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Making a DIY Frame Bag at Home


Do you have a bike of yours? It could be interesting if you make a DIY frame bag at home for your brand new lovely bike. In this article, we will give you the step by step tips to make a DIY frame bag at home. Let’s explore the tutorial.

What is a DIY Frame Bag?

The DIY frame bag is recognized as a unique frame bag that is using for your favorite bicycle. As well as the bike, you can also pack here some necessary daily goods like mugs, stove, pots, extra food items, etc.

As it contains a lot of space, you can use it freely. We know that storing extra water or tent poles are amazing for the DIY frame bag. Keep a thing at your mind that if you carry a lot heavier item there, it will be tough for you to carry the bag on your shoulder.

Importance of a DIY Frame Bag

The DIY frame bag is considered as the most basic form of a Bicycle tour. We need it frequently when we go for a long day outing or camping in the forest. You can pack your bicycle and other necessary things safely by using this bag.

The Procedure of Making a DIY Frame Bag at Home

Firstly, let me describe to you the necessary ingredients that you should need to start the work of making a DIY Frame bag.

The Necessary Things That We Must Need to Make a DIY Frame Bag at Home

  • Fabric pins or clips
  • Seam ripper
  • Cardboard
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper foot
  • Some marking devices like a color pen, chalk, pencil, etc.
  • Straight edge
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Velcro hoop and loop fastener
  • Zippers (based on the size)
  • Threads
  • Nylon webbing
  • Fabrics (Choose it as your wish)

How to Make a DIY Frame Bag at Home Step By Step

We are recommending you use a waterproof fabric here, and that will be perfect for you. That will be safe you in many awkward incidents and suitable for the zipper as well.

Now, if you use a waterproof zipper, that will be all good for you. Now how much fabric you might need in this journey that will entirely dependent on the dimension of your frame bag.

Now let’s talk about the working procedure that you have to follow here.

First Step: Make the Frame Perfectly

Try to get an idea of your cycle shape and then get ready for your cardboard for making a template. It is necessary to start the work. In this time, if you have a helper, then it can be easily done. He needs to hold it firmly.

Then you can easily cut the cut board and start the work. It would be best if you cut the top tube for sliding it up. You can set up a thin pocket on one side, and it can be non-water proofed.

Keep a thing at your mind that it should be easily accessible. You can put your necessary documents here easily.

Second Step: It’s Time to Cut Out the Fabric Perfectly

The average size of the template will be 05 fit 8-inches all around. The side of the zipper can be even more than that. You need to mark the fabric with a color pencil and then cut it down.

You need to place the template back down and mark the fabric above the zipper to make it accurate. Create the template angle accurately, and here you can check out the surroundings.

For measurement purposes, you can lay down all the materials on a flat surface. You can pin it or keep it in a freehand if you are overconfident about your activities.

Now you need to start cutting these materials at the bottom, top, front, and back, and in these cases, you can use scraps as much as possible.

You can use a 5-fit 8-inch seam allowance on both sides and after that, 3-fit 75-inch wide piece for a furnished width length of 2-fit 5-inch. If you can control the fabric on your knee, then go for it. Otherwise, take help from others.

Third Step: Now You Can Zipper Sew In

You can start this process from below the zipper material. The reason is it is the easiest thing to do here. Now it’s time to fold the 5-fit 8-inch seam allowance over the opposing side and pin the zipper and material together.

The sewing will happen on the right side of the zipper. At that time, you need to look up at the three-layer of the material. Let me tell you this procedure step by step.

  • Firstly, law down the other side of the panel and do it the other side up.
  • The zipper panel should be placed below the zipper material and, lastly, sewn it on the other side of the panel. Now you can line them up quite well at the bottom and through both sides.
  • You can lay down the above zipper material
  • When you will notice the zipper to the top of the piece, its time to flip back, and you can think that your work is almost done. You need to align it perfectly likewise with the zipper panel.
  • Now it’s time to sew the hood down completely. The same thing that you have done for the zipper.

Fourth Step: Dividers

It would help if you corrected the length of your DIY frame bag. In that case, you can use hem tape and, after that, sew the hook and look attachment in the middle. The perfect way to have the two dividers at the same time is to keep them in the opposite line.

Fifth Step: Pin and Sew the Frame Bag

The hook and loop adjustments need to be appropriately correct, and you should cut it up to the length. Cut it in a way that it will be perfectly suitable to trim. For easier access, you can place a long hook and loop, and it should be parallel to the top tube.

You need to pin and sew all the corners. It needs to be done the same way from top to bottom. If you make any mistake here, then you need to withdraw the pin and do it again.

Seventh Step: Revise and Complete the Frame Bag?

Now you need to check out all the procedures from top to bottom and complete the frame bag. We are suggesting you do it slowly. So that if anything bad happens, you can fix them instantly.

Final Few Words on Making a DIY Frame Bag at Home

That’s all from us. I hope you have enjoyed our tutorial for making a DIY frame bag at home. If you face any problem, then you should check out some video tutorials on YouTube. Thanks a lot.