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Best Road Bikes Under 500: Review & Buying Guide


If you can pick the best road bike under 500, then you are getting a budget bike that will not make you break your deposit. Riding on a road bike can be difficult if you are new but if you are a pro, then choose anyone that matches your requirement from the products listed below.

Make sure that the product has every quality parts, including, shifter, brakes, tires, and other components. Water mounting can be compensated to make your ride comfortable as you can carry your drink.

With these being said, let’s move on to our this comprehensive article of best road bike review. We will start by discussing the riders who need the road bike based on some criteria mentioned in the below.

Road Bikes are Best for These Riders

Generally, people who ride on the highway or smoother roads, city roads, etc. road bikes are perfect for them. However, for a new user or experienced rider, you may choose a road bike as your first ride. Through the below list, we will discuss who needs to have road bikes.

  • You need a road bike if you want to go to your office from home.
  • Road bikes are perfect for long-distance adventure riding on the highways.
  • If you are exercising through riding a bike to lose weight, then you need a road bike.
  • If you need to get a controlled and speeding riding experience, then you should buy a road bike.
  • Road bikes are less costly, so if you want a bike for regular use that will not break your wallet, then get a road bike.

What Can You Expect from Road Bikes Under $500?

In general, more costly bikes are lighter, stiffer, and feature higher-quality components. Most businesses keep their highest-grade carbon fiber for top models and employ less-expensive materials for lower-tier models, ranging from slightly heavier carbon fiber down to aluminum and steel.

Price also factors into the amount of equipment provided; many $500 bikes come with basic equipment such as quick-release levers and seats that can be swapped out for higher-quality aftermarket parts. 

You can expect a mid range road bike in that range. However, you can expect a solid performance. Though some equipment may seem cheap, you can still upgrade parts if you wish to. 

Keeping that in mind, I have analyzed 30+ bikes from top brands and compiled a list of ten. So, here we go.

List of the Top 10 Best Road Bikes Under $500

Here is the list of our top picks on best road bikes under five hundred dollars. You will find the best road bikes for the money that will satisfy you.

Product Name




Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike Shimano For Racing Bicycle


Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Disc Brakes, 700c


Max4out Best Climbing Road Bikes


Schwinn Volare 1400 Adult Hybrid Road Bike


Sirdar S-700 S-800 26/29 inch Mountain Bike


Giordano Libero Aluminum Road Bike for Heavy Riders


Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550 with Dual Disc Brake


Editors Pick

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Disc Brake for Big Guys


Kent Gzr700 Road Bike, 700C


Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike


Best Road Bikes under 500 Review

Well, this is the most significant part of our today’s discussion. In this section, we will share our expert review on every road bikes that our list is containing. Without further due, let’s check out these reviews to find the best long-distance road bikes.

1. Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike For Racing

The Trinx TEMPO 1.0 road bike is coming with a gorgeous European design that would get you an eye-catchy look while riding. However, it is our first pick on the list because of its features, including heavy-duty and long-distance riding capability.

With the great Shimano A050 shifter to make your classic riding smoother as well as professional it also has a lightweight body. Hi-Ten Steel Fork will give you the ultimate strength while riding on unsmooth surfaces.

If you are trying to get a bike that will not discomfort you, then this is your thing. It is also appropriate for beginner users those who are getting troubled finding a novice-friendly road bike. Let’s see the pros and cons of this fine bike.



2. Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Disc Brakes, 700c

If you want something lighter but at the same time a long-lasting road bike, this Vilano Tuono model can be a go-to option for you!

While it is a perfect device for commuting, it also has a strong body with an aluminum frame. It appears to be sustainable for riders of any age, especially those who want smooth on-road biking.

Additionally, the solid and active disk brake will provide you extra safety during the tracking. You are always protected as it has A050 handlebar mounted shifters – the best quality handlebar at this price range.

Although the bike primarily comes in grey, the other colour combination will give you a pleasing experience. The bike is designed to provide you with a smooth experience on the road.

However, at the beginning, it may you may find the wheels a bit jammed.

Most noteworthy, the suspension of the bike is rigid and robust. So, a person of high weight can also easily maneuver the bike.



3. Max4out Best Climbing Road Bikes

Max4out bike is one of the best road bikes for all-day riding. It has the build quality and features that make your ride comfortable and safe from injuries. This particular bike is containing solid frame made of high-quality aluminium for a sturdy construction.

It has built-in mudguards with disc braking system making sure that you can ride safely with this bike on any kind of city road, local highways. The power 14-speed grip shifter is provided for ensuring maximum control to the rider.

The bike is coming 85% pre-assembled, and a few things, you need to assemble, it will not take much time. Well, let’s see the pros and cons of Max4out road bike in the below.



4. Schwinn Volare 1400 Adult Hybrid Road Bike

If you are trying to get a bike for racing which tends to ride faster, then Schwinn Volare 1400 road bike is for you. The light Schwinn aluminium road frame pairs with steel made forks to make sure that the bike can resist such extreme riding.

The ultimate lightweight handlebar gives professional control over the bike. The other parts, including stem and seat posts, are compensating riders with comfort while riding. Alloy double-wall rims are making the bike durable for frequent racing level use.

Shimano 14-speed integrated shifter and brake system are also improving maximum control and stopping power to the rider. Well, with these features being said, let’s check out the positives and negatives of the Schwinn road bike in the below.



5. Sirdar S-700 S-800 26/29 inch Mountain Bike

People who search for a road bike that will perform overall better comparing other high-quality products, EURXC550 speed road bike is for them. You will get a smooth-riding without any significant difficulties, and it is perhaps one of the best picks in our list.

If you are trying to get a budget-friendly road bike that is not going to break your wallet, then pick this one with the confidence of having 21 Speed Shifting system. It also has the high-performance dual disc braking system that will save your ass whenever you need to stop hard.

The bike comes with 85% assembled that need less effort to assemble remaining parts. For furthermore, you can check the pros and cons of this specific product in the below.



6. Giordano Libero Aluminum Road Bike for Heavy Riders

The 700c Giordano Libero Road Bike can be the perfect choice for any professional riders those who ride in serious nature. With the ultimate robust construction, this particular bike is going to satisfy your racing experience by taking it to a level that you are expecting.

Shimano Claris 16-speed drive train with STI shifters making sure that you can shift on challenging trails on local roads. The dual pivot side pull brakes ensure that you would have safe stopping on busy streets. You will get all the advanced features without paying more compare to other high-priced road bikes.

The bike comes in three sizes, small, medium, and larger that makes suitable for any sized riders. Just pick the one that is perfect for your height and weight. Without further due, let’s see the pros and cons of Giordano Libero.



7. Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550 with Dual Disc Brake

Here is the most beginner-friendly road bike for any novice rider who wants to begin biking seriously. The most significant reason for picking this product on our list is that it has everything that a starter biker needs. It is from Eurobike the legendary bike manufacturer having a great customer base.

The maker ensures that the shifting is more important and need to perform comfortably with the quality shifter. It has a profound touch of aerodynamic design and sturdy construction for learned new riders.
Ride as much as you want with this particular bike from Eurobike, and you will not regret it when you are getting it much less price. Before you say anything, let’s check out the pros and cons of this product.



8. Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Disc Brake for Big Guys

If you are searching for a versatile hybrid road bike, then this particular product from Hiland can be your thing to pick. The bike is capable of accessorizing with racks, a kickstand, fenders, lights, and others. Aluminium rims make the weight capacity to the optimum level.

Shimano 24-speed shifter also making easy and smooth shifting while riding on curvy streets and trails. The secure gearing system lets the rider control speed within the shortest time. In addition to it, the build-in mechanical DISC-brake will get you the ultimate stopping power with greater safety.

It comes with free installation tools, including 85% pre-assembled that makes the product more efficient. With that being said, here are some pros and cons of this particular product. Let’s check them out.



9. Kent Gzr700 Road Bike, 700C

Having trouble finding a road bike that needs a minimal investment then Kent RoadTech road bike is to go with. It is built with a steel road bike frame that makes the sturdy structure to perform well on tricky road condition. Your road bike must make you feel enjoyed while riding and the bike is going to ensure it.

If you want to speed without losing energy and keep moving then also this particular road bike will help you the most. The Shimano drivetrain will make the smooth gear changing comfortable and quicker than usual. You can shift your bike without taking off your hand from the handlebar with Shimano shifters.

The racing seat is going to get you ultimate comfort while riding for reaching long-distance destination faster. With that being said, the product surely has some pros and cons. Let’s check them at a glance.



10. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

Giordano Aversa road bike will stand out among other of its kind, and that makes us picking it for review here. Comparing with other cheap road bikes, it is better in every perspective you can see. Build quality is better so the rider can use it for enjoying bike riding often.

Brakes will work just fine for commuter riders who loves commuting on road bikes. Both bikes are quick releasing feature enabled that makes it easy to maintain. It includes disassemble and installing whenever you need.
14 Speed Shimano Equipped Drivetrain will ensure that you are able to shift your bike in tricky and challenging trail-roads. However, the bike has some pros and cons, and we want you to know them particularly. Let’s see them at a glance.



How We Picked the Best Quality Road Bikes and Made the List

Here’s the thing, if you want to get the best performance road bike then you need to choose from a list that contains the best list. However, we also picked the products that are qualified for serving the best riding experience to its riders. It was not very easy to choose what to choose and what parameters we kept in mind while picking.

Our reviews are based on real-user opinion, including industry experts, current users, and our experts at Autocarelabs.com. There are three steps our we followed while writing this review article that helps people like you to choose the best road bike for their purposes. Let’s go through those steps to understand our process that makes it authentic and trustable that everybody can rely on.

Before including our review list, we always find out those bikes that are really made as a road bike for riders. It is essential because we have seen many reviewers did the review just for the sake of it. We kept our price limit in mind and picked-up the best matches that you can choose from.

First Step: Analyze Features from Manufacturers

At first, we read an analyze all the product description from the manufacturers. It is because we believe that brands who make these are sharing authentic information as to their product features. It helps users to know what they will get if they buy the product. However, manufacturers are sharing features after testing. For reviewing any product learning official declaration about features is essential, that is why we do it.

Second Step: Compare Users’ Opinion and Manufacturers Statement

Well, real-users may not match with official features from the manufacturer. Sometimes user experiences difficulties with features that they find out some features are not working for them. That is why we collect real-user information and try to get answers for a few questions like,

After getting answers for these questions, now our experts try to compare with the official features and see how authentic or workable the features are. It is essential for interested people who want to buy products they need to know about real users’ experience. Let’s move on to the next step,

Third Step: Analyze All the Data and Write Up the Review

After receiving all this information, we start preparing our review that makes sense. We understand that you are here for knowing the product review that we shared here. So, our experts are industry specialists who are using road bikes for a while now. We believe only real users who have extended experience of using the product, are the right person to reach for reviewing that product.

If you read our review, then you will see that the review we have shared are not like others because they are unique. Our reviews are reliable that you can decide to buy the best road bike under 500 bucks. Now, let’s move on to the next section and learn what to keep in mind while purchasing any road bike for the best performance.

Best Road Bikes under 500 Buying Guide

Here is our expert guideline for buying a road bike that will cost you less than five hundred bucks. You must need it if you want to buy the best bike for your road-riding. Let’s start with the definition of the road bike.

Best Road Bikes under 500 Buying Guide

What is a Road Bike?

Road bikes, also known as racing bikes are those bikes that people ride for controlled speed, for long-distance adventure rides, etc. A road bike is perfect for a trip that you can paddle as long as your leg supports you.

Road bikes are less complicated than the mountain bikes as it runs on a smoother road surface. Apart from the definition, the structure is always sophisticated for every type of bikes in the market. Road bikes are also containing quality components like drivetrain, brakes, frames, etc. let’s check the different kinds of road bikes.

Types of Road Bikes

There are different kinds of road bikes you can find in the market if you want. We are sharing this because we want you to understand what you are purchasing. Better knowing allowing you to buy better quality products. Let’s check those types of road bikes.

Racing Road Bikes

Racing bikes are one of the finest version from road bike genre. This particular bike made for speed rather than comfortable ride. It has a low front end that ensures an aerodynamic position with a lightweight structure.

Gravel Road Bikes

Gravel bikes are the most recent product under the genre of a road bike. If you ride on unsmooth surface ways, then gravel road bikes are the best pick for you. It’s a bit sophisticated from traditional road bikes, so be sure before you buy one.

Sporting Road Bikes

Sporting road bikes are perfect for all day long mass riding events or long-distance riding. This type of bike needs emphasis on comfort rather than speed because it must be comfortable for a long time ride. Upright riding position makes the sitting more comfortable.

Aero Road Bikes

Aero road bikes are containing most of the features from time trial road bikes, and it is best for speed riding. This type of bike has a smooth and horizontal sitting position that eases the effort. The deep section wheel makes the speed controlled and saves time at a significant level.

Commuting Road Bikes

This particular type of road bike is great for commuting on city roads or urban roads. As users of commuting bikes require a more comfortable sitting position and riding, the commuting road bikes have these features in-built. It has a robust structure with sturdy materials that makes sure the durability of the bike.

Touring Road Bikes

Touring road bikes are sturdy enough for carrying heavyweights, luggage, bags because people use touring bikes for long-distance adventure riding. The frame is made from durable materials so that it can provide a safe and hassle-free riding experience. The more upright sitting position eases the effort with comfortable riding.

Time Trial Road Bikes

Time trial road bikes are perfect for riding on the clock, and it has the capability to meet your speed requirement. The bike is also having all the features, including frame structure, drivetrain, smart brake system, etc. Ride as faster as you can with this time trial road bikes.

How To Choose The Best Bikes Under $500

In this section, we are going to share the simple guideline of selecting the best road bike when you have a fixed budget of five hundred dollars. Without any delay, let’s start with the frames and forks.

How To Choose The Best Bikes Under $500

Quality of frame and fork material

Frame and the fork of a road bicycle make the ride sturdy or weak. These two items are usually made from different kinds of materials, such as aluminium, carbon fibre, steel, and titanium. These various materials types change the made-quality of the frame and fork. Let’s see how they differentiate a bike’s build quality.


Aluminium is the most commonly used material for making the frames and forks. It is not only giving a lightweight structure to make the bike speedy but also a safe ride for a biker.

The carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is one of the most lightweight materials that give a prominent stiffness and decrease the possibility of failure. Prices of road bike that are made from carbon materials will change for the build quality. Fork and frames made from carbon material are very sturdy and make speed more controlled.


Steel is another vintage material that also provides quality frames and forks of road bikes. If you can find the best quality, steel made road bike, and then your journey is going to be incredible, and comfortable at the same time. Prices of steel are less than the other two material price may vary.


Now, the newest kinds of material to make the frames and forks of your bike is titanium. However, it will give you a combined experience of all the three materials mentioned in the above. It will provide the lightest weighted body configuration of a road bike that other materials will not ensure. Price of titanium is more than the other three, and the riding experience also will be that much better than these others.

Groupset Quality

The groupset is a combination of essential mechanical components. It includes gear levers, integrated brake levers or shifters, crankset, brake levers, cog-set, chain, and derailleurs. The quality of these materials is needed for better performance.

Manually operated calliper brakes By Cable

Most of the brakes of the bicycles are manually operated brakes that work with wheel rims and pressurize the brake levers that slow-down the bike. In recent time several mechanisms have invented like disc brakes and hydraulic brakes. However, calliper brakes will give the most controlled braking system, but for automated functionalities, other brake systems are better.

Manufacturers reputation

Everybody wants to buy products from reputed manufacturers or brands that they know well. In most cases, brands that are popular for their quality are getting most of the sales. Not necessarily all the brands will always produce a quality product, but it’s a fact that people keep in the mind while buying, you may also.

Gear levels of road bikes

You need to keep a sensitive look into the gear levels of a road bike. If you can get quality gear parts for your road bike, then your controlling will be like the professional biker. The standard number for gear level of a road bike is 21 or 24 gear system. Before you decide to choose any road bike, then check out the gear levels of that particular road bike.

The quality chain-set

A quality chain-set will give you better speed and controlled riding while you are on the bike. The number of teeth a chain-set has decided that the size of the chain-set. Higher the number makes the chain-set larger, and pro racers are using it to get more speed while riding. Usually, 53t/39t is the standard number of teeth a chain-set have, and it provides the most generous performance.

What Size Road Bike Your Should Buy

How comfortably you may ride a bike depends on your height. Yes, the size of a bike does matters when it comes to reaching out while standing or even while riding. However, people may find it funny, but you should understand that not everybody is growing five or six feet tall. You must keep your height into consideration while you are purchasing a road bike. Let’s see what to keep in mind about the size.

Size That You Can Reach

Choose the size of the bike that you can reach easily whenever you need. Your upper body height, including the height of the top height of the bike, is essential because it can change the riding experience. If you are not comfortable with the size then do not buy, you will end up an uncomfortable ride.

Hight When You Stand Over

When you will stop your road bike, can you quickly get surface beneath your feet? If you are, then the bike is perfect for you, but otherwise, you should go for a different choice. You can find out which size is ideal for you and for doing it you need to be at a physical cycle shop.

Choose Depending on Your Hight

Always choose your road bike based on your height. You will feel the comfort if you try both of the right size and larger sized bike. Whether you are a novice or pro-level rider, you need to choose the perfect sized bike that provides you with a comfortable ride. Check out every aspect before buying the best road bikes under 500 dollars. Let’s head over to the benefits of road bikes to get a better knowing.

What are the benefits of road bikes?

Road bikes are providing several benefits that influence bike riders to have them in the collection. Many people are also choosing road bikes over other types of bikes for affordability and comfortable riding features. Here are some of the most influential benefits that are worth mentioning.

  • Road bikes are cheaper than other bikes with the better usability what riders are searching for.
  • Road bikes are perfect as regular transport for job holders or students, and passionate riders.
  • It also gives a prominent cardiac workout if you do it in the proper way.
  • Long-distance riding for tours or racing, road bikes are the best choice for professional riders.
  • The aerodynamic sitting position enables the ultimate comfort to ride that eliminates health issues.
  • If you want a controlled but higher speed while riding then road bikes are the best choice for you.
  • Last but not least, you can choose from different types for your requirement.

What is the best way to use a road bike?

The road bikes are best for use it on local road surfaces including city roads, and local commuting roads because of bike structure. There are different kinds of road bikes that you can use for various purposes. You can select any of them that matches how you want to ride your bike.

The road bikes are equipped with the better quality materials that are making sure that you can use these kinds of bikes for any of your ridings. Before you decide to buy a road bike, make sure you know what type of surface you are going to ride on. Check out the above list and compare them with the types and get what you want.

Precautions for using road bikes

While riding on this type of speed-friendly road bikes, to avoid accidental health damages, you must take precautions before start riding road bikes. Here are some essential tools that you must use before start paddling.

  • Wear a helmet on your head.
  • Wear gloves on your hands.
  • Use mirrors to look behind you.
  • Keep reflectors to be safe from other vehicles.
  • Keep lights mounted on your bike and use where it needed.
  • It would help if you inflated tires correctly.

We are at the end of the comprehensive discussion on the best hybrid road bikes under only five hundred dollars. Well, for the amount of money what you will get is surprising. Go through all products and read the reviews to get an in-depth idea, including their pros and cons.

We have analyzed each product to make the review more trustable that you can make a decision to buy one. Make sure you have read the buying guide, and remember you are not going to get such guideline on the internet about a road bike.

Listed products mentioned in the above review list are the best performing products you can find on amazon. We have listed them so that you can get the best of the best road bikes under $500.

FAQ: Best Road Bikes Under 500

Many people are searching for a solution for their queries about road bikes for their budget. We have received many emails containing queries they want to be solved. Interested people are also sharing questions on the different social media platform, as well as on various community forums. We have collected them and make this Q/A section containing the solution of your queries. Check them out in the below section.

A budget road bike that does not break your wallet and it performs very efficiently as your reliable ride. Low-price does not always mean the quality, to make sure that the price is affordable, and it has all the features you need. Check out carefully the product description to get the most affordable road bike for your budget.

Well, you can spend more than the price of a car on a bike, if you want. However, you do not need to be very specific, set your budget as you can afford to buy your hybrid road bike. If you are a beginner rider, then you may go for 500 hundred or less. Check out our review in the above to have the most reliable road bike under 500 dollars.

Actually, not all road bikes are so expensive, though some of the high-end road bikes may cost you more money. Price of road bikes depends on the quality of materials (carbon-fibre frame, decent deep wheels, quality groupset, pedals) used in the making of the bike. Typical road bikes we are reviewing here are less than 500 dollars, and it is not much for a road bike. Please go through our list and choose on from there for you.

Whether you should get a gravel bike or road bike depends on how you want to ride. Functionality, materials, equipment, features can differentiate between both of these types. Some people are choosing “gravel bike” over a “road bike”. However, if you do not ride off-road often then a road bike is the best choice for you.

Definitely, an expensive road bike makes a difference on your ride because it has the better quality material that makes riding comfortable. If you ride both a cheap road bike and an expensive road bike, then you will feel the difference. Before you buy any of them, make sure that you are checking all the components and quality of them. Check out our review to have in-depth knowledge about road bikes.

It depends on what type of upgrade you want to do on your bike. People are upgrading their bikes to sell or for personal use. However, most of the time, it is not worthy enough to upgrade bike components. You can get the new bike for less than the amount you invest in improving with the same features.

No, it is not cheaper to build your own road bike. Several machines and devices are required to build your own road bike even if you buy components individually. Remember this that you are not going to use those machines or tools often unless you are a full-time mechanic. These tools will cost you more than even a bike. It is better to buy your preferable road bike instead of building it.

In order to get the best user-friendly road bike, several things you need to consider while buying a road bike. Handlebar, frame construction, drivetrain quality, gear details, etc. are those significant components that make a road bike comfortable for your riding.

Well, if you are trying to get a quality entry-level road bike, then you need to be cautious. As a new rider, several details that can make you confused. Consider checking reviews about different branded road bike to know their performance. Check out our list of a road bike, and read our review to select that matches your requirement.

The vintage bikes are made from materials that have changed in recent decades with significant technological advancements. If you really want the best vintage steel road bikes, then you need to avoid some downsides of this heavyweight of vintage road bikes. However, it would be a smart decision if you choose a lightweight road bike to have comfortable riding experience. Please go through our list of best road bikes under 500 bucks to get one for you.