5 Best Motorized Bicycle 2021

Tell us, when you first heard of motorized bicycles, did you react like, whoa, what is it? That’s too obvious. This could be new to many people. Simply put, a motorized bicycle is a bicycle with pedals that has an engine or motor and transmission to power.

Motorized bicycle utilizes a range of engines including gasoline, electric, diesel, or steam propulsion.  The engine part is different than typical bikes. Since it includes pedals and all, the rider can either pedal or use a motor for riding.

People now opting for the best motorized bicycle because of it;

Because of all these, the motorized bike is getting popularity with times. You’ll find thousands of options with different designs and sizes. Not all of them are equality-made. So, there is a massive chance of ending up getting a jerk.

That’s why we made a list of 5 motorized bikes to help you get the best of all. Take a moment to check our list with a detailed buyer’s guide. There we go.

1. ANCHEER 250W Electric Mountain Bike

Coming from an iconic brand, Ancheer 250W electric mountain bike is a top choice among adult cyclists. This reliable e-bike has earned admiration for being functional in a range of settings.

The Ancheer e-bike retains it’s quality with carbon steel-made fork and aluminum alloy-made handlebar. It makes the bike extremely lightweight yet sturdy. This can also take heavyweight kits for rough terrain. 

Moreover, it contains a 250W high-speed brushless gear motor. This assists you in riding on a 15mph road speed limit. However, the mileage range of the bicycle is between 25 to 50km.

The bike also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for maximum time in a single charge. It gives you choices of speeds with the 21-speed transmission system. You also get a lot of options from three modes, including e-bike, normal bicycle, and assisted bicycle.

Above all, its front and rear disc brakes, LED headlamp, and horn ensure full safety on the road. With the noise-less operation, it is a perfect choice for both urban and trails.



2. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding EBike

Boost your swag while riding with the SqagCycle EB-5 Pro e-bike. With reinforced quality and long-lasting battery, this e-bike is perfect for everyone in everyday commute.

The best part is that it comes pre-assembled, so you don’t need to waste time assembling. Both adults and teens can get the perfect position with the adjustable seat and handlebar for a comfortable ride.

Besides, its 14″ wheels feature a pair of air-filled rubber tires along with quick-disconnect power lines. This ensures excellent traction and easy tire maintenance. Even after weighing just 37lbs, it can still accommodate riders up to 264lbs.

The EB-5 operates with a brushless motor that allows riding the bike up to a 15.5-mile range. It covers this range on a single charge by switching between pedaling and power assist. The charge takes only 4 to 5 hours.

Most of all, its Autoguard technology makes the bakes extremely efficient. It is truly an excellent option to go with. 



3. NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

The NAKTO cargo electric bike is an affordable option for a bike with a variety of features. Sometimes affordable option doesn’t come with quality. That’s not the case with the NAKTO, as it offers excellent functionality.

The bike comes with a high-strength carbon-steel frame, aluminum alloy hub, and carbon-steel fork. It includes premium comfort shock absorption capability that works in all terrains.

Unlike others, it has front V-brake and rear expansion brake for secured braking. Also, the 6-speed transmission system allows choosing speed according to the track. The bike features a 10AH lithium battery that can make you ride up to 22-28 miles on a single charge.

Also, its 250W brushless motor allows traveling at the 18 to 25 mph speed limit. You can enjoy the ride with its two working modes; e-bike and assisted bicycle. Overall, it’s an excellent value for the hours of enjoyment in riding.



4. Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults

The AZBO electric bike is a compact yet highly functional choice for adults and kids. From the wheels to seating, it retains all the qualities of vintage motorcycles.

This vintage electric bike includes massive wheels along with unusual seating. It looks good and feels comfortable while riding. The AZBO e-bike features a powerful 500W brushless rear hub motor.

The motor is way more potent than the most e-bike, and it can provide speed up to 20mph. You can utilize Shimano 7 speed gear to choose any speed according to your journey.

Also, it includes a 15.6Ah lithium battery, which allows you to ride on up to 49.7mph. It takes 8 to 10 hours for a full charge. It contains a large LED headlamp for nighttime safety.

Above all, it’s all-new, and versatile Kenda tire assists in rolling faster with better braking traction on wet roads. Indeed, it’s safe and comfortable for all-terrain. 



5. ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults

Searching for something with high-speed with long-lasting battery? Try ANCHEER Commuter Electric Bike, which can give you top speed on the go.

It is equipped with the latest technologies to make your cycling experience more pleasant. This mountain bike has a wheel size of 27.5” – targeted for full-grown adults.

An aluminum frame for the body makes it more durable. The upgraded LCD monitor will provide you with the necessary information about your daily riding – maps or speed.

Furthermore, the extra-large display makes it easier for you to read the statistical data. An upgraded 24-speed gear facility enhances the range of your top speed.

This bike is exceptionally effective for high-hill climbing. A 10.2 Ah lithium-ion battery gives you a greater range to travel with a single charge.

Needless to say, the stylish blue-black combination will give an excellent look to capture spectacular photos outdoor.



Best Motorized Bicycle Buying Guide

If you are a first-time motorized bicycle buyer, you may not decide which is right for you. There is a lot of things to check while buying the best motorized bicycle. So, we are here to help the novice bikers to enjoy the best bicycle motorizing experience.

Read the following to learn what to look for in a motorized bicycle.

Gas Engine or Electric Engine?

Motorized bicycles can have either a gas or electric engine (e-bike). Whether you’ll choose a gas-powered bike or e-bike, it’s all depends on your budget and preference. Both types have their own pros and cons. We’ve discussed them below, read them carefully and decide what you need.

Pros of Gas-Powered:

Cons of Gas-Powered:

Pros of Electric-Powered:

Cons of Electric Powered:


The size and power of the batteries matter when you are opting for an electric bike. The power determines the range of an electric bike on the road. It means that more power gives better power-assisted miles. The power rating is denoted as Ah or Wh.

Most electric-powered motorized bike includes 10Ah battery. These provide about 18 miles range at fully power-assisted mode. Moreover, the charging time of the battery is another factor to consider. Any typical lithium battery lasts between 800 to 1000 full charge cycles.

Types of Electric Bikes

There are two common types of electric bikes to choose from, e.g., urban bikes and mountain bikes. Urban bikes are the most common and suitable option for riding in the hilly area. Urban electric bike mostly features 350Wh battery that can take you around 20 miles range.

Moreover, electric mountain bikes are the most powerful that comes with hardtail and full suspension. With about 500Wh battery, it can help you riding all-day riding. These days, mountain bikes are popular than urban bikes among cyclists.

Choose the Right Motor Size

The motor size depends on a few things, including the rider’s weight, terrain, and torque. However, the smaller motor provides less vibration and comfortable for the biker to ride.

  • Rider’s Weight: The weight of the rider determines what sized motor is needed. If the rider has a weight less than 200lbs, they can opt for the smaller sized engine. Riders with average weight can choose 48/50cc motors.

Lastly, riders with weight 200lbs and more should choose 60cc or bigger sized motor. A heavyweight rider can still ride on the smaller-sized engine, but then it cannot provide better speed.

  • Terrain: If the terrain is flat, it means smaller motor with less torque just works fine. But, for the rough tracks or uneven terrain, you should opt for a bigger motor. It also somehow depends on the rider’s weight.
  • Torque: Bigger motor offers added torque, which is needed for large hilly tracks. But, for flat terrain and small riders, you’ll not need the extra torque.

Sprocket Size

In a motorized bicycle, the sprocket is a profiled wheel that includes teeth. These teeth mesh with a track, chain, or other perforated material. It may be or may not be mentioned in any motorized bicycle.

However, a bicycle with higher tooth sprocket provides higher torque but low top speeds. Conversely, lesser teeth provide less torque but higher top speed. Sprockets usually come with the following tooth numbers;

  • 36-tooth: These sprocket provides the least torque with a slow start, but ensures ultra-high top speed.
  • 40-tooth: Relatively lower torque but higher speed.
  • 44-tooth: This sprocket has a better balance between speed and torque. Bicycle with 400-tooth sprocket is ideal for all-purpose use.
  • 48-tooth: These provide the highest possible torque but extremely low top speed.

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Engines?

Motorized bicycle with 2-stroke engines uses an oil and gas mixture, so it offers more torque. There is no need to check the oil separately. The drawbacks of 2-stroke engines are the noisy operation, and it releases more exhaust.

Conversely, 4-stroke engines release less exhaust. They also offer a smoother and noise-free ride. These engines use only gas in the gas tank. But, the problem is that you need to maintain the oil level separately.


The guide we’ve provided above has the best motorized bicycle available in the market. Most of them are suitable for wet or hilly tracks. So, it’s time for you to match your requirements and of course the budget. Depending on the motorized bicycle you choose, you can enjoy the fullest in the terrain.

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