your car weight. There is a fact behind this recommendation; let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose you have two cars and their weight is different. One has a huge weight, and one is standard, now if you buy a traditional dolly, then it is not going to fit for the car that has huge weight. It would be a great idea to buy a heavyweight when it comes to your hard-earned money. It will serve both of your cars. So, if you understand the example, then you should know that what should you go for.


Car dolly brakes are more sensitive than you may think it is. We have seen people faced problems and severe accidents took place due to brakes. You need to go for car dollies those have high-quality brakes and comfortable usability built-in. It helps to keep your car in a fixed place, and it is more useful when you move your vehicle to an unsmooth surface.

Structural Equipment

Last but not least, balls and bearing those makes the wheel of your dolly keep the movement smooth. You need to check the quality of the production materials to understand whether they are going to perform well on the surface or not. Ball bearings are not going to work if you do not maintain and grease them regularly.

Best Car Dolly Buying Tips (Pro)

Now, here are some of the pro tips that you are going to need when you are buying. In the above section, we have conferred all the essential things that are required to know. However, these tips will help you understand more about the usability and quality of the car moving dollies.

Keep someone with you while you are moving the vehicle. He or she can save you from accidents as well as help you with your work.

You must avoid towing a car with dollies because it may lead to severe damage to your health. Instead of that, you can pull the vehicle and its safe. In addition to that, free-skating car dollies are unsafe and unstable to handle.

Do not exceed the boundary of your car dollies, and it is safe and helpful for you to make it work properly

Another thing that worth mentioning here that you need to store your dollies in a corner because they are very slippery. If you keep them here and there, then they might get you into hazards like slips, or severe damage to your health.

Last but not least, if you are using hydraulic dollies, then read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual very carefully. They are different from brand to brand, and a simple misunderstanding can bring severe injuries to you or the user.

FAQs: Best Car Dollies

If you are a regular user, then you should use hydraulic car dolly, and if you use it less often, then you can go for the standard car dolly. Though hydraulic one has comfortable movie feature and it saves time. There is another factor, and hydraulic ones are costlier than the standard one.

It not quite right because if you are keeping your car to a plain surface or stable position then the car is going to be okay without brake. But if your vehicle is in an unstable place or unsmooth surface, then you are going to need car dolly those have brakes.

Brand names matter because they are providing the service and manufacturing the product for so long. Probably you are not going to pick a dolly for your car from a newly founded brand over an old brand. Brands are building their reputation through their services, and customer satisfaction and they come from the excellent product and expert services. It is the thing you need to consider because you are not going to buy a product that you cannot get any previous information about it.

Car dollies are safe if you can use it in the proper way. However, you need to place your car onto the dolly very carefully because improper placement can lead to severe damage to your vehicle.

Prices are variable with the quality of the product. It also depends on the brand you are choosing to have. Features of the product can also be a variant for price ups and downs. However, if you can pick the right one at the right price, then it very much worth its price.

First of all, you will get an instruction manual with car dolly you buy, and that has detailed information written inside.

After getting the manual, you will see a step by step guide on how to use car dolly. Follow the steps carefully as they instructed there. The usual way of using it like this, you need to chain your vehicle with your dolly and then start your car drive to the holder. After reaching there just safely park your vehicle.

After parking safely, do not forget to lock the dolly after turning off your car. Make sure that you have done it appropriately that will not budge.

Experts are recommending to slow down the usual driving speed to avoid crashes. In addition to that, the maximum speed limit when you are driving with a car dolly is 55 mph. Do not exceed the limit; it will lead you to legal acquisition and fines.

Is not recommended that you use dollies for long-distance, it can create problems or fail due to long distance. In addition to that, there is no specific consideration needed if the car is travelling on the tow dolly.

You cannot use traditional dollies on stairs but with an appliance dolly, you can. Appliance dollies usually can handle 1000lbs. Make sure that you do not exceed the limit.

Using tow dolly is compulsory for all 50 states in America. In addition to that, having brakes on your dolly can help you avoid severe accidents. It is very safe to buy car dollies that have brakes.

The hand truck is a device that has large wheels, and it stands vertically. The shape of the device is like L, and it reaches the truck vertically from the back.

On the other hand, the dollies are like a trailer that has wheels to take the weight of the vehicle. They are smaller and compact than the hand truck.

Final Words

We have come to the end of our reviews on the most useful and recommended car dollies that can serve your needs. We understand your necessity, that is why we have presented those dollies from a different variety of functionalities. Each one of the devices has a unique feature that serve people who need it badly.

Our goal is to provide authentic review and information about the best car dollies that you can choose your dolly from them. Read all the specs carefully and if you have used them previously, then compare to pick the right one. You are spending money on it so take time to choose that serves your needs entirely.

If you are trying to experience it for the first time, then, read as much as carefully this review article. You will surely get an idea because we have presented a complete guideline of buying the best car dollies through the buying guide. Never lose your cool while buying, remember your needs and consider them crucially.