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Best Fire Extinguisher For Car Reviews


Who doesn’t wish to have the best fire extinguisher for car when it needs? 

Portable fire extinguishers for cars fall into the category of essential accessories for safely. Even a small malfunction of the engine, combined with the very high temperatures that it reaches, can cause severe damage to the car, which immediately turns into a great danger for one’s safety.

The battery that loses a few drops of liquid that ends up on the electric cables, a small short circuit, and there are many hypotheses, and the only thing to do is to equip your vehicle with an easy-to-use tool to put out the fire immediately.

It can also be used if you witness a car accident. Of course, it is not enough to buy just any car fire extinguisher.

To protect yourself against fire, you need to have the best in car fire extinguisher based on specific essential criteria.

1. Kidde 21005779 pro 210 fire extinguisher

The first product we tested in this guide was this Kidde brand fire extinguisher. We took the 1.8-kilo version. 

Why this choice? 

Simply because it is much easier to transport and can be easily grabbed with one hand in a car when there is a problem. This type of extinguisher with this weighing is unusual for the use in a car, a boat or caravan.

For a fire extinguisher for the car to be fully capable, it is necessary to learn about the different classes of fire that exist. In this specific case, there is a class a, class b, and class c. It is a product fully compatible and demanding with all the legal standards in force. 

To know if the product is well suited for use in these places, you must ensure that class b is included because it is what helps fight flammable liquids such as petroleum and gasoline.

The manufacturer warns in a document that there is indeed a 6-year limited warranty that is included inside the product. It is an extended guarantee, and it makes sense since the extinguisher is not something that we will use every day.




Overall, this one is a considerable product for your car. Besides, we appreciate the mounting support, which is wholly included inside. You can put your fire extinguisher in any delicacy, without difficulty in the place where you wish.

2. First alert fire extinguisher

This fire extinguisher for a car is ideal for small firing as it is a spray extinguisher. It is, therefore, ideally suited for use in a vehicle in case it catches fire. It is perfectly thought out and studied for the automobile. You will, therefore, have no fear of having on this subject.

This product consists of air and aerosol. It is, therefore, a perfect combination to fight against possible leaks that there may be. The maximum capacity of the product is, therefore, almost 1kg. It is very convenient for the car, and it can be used in different circumstances.

The projection distance of this fire extinguisher is 10ft. However, it should be specified that one should not be too close to the source of the fire, but one should not be too far from it. The purchase of car fire extinguisher is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase.




The main advantage is its exceptional efficiency. It is perfect to use everywhere, even if in a kitchen also.

3. H3r performance hg100c fire extinguisher

The third product comes directly from h3r performance. It is a manufacturer that is there to provide convincing results. You will find its pressure gauge there to manage the pressure effectively. That’s not all. We must also appreciate the metal support that is delivered and included in it.

It is a suitable fire extinguisher for fuel and electric vehicles as we know it today. Its weight of 0.63 kilos is perfect for this type of use. This product has a discharge range of 6-8 feet, making it easy to use.

Overall, we are fully satisfied with this fire extinguisher, which perfectly meets our expectations. And as if that were not enough, the brand will deliver this car extinguisher to you with a wall mount so that you can place it as you see fit.

Of course, this is a fire extinguisher for cars, but the h3r performance can also be useful at home or in any other vehicle, especially since it is compact and easy to store. Finally, this model meets all requirements and standards. We can only highly recommend that you buy the h3r performance fire extinguisher for your car today!




To comply with the safety standards in force,  you need a product that meets the various certifications in strength. In that case, this one is just perfect for you. Lightweight and easy to use yet fully efficient.

4. Badass moto jeep fire extinguisher

Next, in the list among the products, we find badass moto jeep fire extinguisher. This product contains 1 kg of gas, suitable for taming fires that are derived from the inflammation of liquids, gases, and electrical appliances.

It consists of a metal cylinder. This fire extinguisher for a car has a velcro attachment, which is formidably powerful. We have no difficulty with this product.

The considerable size allows it to be used to tame fires in not only cars but also places with electrical systems, electronic components, factories, commercial premises, garages, apartments, and so on.

Thanks to the certification, whoever buys this fire extinguisher knows that it will have a functional and well-built product. Being a 1 kg fire extinguisher, it can be used in the workplace, in the factory or apartments also.




Overall, as for its performance, it does its job entirely. We recommend, and most of the consumers fully agree with us that it is an essential automotive accessory.

5. First alert 1038789 standard home fire extinguisher

This fifth product again comes from the first alert brand. It is a Monoammonium Phosphate extinguisher that weighs approximately 5 kg. It is heavier than the majority of the products that we have been able to test so far. In terms of handling, we must recognize that it is less secure, especially with one arm.

The product is efficient. Being at a reasonable distance, it is easy to extinguish the fire. However, it empties reasonably quickly. This product had to pass many tests to arrive at what it is today, namely a quality fire extinguisher for a car. It meets the majority of standards, which are essential for the excellent safety of all.

This element may come in handy for cars, but that’s not all. Motorboats or other uses such as at home are entirely conceivable with a Monoammonium Phosphate extinguisher b, c. These classes are representative of the degree of effectiveness of the product against these three different types of fire.




Finally, we can say, if we overlook the weight, this can be a proper fire extinguisher for your car. Customers have also agreed that it is the right product for your home as well.

6. Max Professional Fire Suppressant Canister

Max Professional Fire Gone is a fire Suppressant Canister. It is a canister that is easy to use, and the spray nozzle is designed to fight fire easily. In addition, the biodegradable can is easy to clean. The portable design is handy to keep in cars or such type of similar places.

Furthermore, it is easy to use because it is similar to a foam hair spray size. The mixture of water and AFFF makes the output very effective. As a result, you can use the portable canister to put out the fire when there is fire.



Final verdict

If you need a fire suppressant canister that is easy to use, Max Professional Fire Gone Suppressant Canisters will be significant for your choice!

7. Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

If you are looking for a powerful and quickly workable fire extinguisher, try this Amerex fire extinguisher. It is a cost-effective product for your business firm, homes and warehouses.

The body of the cylinder is made of steel, giving you more safety and security during the time of emergency. It is effortless to use and very comfortable maneuvering as it takes less space.

Besides, it is a very lightweight device, and it will give you maximum performance. Hence, You can place this extinguisher in a small space in your within your working space. Also, it is easily carriable.
And if you are looking for a fire extinguisher with dry chemical class, this one will be ideal for you.




For any emergency fire situation, this Amerex model can be a great help for you. The caps are easy to operate and takes a few seconds to blow the fire upon spraying.

8. First alert white and rechargeable fire extinguisher

Among the necessities, you could not miss this fire extinguisher for cars. With its small dimensions, it is easy to carry with you to cope with emergencies that could arise during your travels, such as fires in the engine area. To operate in complete safety, you can rely on a certified, so you won’t have to get too close in the event of a fire.

In addition to using it on cars and wheeled vehicles, the fire extinguisher is also certified for maritime use or pleasure boats with the relative recognition of suitability by the naval register.




If you don’t want a big and heavy fire extinguisher for a larger scenario, this might be the best option for you. Its compact, simple, and easy to use- suitable for any medium fire.

9. Amerex 240 fire extinguisher

Amerex offers a 2.5-gallon powder fire extinguisher. It is a classic model that can cope with a more restricted circle of fires such as ordinary combustibles, therefore very suitable in kitchens, also instrumental in having in cars.

Those who need more capacity since they must install the product in a great working environment, such as an industrial warehouse, parking lots, or open areas, can opt for this fire extinguisher, powder-based, therefore suitable for a fire.

The body is made of stainless steel in one piece for more excellent resistance. The fire extinguisher is balanced and easy to handle to facilitate transport maneuvers while the brass valve allows avoiding accidental operations. The cost, as it is easy to guess, is not the lowest.




The Amerex fire extinguisher should be taken into consideration only by those who have room to operate it. Remember that the chemical powders used to tame the fire are toxic and harmful to health if inhaled. It may also be useful to combine a fire extinguisher with a fire extinguisher that can be worn quickly before use.

10. 10lb ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher

This model is a traditional 4.5 kilos powder fire extinguisher, which has the usual ABC powder as an extinguishing agent. It is easy to put out all kinds of fires in liquids, solids, and the like. Besides, this powder can also be used in equipment with electrical voltage.

A complete product with a pressure gauge, handle and hose so that we can direct this dust to the base of the flames and extinguish them more efficiently. The extinguisher is accompanied by everything necessary for its assembly, such as the metal valve construction, aluminum valve body & handle & lever.

For the rest, this electric fire extinguisher has the usual design of the almost five-kilo product, the amount of powder that the product offers. It includes a manometer and a handle on the top as well as the discharge hose. All these things help to properly focus on the fire, “freezing” it at temperatures down to -50 degrees.




The powder fire extinguishers have high coverage and can extinguish a large number of fires, but be careful to use it in environments with electrical appliances, where it would be preferable to use a co2 one. Other than that, it can be the right choice for your car.

How to choose the best car fire extinguishers?

As mentioned, the first thing to do before buying is to check the relative homologation and all the certifications. It is also essential to understand what the main characteristics are to be evaluated to verify whether that model is suitable to meet your needs concerning the type of fire and, therefore, its use.

class abc fire extinguisher

 Each fire extinguisher consists of three parts:

Remember: According to the law, a fire extinguisher must have a precise and explicit declaration of conformity by the manufacturer. Moreover, it is to be sold together with a manual with all the instructions for safe use.

To understand which type of car fire extinguisher to buy, it is also essential to know the difference between the fires to put out. It is customary to distinguish:

Class-A fires: originate from fossil fuels (for example, paper and rubber);

Class-B fires: fires that originate from liquid fuels (alcohol, petrol, solvents, etc.);

Class -C fires: among the categories, it is most dangerous because they originate from gas (methane, hydrogen, propylene);

Class-D fires: originate from metals (for example, potassium, zinc, and titanium);

Class-E fires: fires that originate from switches, electrical panels, and any other live electrical equipment.

Class-F fires: in this case, it is the vegetable or animal oils and fats that catch fire. These are the fires that can occur in a typical kitchen.

Today no more extended reference is made to this class since they are attributable to types A and B.

Watch out for the labels! Additionally,  the extinguishing capacity of the extinguisher, or rather the substance it contains, is always indicated. The higher the number, the greater the security guaranteed.

Types of car fire extinguishers

Installing Fire Extinguisher

The time has come to classify all fire extinguishers for a 100% secure purchase. Here are the main types:


Composed of various chemical substances mixed with the addition of additives for improved fluidity and water repellency.

They are divided into two groups:

  • ABC for extinguishing several fires with sulfate and ammonium phosphate powders, barium sulfate, and the like; 
  • BC  for extinguishing fires originating from flammable liquids and gases with powders formed mostly of sodium bicarbonate.

Both can be used to extinguish fires generated by the malfunctioning of electrical equipment (because there is no presence of water).

Co2 (Carbon-di-oxide)

They are fire extinguishers in which carbon dioxide replaces oxygen by suffocating the fire and cooling the fuel. They can be used to extinguish different types of fire, including electrical ones, without particular problems in closed environments.

The only precaution to take in this last case is to go out immediately to avoid asphyxiation for the lack of oxygen. Also perfect for working on delicate equipment and valves.

Pressurized water:

Fire extinguishers ideal for extinguishing class fires but always to be avoided when working on electrical panels and electrical equipment of any type. The primary agent is water (90% water and 10% filming and additives), which cools the fuel and suffocates the fire when vaporized.


For fires generated by solid fuels and flammable liquids (class a and b). The foam creates a waterproof layer on the surface, preventing its contact with oxygen. They cannot be used on electrical systems due to a minimal amount of water contained.

In halon:

Halogenated hydrocarbon fire extinguishers, similar to powder ones, are suitable for extinguishing class ab and c fires, as well as on class e fires. This type has been put aside and is slowly leaving the reference market. Because it is considered more harmful to the environment.

Which extinguisher to choose for your car

After taking a quick overview of the types of fire and the various fire extinguishers, the time has come to conclude. Without a shadow of a doubt, car fire extinguisher must have small dimensions and low weight to intervene quickly and to carry it without problems always with you on the road. It is possible to recommend two fire extinguishers as suitable tools to increase car safety:

Powder: even a minimal amount of dust can ensure an excellent extinguishing action by covering the entire surface concerned.

Co2: this is the best for the car. In addition to ensuring a rapid shutdown action, it leaves no residue (which occurs with a powder fire extinguisher).

N.b. Even the foam fire cans offer many advantages and safety.

Purchase criteria: comparative factors for a fire extinguisher for car models

If there was a firefighter at every corner, we could afford to drive cars without a fire extinguisher. But this reality is far from happening, so you must learn to compare models to buy a quality fire extinguisher that does not cost a fortune. Discover below the best offer comparison ideas:


If there are wooden components in the car frame, including the engine space, it is recommended to use the ABC fire extinguisher. Only this version can extinguish fire on pieces of wood or paper chips. Be careful, because using a bc fire extinguisher to extinguish wood or paper fires will not help and may even expand the flame.


The word of the moment is to seal. Only buy fire extinguishers in a package that must be removed before installing the product in the car. In addition to the packaging, fire extinguishers must also have a plastic seal. It should break every time you use the firefighting template. Travel with your own hands without the need for knives or pocketknives.

Some productions are sold unsealed or packaged at prices lower than the market average. For security reasons, it is better to avoid promotions of this type. Remember that cheap is almost always expensive. Take off the ring to break the seal of the car fire extinguisher.


Already have the amount installed in the car? Then buy the fire extinguisher in size and save on your purchase. On the other hand, if there is no fire extinguisher in your vehicle, you should opt for a promotion that offers the complete kit (fire extinguisher + support). The safest way to store the extinguisher inside the car is with a holder.


Look out for the product label. For online purchases, ask the seller questions they can answer simply by looking at the labeled information. On the label, it gives three fundamental points: the class of fire that the product can extinguish (ABC or bc), the validity, and numbering of the product.

Where to keep car fire extinguisher and how to use it?

One always hopes not to have to use a fire extinguisher in a car! However, to be sure to deal with an emergency in the best possible way, it is best to place the fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place in car.

The smaller ones, i.e., the cans can be kept in the glove compartment. Again, comfortable mesh bags or tear-out pouches can be used to hang on in several places so as to fix it avoiding any movement.

If you are unable to insert it inside the passenger compartment, you can take advantage of some corner of the luggage rack. However,  always keep it in the foresight to fix the fire extinguisher for the car to keep it safe from any blow (placing it in plain sight near the opening ensures faster intervention).

How to use a fire extinguisher for car

Timeliness is everything!

Firefighters and all emergency responders recommend stopping the car immediately as soon as you can see some smoke from the engine compartment. Once finished, you can take the fire extinguisher and, after putting on a pair of gloves (always keep close to it), you can open the hot hood.

Never open suddenly, because the flames could hit you in full. Once the hood has been secured to the supports, it is possible to tear off the safety spool of the fire extinguisher and, holding it firmly, operate it using the appropriate lever or the smallest button in the case of firefighting spray cans.

Always spray upwind and direct the flow in several directions on the hot area. Being quick is very important, but it is also essential to call for help to make sure that the emergency has passed. Always avoid restarting the vehicle.

Is a fire extinguisher required in the car?

Don’t worry. You are not breaking the law if your car is not equipped with a specific fire extinguisher. But an extinguisher is of fundamental importance when traveling. To be able to overcome a fire in the vehicle more quickly, it seems advisable to have a fire extinguisher for car intended for this purpose.

It is more than a necessity on old cars, that is to say, those that are more than ten years old, because the latter are not spared the risk of leakage and overheating. Most old models of cars do not also have proper insurance, so it is better to prepare for possible accidents by equipping your vehicle with a fire extinguisher.

A simple cigarette butt, a short circuit, a problem of mechanical overheating can all cause a fire in the car. Gas pump incidents are also not uncommon. Fire can even start if a hose is pierced. This may cause fuel to spread over the hot engine.

Better never to travel without it!


Most frequent questions and answers

Unlike fire extinguishers that are placed in buildings, car fire extinguishers are not subject to strict regulations. They do not require much maintenance. Owners will, however, need to ensure that the pressure gauge is still in the green zone. If the latter is found in the red area, it will be necessary to replace the extinguisher, since it will be of no use without pressure. 

There are models of fire extinguishers for cars that keep their pressure for several years. The deadline for use recommended by the manufacturer should also be observed. The performance of car fire extinguisher will indeed be impaired once this date has passed. However, you can ask a professional to review car fire extinguishers once a year to ensure it works properly.

The 2 kg fire extinguisher with a pressure gauge is the most suitable type for your car, although some commercial vehicles are required to equip themselves with larger models. It is useful for putting out the fire, mainly if it develops in the engine.

A portable car fire extinguisher is perfect for flammable liquids and electrical fires. You can spray it directly on liquids like petrol and electrical components to extinguish the fire principle quickly and safely, in cars as in boats.

Yes, a fire extinguisher can explode. Although it is infrequent, it can happen due to multiple reasons, and the explosion can be loud and can cause some collateral damage.

The manufacturers say that most fire extinguishers should work for 5 to 15 years, but you may not know if you purchased a fire extinguisher that is already a few years old. So how can you be sure it’s fully functional? Firefighters recommend checking the pressure gauge monthly.

The cost of a fire extinguisher for cars varies based on several factors. It is primarily linked to the quantity of material inserted inside to extinguish the flames, for example, a product containing 2 kg of powder will cost substantially less than a 30 kg one, perhaps wheeled.

This type, then, has a price, in turn, lower than those containing carbon dioxide, while the generally more expensive fire extinguishers are foam ones. Remember, however, not to choose them only based on cost but mainly taking into consideration the place where they will be installed and what type of flames they may have to extinguish.

Fire extinguishers that can no longer be recharged must be disposed of following procedures established by law. Each type of fire extinguisher for car has a code, some considered dangerous and others not, therefore you must identify the system of your fire extinguisher to understand what type of waste it is.

Once discovered, you can proceed with the disposal, which must be carried out by specialized and authorized companies. This is an essential step since incorrect disposal can lead to monetary sanctions and, in the most severe cases, also criminal liability.

If you have a fire extinguisher at home or in the office that must be disposed of, therefore, do not do it in a “do it yourself” way but contact a specialized company that will be able to handle the procedure correctly.

In case of fire, there is no time to check whether the fire extinguisher for the car can be used or not. Therefore it is an operation that must be carried out over time. Fire extinguisher for a vehicle must be checked every six months by individual bodies, which, after carrying out the check, will issue control certificates to be attached employing a clamp to the fire extinguisher.

These cards are indicated all essential information such as the date of the check. This element is enough to understand if a fire extinguisher can be used or not. Still, we also invite you to keep an eye on the pressure gauge usually positioned in the upper part to understand if there is enough pressure or if the fire extinguisher needs further adjustment.


Fire extinguishers can help motorists save themselves, their families, and passengers. However, identifying the best fire extinguisher for the car can be tricky. In this guide, we have presented you with the features to consider when choosing.