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7 Best Trailer Tires in 2022 Review & Buying Guide

Best Trailer Tires

Trailers can be handy in many ways, whether for your working purpose or going for a campaign, or carry your friends for a trip. Using a trailer regularly can cause the tires to wear off often, and so finding the best trailer tires is essential. Without the right tires traveling with a trailer can be hazardous.

I have encountered many situations and suffered a lot for buying cheap and less durable tires. Keeping everything in mind, I finally decided to start doing in-depth research studying trailer tires to determine the best tires for the trailer.

For my research, I have spoken and taken help from many experts and users to develop a list of the best tires and reviews. I made a small team for the research and made a buying guide to understand the useful features that make a tire the best.

7 Best Trailer Tires [Preview]

Product Name



Product Details


2-Pk Trailer Tire On Rim Radial 

Brand: eCustomRim
Size: 175/80R13
Product Dimension: 24 x 14 x 24 inches
Load Capacity: 1360 Lbs

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

Brand: Maxxis
Size: 225/75R15
Product Dimensions: ‎28.3 x 28.3 x 8.9 inches
Load Capacity: 2540 Lbs

Free Country Premium Free Country Trailer Tires

Brand: Free Country
Size: ST225/75D15
Product dimension: 27 x 12 x 27 inches
Load Capacity: 2,540lbs @ 65 psi

eCustomRim Trailer Tire On Rim

Brand: ECustomRim
Size: ‎ST205/75D15
Product Dimension: ‎28 x 16 x 28 inches
Load Capacity: 1820 Lbs @ 50 psi

4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires

Brand: ‎Free Country
Size: ‎ST205/75D15
Product Dimension: ‎‎25 x 11 x 25 inches
Load Capacity: 1819 Lbs

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST

Brand: Goodyear
Size: 235/85R16
Product dimension:
31.8 x 31.8 x 9.3 inches

Load Capacity: 3750 Lbs 

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Brand: Carlisle Radial Trail
Size: 225/75R15
Product dimension: ‎28 x 28 x 9 inches
Load Capacity: 2830 lbs

How did we come up with the list?

At first, I have tested many of the tires by myself. As there are many brands and manufacturers, it is impossible to use and try all of them. That’s why I relied on experts’ suggestions and suggested my friends use tires that I have never tested.

In that way, we have tested hundreds of tires, studied user reviews, and found out the best tires for trailers. We have judged each tire according to

  • Load Range/Load Rating and Max Weight
  • Size
  • Type
  • Durability
  • Price

Every tire in our review list is equally good, and each of them has a specific specialty for which we have picked them and suggest others to use these tires.

The Best Trailer Tires Reviews

These are the best trailer tires that we found out from our in-depth research. These tires are equally good, but they have specific features as individual attributes. So let’s see how useful these tires are.

1. 2-Pk Trailer Tire On Rim Radial ST175/80R13 175/80 LRC 5-4.5 Black Spoke Wheel

eCustomRim is a famous brand that makes excellent tires for various vehicles. And when it comes to trailer tires, this trailer tire can be pretty remarkable.

Advantages of an outstanding Design

eCustomRim is a radial tire manufactured with a unique and highly efficient design that comes with many advantages. One of the notable benefits is the improved level of friction between the tire and the surface or the road while it is running.

A lower friction level enables the tire to run smoothly. A lower friction level helps the traction level and lets the user have an excellent driving experience with the trailer. Along with the lower level of friction, this tire also makes less noise.

Besides, this are compatible with popular boat trailer brands such as Ranger, Regency, Alumacraft, Continental, Mako, Nitro,  River Pro, Crestliner, Karavan,  Sea Ray, Smoker Craft, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, Tracker, Triton, Triumph Stratos, Lund, Striper,  and Warrior.


The design of a tire depends on the materials being used to make it. eCustomRim comes with numerous advantages for the materials used for it. Like the top quality high-graded rubber compounds that are wear-resistant, anti-aging rubber. These features ensure the high durability of the tire.

Besides, the rim is made of using steel. 

Tire Features

  1. Section width: ‎175 Millimeters
  2. Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI
  3. Load capacity: 1360 Lbs
  4. Load index rating: ‎91.00
  5. Rim Diameter: ‎13 Inches
  6. Rim Width: ‎4.5 Inches
  7. Aspect ration: 80.0
  8. Type of tire: Radial-ply
  9. Tread Depth: 6.5 Millimeters

Product details

  1. Brand: eCustomRim
  2. Model: ST205/75R15
  3. Product dimension: 24 x 14 x 24 inches



Final verdict

Excellent quality comes with a great price but spending money on the quality product will never make you regret it. In addition, this trailer tire is compatible with popular utility and cargo trailer brands like Big Tex and Carry-On. This tire is also compatible with a lot of other popular brands of trailers like Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac and Lark United.

2. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

Maxxis is a giant tire manufacturer. Name any kind of vehicle, and you will find one of the best tires from Maxxis. For the trailer, MaxxisM8008  is a great tire designed with the best materials.

Excellent Design

The steel belt used to design the tire ensures that the tire is strong and durable, but it can also run smoothly. The tire is designed to reduce friction for better traction between the tire and the road you drive. Smooth drivability allows the user to have a great experience and also save money.

The stable features of M8008 will never disappoint you even after going through wear and tear. As it has tread designed with advanced patterns and depth, it is also great for draining water and heat.

Materials to sustain

The materials such as the tire’s rubber are very sturdy. These tires are designed to avoid a sudden blow. If you have to travel long with your trailer, then you don’t have to worry about your tires being heated up because these tires are temperature friendly as well.

Tire Features

Product details



Final verdict

Excellent quality comes with a great price but spending money on the quality product will never make you regret it.

3. Free Country Premium Trailer Tires

Free country premium trailer tires have a great review as pocket-friendly and superb usability. These tires are perfect for farming and carrying weight.

Premium Design

The design of the tires ensures durability and safety. This tire is designed to provide trailer users a smooth experience of carrying heavy loads either in a short distance or long. The tire is designed to take a beating yet serves you with its full potential.


The high-quality rubber designed with advanced engineering made this tire an excellent piece for the users. It has strong sidewalls that help to carry more weight and make it useful for years. A tire of this quality may seem to make a dent in your wallet, but instead, free country premium trailer tires are pocket friendly.

Tire Features

Product details



Final verdict

For farmers, Free country tires can be beneficial as they are designed to move on bumpy roads. These tires are sturdy and work fine when it comes to carrying a lot of weight.

4. eCustomRim Trailer Tire On Rim

eCustomRim 2pk trailer tires are another pair of bias tires that will never disappoint you. The ergonomic design and robust quality of this tire will never fail you in your lifetime.

Versatile usage

This trailer tire is useful for multi-purposes and is suitable to carry, Boat trailers, Horse trailers, and other vehicle trailers. The design is created so that this trailer tire can carry a larger amount of weight, enabling the use of these tires for more than one kind of trailer.

High-end materials for design

As eCustomRim is designed with high-end materials that ensure safety and smoothness while carrying a large amount of weight. It is sustainable to multiple weather and great to neutralize temperature as well. Hense after prolonged use, these tires will not get overheated and burst.

Tire Features

Product details



Final verdict

If you are a farmer, you may have to move with your trailer and carry a large amount of weight. In that case, Free country trailer tires can be a great companion.

5. 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires

Here are another one of the free country trailer tires that is slightly different from the previous tire in our review. This free country trailer tire comes in a set of four tires.

Useful features

There is no doubt that four-country trailer tires have a great user review because this tire features excellent durability and many other things that add up to make this set of tires ideal for carrying weight.

It can carry more than 1820 lbs with ease. This tire has some essential features like heat resistance and strong sidewalls, making it durable to save your money and effort.


The rubber designed with advanced engineering will never disappoint you. These highly durable tires are best for riding off the road and carry a lot of weight. It is a  bias-ply tire; hence they are best for you if you don’t travel long on the highway.

Tire Features

Product details



Final verdict

You may not require a set of tires for farming purposes then. What can be better than free country four premium tires?

6. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST

Automobile enthusiasts love Goodyear as one of the best brands for manufacturing quality full tires for various vehicles. Goodyear unisteel G614 is an excellent piece of a tire.

Fine design

Goodyear tires are so well manufactured that we do not have to mention much bout it. It has a great review and features a larger capacity of weight than its competitors. But it will carry a bunch and let you have a smooth driving experience.

Great materials

This tire is manufactured with super graded rubber that will never disappoint you even when you are riding to cover a long distance. The heat-resisting rubber ensures that it will not burst. The tread made on the tire compensate friction so well that you will not feel a trailer attached to your vehicle.

Tire Features

Product details



Final verdict

Great tires good for off the road, on the road, and multi-purpose usage, that will not make you feel disappointed.

7. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Carlisle radial trailer tires are one of the best tires you can find in the market. They just don’t make tires to run as a wheel, but they provide a lot of affection while creating, which works to satisfy the users.

The most ergonomicdesign

Carlisle radial tires are designed to be ergonomic, durable, and smooth. It has a good tread depth that helps to drain water out of the tire and lets you have a clean experience. This tire is designed to be durable and best for cover longer distances with weight.


When it comes to material Carlisle will never disappoint you. The sturdy rubber with the flexibility to carry a larger amount of weight and go smoothly. When driving on a long highway, you will not have to worry about overheating or friction, as this tire is made with rubber to sustain all issues.

Tire Features

Product details



Final verdict

If you need to travel on a long route regularly, then it is best to go for a radial tire, and Carlisle is one of the best for that.

Things to know before buying trailer tires [Buying Guide]

Here is the buying guide that will help you to determine the best tire. In this buying guide, you will get all the useful information about a tire’s features and factors that play a role in making tires standard for use.

If you follow the buying guide, you can outline an idea piece of tires to mix and match to find the best one from your local store.

So let’s see what the factors we need to know about are


Size is the first thing to check before buying tires for your trailer. When purchasing tires, you check the size of the sidewalls. When you find out the size of tires, you will see the size is written with a combination of numbers and letters, and you will find the statement “For trailer use only.”

In the combination, there are letters such as ST205/75R15, which indicates

Also, remember that smaller tires for trailers do not have the size written in the same way. For instance, tires of 12 inches come with a size written like “5.70-12.” Here the first set of number 5.70, is the tread width, and 12 inches is the rim size.

You can use these ideas to find out your old tires’ size and match it while you go to get your new set. Once the size is determined now, the next thing to look for is the load.

Load Range and Max Weight

Load range is the maximum weight a tire can carry. That means it determines how much weight can carry with your trailer. The load range measurement can also be found in the sidewall of the tire.

The load range is sensitive information. Because it will help you understand how much weight you should put up on your trailer to safely carry the weight and travel.

For most tires, the load range is shown as letters, for example, B, C, D, and E. The weight capacity also varies depending on single and double axle tires. For example, when a tire has a C load range with a single axle, that means it can carry about 1600 pounds. This means your trailer can tow or carry up to 3600 pounds.

Hence, if you want to carry the same weight with a C standard tires of the double axle, the total carrying capacity will be subtracted by 10 to 12% of the weight.

Now you probably have the idea that it is necessary to determine what and how much weight you are about to carry with your trailer. If you know the weight you intend to carry, you can determine what tires you will need.


It is necessary to find out how much you will use your trailer. You can use your trailer regularly for works. You may also require it in 2 to 3 or 4 days. Some people need their trailer once a week for work or going for weekend campaigns. At times people may end up using their trailer ones in a month and sometimes even years.

Depending on how much you need to use your trailer, you have to choose your trailer’s right tire or tires. For instance, if you are going on a long trip on a smooth highway, high-end radial tires can be best for a safe and comfortable journey.

If you use bias tires, your tire may not sustain long, and you may have to change the tires before finishing the trip. For rough and bumpy short road bias tires can be beneficial and sustainable. So it does not matter whether you are buying a high-end radial tire or bias tires.

If you intend to use your tires once a year, then high-end radial tires can be just a waste of money. So it is necessary to determine your intention of using a trailer, and then it will be easy for you to find the best trailer tires.

Cargo’s Weight

Cargo trailers also have carrying capacity, but that capacity also adds up with the carrying capacity of the tires you will buy. Hence rather than buying cheap tires that make your cargo wiggle while traveling can make your journey a bit riskier than riding with a fine set of wheels.

Make sure your cargo weight is easily carriable for the tires you are planning to buy. Once you know the cargo or trailer’s weight, it becomes much easier to determine what tires you want.


Imagine you are going for a long ride and excite to have your lunch near a scenic view, and suddenly your trailer tires just got damaged. You would probably be thinking that this is such a bad day, right? And that’s why you need tires that can take a beating and not disappoint you while driving.

When you buy your tires, make sure you get a long-lasting set. Many right tires can last pretty long. You will find these durable tires on the market and our list as well. These tires will ensure that you do not have to buy new tires regularly.

To be a bit more honest, driving with cheap and vulnerable tires can be a bit dangerous. It can be life-threatening for you and the people who are with you. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

Different types of trailer tires

What are the different types of trailer tires?

Trailer users need to know about the types of tires available in the market. There are two types of trailer tires radial and bias. Both of these types of tires have individual qualities because these tires are designed for different purposes.

Radial trailer tires

Radial trailer tires are designed with a steel belt. This steel belt is situated under the tread, and they are placed 90 degrees angled with the centerline of the tread. This feature of radial tires allows it to have better traction, ground contact, stability, tread wear, and offers more flexibility.

The features of a radial tire make radial tires stay cool and be temperature friendly. That is why radial trailer tires are suitable for long-distance traveling. Radial trailer tires perform better on highways where it can smoothly run and remain durable, and your driving speed will not be affected.

One of the best factors of radial trailer tires is that it does not get flatten so easily. You can keep the trailer with the tires as long as you want or keep it stored in a place without being worried. Though radial tires are a bit expensive yet, these tires are a superior option among these two types of tires.

Bias trailer tires

Bias trailer tires are designed and manufactured in different ways. Unlike radial tires, bias tires are cheaper. A bias tire consists of flexible sidewalls, and these tires are made with piles that work at 30-degree angles. That is why they perform better on bumpy and rough roads.

Bias trailer tires are also great for farming purposes. Bias trailer tires are also better in terms of carrying capacity. Hence these tires can carry a larger amount of weight and yet perform with stability and smoothness.

Everything comes at a cost. When Bias trailer tires come with better carrying capacity and smooth usability on rough roads, it also has a lower life span. IT does not last long, and it can run around 12000 miles, after which it is wise to change the tires.

Though these tires are less durable yet there are cases when you practically need bias trailer tires. For example, you do not require a long-lasting tire. But it would help if you had a tire that can carry larger weight and drive through rough and bumpy roads, then bias trailer tires are best for you.

Why do you need trailer tires?

Well, so far, we have provided information solely about trailer tires. But many people may think to themselves that why is it necessary to use trailer tires. Instead, any tire that matches the size can be useful. What you may not know is that various benefits of trailer tires surpass usual tires.

There is no doubt that trailer tires are build and designed especially for trailers. These tires have some tremendous benefits in terms of durability, speed, carrying capacity, etc.

1. Made for Towing a Trailer

Like we have mentioned before that trailer tires are specially made for travel trailers. They are designed to provide the user with a smooth and safe traveling experience. However, if you want, then you can use these tires for other purposes such as:

These tires are beneficial and durable. Many people have this misconception about using a small truck tire instead of a trailer tire to save money. You may end up saving some by risking a lot of things. It is wise and essential to use trailer tires because they are much safer than the other options.

2. Durable

Trailer tires are manufactured with high-quality, durable materials that make the tire last longer than other useful options. These tires are designed to dissipate heat for which they are temperature neutral and valuable for a long drive or more extended time of use.

The heat-dissipating features make the tire durable and prevent bursting. Since trailer tires are very durable, they can sustain a longer usage time and go through a beating yet will not disappoint you. This durability factor will allow you to avoid frequent tire changes, which will lead you to save more money.

3. Higher Load Capacity

A trailer tire is designed to carry weight. Hence it is evident that a trailer tire has a much larger load capacity than standard car tires and small trucks. Researches show that a trailer tire can carry 40% percent more weight than a car and 10% more weight than small trucks.

This quality of carrying higher loads ensures that your tires will be sustainable when carrying loads and traveling far. The higher carrying capacity ensures that the tire can be useful for many other purposes. That means these tires can be very versatile when it comes to usefulness. 

4. Offers Less Rolling Friction

Many tires for trailers offer less rolling friction. As a result, the trailer can run smoothly when traveling. Less Rolling friction provides the driver with a soothing experience and makes the tire very durable. This benefit also works to make your engine work less.

As there is less rolling friction, the engine may not have to exert more force to make the tire roll and let the trailer run smoothly. That feature causes the engine to work less. You can drive faster and save fuel. 

5. Ensures a Safe Towing Experience with the best trailer tires

Safety always comes first. As we have mentioned before, trailer tires are temperature friendly, and offers less rolling friction and manufactured with durable materials; hence it is safer for sure.

When traveling with a towtruck or trailer, it can be dangerous if your tire bursts or get damaged. Trailer tires reduce the chance of being damaged like that, which ensures your safety. It can also reduce the number of road accidents and transport hazards.

6. Require Less Maintenance and Care

Trailer tires do not require much maintenance and care as they are very durable. These tires are designed to go through a beating and yet to work as smoothly as possible. Hence they are more durable than passenger car tires and also small truck tires.

As they are manufactured with great materials, they can go through a rough ride, such as broken and uneven roads. Bumpy roads, snowy, and also runs well in hot climates. This enables the tire to be durable without any extra care taken. With very low maintenance and care, trailer tires can be very durable.

How to replace trailer tires?

Replacing trailer tires may be a bit tiring, but it is not that challenging when you know the efficient way to do it easily and quickly. Here are eight easy steps following which you can replace the tires of your trailer.

How to keep trailer tires from dry rotting?

Dry rotting is a significant issue that many trailer users suffer from. Dry rotting can take place for various reasons. Some of the primary reasons for dry rotting are:

To avoid dry rotting, it is essential to check your tires’ condition in a week or month. One other factor that can help prevent dry rotting is to store the tires in a garage type of place. In such areas, you can somewhat control the environment.


1. Can you use regular tires on a trailer?

Yes, if the tire’s size is suitable, you can use regular tires on trailers. Sometimes passenger car tires and small truck tires can fit into trailers.

Though you can use regular tires, you should use trailer tires on your trailers. The primary reason for using a trailer tire is that it is designed especially for your trailer to carry extra weight, avoid too much friction, and last longer.

2. Are radial tires better for trailers?

Radial tires have many edges over the alternative type of trailer tire. Radial tires are made with long-lasting materials that ensure their durability, optimized friction, and smoothness.

If you have to use your truck regularly and if you have to travel a long distance on a highway, then radial tires are the best option. They can sustain months and sometimes years if you keep them in the proper environment and maintain these tires.

3. How long should trailer tires last?

A trailer tire can last very long. Some tires can sustain years, and if we estimate, then it can be 3-5 years. After a long time using, the tire may wear off. Once you observe the tire is wearing, you must understand that it is time to change it.

If you use your tires roughly and do not maintain the tires, the tire may not last for so long. Yet you may not have to change it within one year.

4. Are bias-ply tires better for trailers?

Bias-ply tires may not be the best option as they are built with flexible materials. Hence bias-ply tires are best when you have to ride on bumpy roads. Bias tires are also good at carrying weight. In terms of carrying capacity, bias tires have the edge over radial tires.

The features of a bias-ply tire make it suitable for farming. It is best for the farmers because they can use it for your trailers to carry many crops.

5. Do trailer tires need to be balanced?

Trailer tires are specially made for carrying things and not for navigation hence it does not have to grip any turning.  That is why trailer tires do not require dynamic balance like it is necessary for passenger cars. For steering and cornering, balancing is essential, but it is not that important when it comes to carrying weight.

6. Where are trailer tires made?

Most of the time, tires are made in the location where the tire’s brand is situated. For example, if you have a tire made in Germany, then most possibly the tire is also made in Germany. But most good quality tire brands are American as American manufactured tires are best and widely used all over the world.

7. What is the best trailer tire?

Many tires can be considered as best. The best tire can vary as per the requirements of the user. My requirements of a trailer tire and your requirement of a trailer tire may not be the same. For me, the tire that fulfills my requirement is the best trailer tire.

Yet if you want a rough idea, then you can rely on the tires from our review, such as:

  1. MaxAuto Trailer Tires ST205/75R15
  2. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire
  3. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST
  4. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire
  5. Radar Angler RST22 Steel Belted Radial Trailer Tires

8. What are the most trusted trailer tire brands?

A brand creates an impression when it is known for manufacturing a product. For tires, it is the same. People like to rely on good brands because, for obvious reasons, good brands create quality tires. Some of the best brands are

  • Maxxis
  • Goodyear
  • Rada Angler

9. How long do trailer tires last?

A trailer tire can last very long. Radial tires can last around 3 to 5 years. These tires are manufactured with efficient and useful materials to last long even after going through a beating.

Bias tires may not last as long as radial tires, but they can last around a year. Tires may sustain a lot if you also keep them maintained. Trailer tires do not require much maintenance if you keep them safe from dry rotting.

10. How much do trailer tires cost?

The cost of a tire varies according to its type and also the way it is manufactured. Radial tires are pricer than bias tires. But if you want to have a rough idea about the price range, you can get the right tires around 100$-500$. Though most tires are below 500$ yet it is just a rough idea about the best trailer tires’ price range.

Final Word

Bad tires or a wrong selection of tires can be a bit irritating. If you choose passenger car tires for your trailer, then it may not last very long. That is why tire manufacturers came up with the idea of making special trailer tires so that you do not have to go through the hassle of changing tires.

From this article, you can learn about the importance and necessity of a trailer tire. It is necessary to know why you should not use other tires for your trailer. Our goal was to provide you the knowledge and understanding of trailer tires so that it becomes easy to find the perfect trailer tire for yourself.

Now that you know about its features, you must have learned that it is not easy to find the best one among so many brands. To make your search easier, we gave you a review. Now we hope that you can find the best trailer tires that are perfect for you. If you find this information useful, then please share it. HAVE A GOOD DAY!! Enjoy your new trailer tires.

It may not be easy to find such a place, but you can still maintain your tires. Experts suggested keeping cardboard between the surface and the tire. This prevents the tire from getting heated up. Also, UV can be harmful, so if you can cover the tires, you can avoid dry rotting.