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Best Caulking Gun Reviews


After each summer, it is time to walk around your home and see whether everything is OK. Since winter is coming, pay attention to every corner. You’ll certainly find out a lot of cracks in your storm window, ceiling, and kitchen sink.

Well, the extremeness of weather is the reason for these cracks and gaps. These cracks may inhibit your cooling and heating system or might let pests to enter. However, fixing a cracked sealant may cost you a lot if you seek professional help.

Thankfully, the good news is the best caulking gun can cope with it. You can apply caulk with the caulking gun smoothly almost anywhere you want. Caulking guns are designed to dispense the caulk, silicone, sealant, and other adhesives.

Caulking can be real pain unless you get a high-quality caulking gun. Do you know what is tougher? It is, getting a high-quality caulking gun among a range of options in the market. They all almost serve the same purpose.

All right, you can sit back and relax!

Luckily for you, here we come with our best picks, including a buying guide and more. Keep read on!


Product Name

Editors Rating


Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Cradle Caulking Gun


Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun


Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Caulking Gun


Edward Tools Drip-Free Smooth Rod 10 oz Caulk Gun


Newborn Pro Super Ratchet Rod Caulk Gun


JES 10 oz. 26:1 High Thrust Caulk Gun


Best Caulking Gun Reviews of 2022

When you open up the browser and search for a caulking gun, you ended up with thousands of options. But, which among them can give you the best output to finish your DIY work?

With your concern in mind, here we have narrowed down the list with six best caulking gun. We consider the quality, price, ease of use, etc. to help you make an informed decision. Take a look.

1. Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Cradle Caulking Gun

Standing as the best caulking gun in the list, Newborn 930-GTD is Amazon’s bestseller. It is not difficult to say why. The caulking gun comes with a perfect balance of quality, comfort, and accessibility.

The caulking gun features a steel frame and body. The cradle frame allows 1/10-gal cartridge, and it has a thrust ratio of 10:1. Thus, it makes the tool best for low viscosity materials.

Standing as the best caulking gun in the list, Newborn 930-GTD is Amazon’s bestseller. It is not difficult to say why. The caulking gun comes with a perfect balance of quality, comfort, and accessibility.

Then, it includes a smooth pressure rod that requires less force to take out the sealant. The caulking gun offers added comfort with its silicone padded handle and trigger. Also, the trigger provides maximum control in your hands.

Moreover, the best part of the gun is its drip-free feature. It prevents any messy drips from coming out from the tip. As a bonus, the gun comes with a spout cutter, ladder hook, and a seal puncture.



Final Verdict

With all the user-friendly features, the Newborn 930-GTD is the easiest option to use. The caulking gun impresses everyone from professional to youngest DIY-er.

2. Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun

If you have day-long sealing jobs, you should opt for the Dripless Inc. Ergo caulk gun. It is incredibly lightweight, user-friendly, and dripless. Also, with some handy features, it is available at a great price.

The Ergo composite caulk gun is a manual gun. It comes with a lightweight composite frame that fits a 10-oz cartridge. With a 12:1 thrust ratio, it can be used with acrylic, latex, and silicone sealant.  

It features a built-in spout cutter for cartridge opening. Also, there is a hook on the back that allows hanging the gun on a ladder. Moreover, its full-sized handle ensures higher pressure with less effort.

The ergonomic grip on the handle makes it comfortable to hold. Even with rugged composite construction, it weighs less than 40% than other models. What we like most is its revolving frame. It makes sure you don’t have to change your hand position with changes in sealant direction.



Final Verdict

Not to mention, Ergo Composite caulk gun is truly a dedicated dripless gun in the market.

3. Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Caulking Gun

The Newborn will never let you down with their variation in caulking guns. The Newborn 250 super smooth rod caulking gun is another example. It offers excellent value for thicker sealant. 

The caulk gun can be used with a range of sealants, including adhesives, asphalt, butyl, acrylic, etc. Thanks to its highest thrust ration of 18:1. Its steel revolving frame makes it fit for the 1/10-gal cartridge.

Even if it is a manual caulk gun, you can work with all types of viscosity caulk. Moreover, the caulk gun features a super smooth pressure rod. It requires minimum force to operate.

Unlike most Newborn guns, it comes with a zinc alloy handle. The handle offers a comfortable grip and maintains a constant pressure on pushing the caulk. There is a thumb release for dripless operation.



Final Verdict

What makes the Newborn 250 our favorite is its quality construction and ease of use.

4. Edward Tools Drip-Free Smooth Rod 10 oz Caulk Gun

The Edward Tools caulk might not amaze you with its appearance. However, its performance can beat the most expensive options. It is a perfect tool to use for home DIY projects or other construction jobs.

The caulking gun can securely hold 10-oz caulks and sealants with its half-barrel design. The entire body is made of lightweight steel. Even the handle and trigger features heavy-duty steel construction.

Its smooth trigger release offers ease of operation and caulking precision. Moreover, the design is absolutely dripless as the rod retracts after you pull the trigger.

Then, its smooth pressure rod requires less force to trigger the gun. It means everyone can squeeze and strike the gun quickly. Above all, the caulking gun can handle many sealants, including liquid nails, Crete, and caulks.



Final Verdict

The Edward caulking gun is lightweight, easy to use, and well built. From the price point, it is worth giving a try.

5. Newborn Pro Super Ratchet Rod Caulk Gun

Similar to other Newborn guns, the Newborn Pro Super comes with an ergonomic design at an affordable price. It suits many homeowner’s budget and preference.

Newborn never compromise when it comes to the build-quality. The Newborn Pro super ratchet rod gun is not an exception. It comes with a durable composite frame that lasts for years.

The frame can accommodate a standard sealant tube with a thrust ratio of 6:1. This thrust ratio is enough for small sealing jobs. But, it may not be an ideal choice for high viscosity materials.

However, its ergonomic handle is what we like most. It offers a comfortable grip and gives the minimum user fatigue. Besides, its unique ladder hook, along with the spout cutter, increases user comfort.



Final Verdict

Overall, the Newborn Pro Super caulk gun is a good option if you need a durable deal within budget.

6. JES 10 oz. 26:1 High Thrust Caulk Gun

The JES caulk and adhesive gun come with the market’s highest thrust ratio. It means you get the mechanical advantages of the force applied to the tube. You’ll be glad to know that it is an affordable version of DEWALT caulking guns.

Not to mention that its 26:1 thrust ratio is just perfect for applying thicker materials. You can use high viscosity of materials even in low-temperature conditions.

The caulking gun is engineered for smooth and precise sealing. There is a 360o rotating cradle barrel that allows easy maneuvering. You can use the gun in and around compact areas. Still, it will ensure a precise result.

Moreover, the handle, barrel, rod, and plate is made with heavy-duty metal. The finish over the frame, body, and handle is so perfect that it satisfies most professionals. The frame accepts standard 10-oz cartridges.

Lastly, there is a built-in puncture pin, so you don’t need a nail. Also, the ladder hook makes it more convenient to use.



Final Verdict

The JES caulk gun is the best option for all types of home improvement projects. Also, a lot of user-friendly features make it fit for all.

What is A Caulking Gun Used For?

Before getting into the details of the best caulking gun, it is essential to be clear on a few things. Like,

What is it? And what is it used for?

A caulking gun is an essential toolkit for people who does a lot of home repairs. It’s a cylindrical tube used for resealing cracks anywhere in the home. Caulking gun uses a range of caulk materials to reseal windows, ceiling, showers, sinks, etc.

These guns come in different designs, types, and colors. Each model is designed for a specific job. Choosing the right type is essential for any project. Let’s have a look at the different types below. 

What Are the Different Types of Caulking Guns?

When you search for the best caulking gun, you must confront different models and designs. Don’t feel overwhelmed as caulking gun comes in different types. It is necessary to look at each kind of caulking guns available in the market.

Ratchet Rod Caulking Gun

A ratchet caulking gun is the most popular and traditional type used by homeowners. These guns feature a ragged push rod. The rod pushes the caulk out of the tube when you pull it. It works on pressure-based technology.

If you want to use the gun for sealing, you may want to pull back the pushrod. It relieves any pressure that may generate. Ratchet gun usually comes with a thrust ratio of 5:1.

However, it could be challenging to control the flow for the beginners. You have to open the caulk cartridge with a knife to release the seal from it.

Smooth Rod Dripless Caulking Gun

These caulking gun doesn’t require too much pressure to get the caulk out of the gun. It comes with a thrust ratio of more than 10:1. This thrust ratio makes it easier to push the caulk out with minimum pressure.

The caulking gun features a smooth rod that uses a spring-loaded plat lock. The spring pushes the pressure lock to release the sealant seamlessly. Moreover, the smooth rod allows adjusting the pressure by squeezing the trigger.  

You can stop the flow of the caulk by releasing the trigger. These caulking guns can provide double pressure with less fatigue.

Drip Caulking Gun

Drip caulking gun comes with lower precision tips. These guns include a low-quality gun. It is a less popular type of caulking used for home-use only.

Electric Caulking Gun

Electric caulking guns are the easiest option to use. These guns can be corded or cordless. The best cordless caulking gun uses rechargeable batteries for power. Conversely, the corded one work by plugging into the socket.

These caulking guns are heavy-duty. They suit better for large commercial projects. Also, you can use the cordless caulking gun for home projects. Electric caulking gun provides enough power and allows to apply a bead of caulk.

Pneumatic Caulking Gun

These caulking guns are also called air-powered caulking gun. It doesn’t require any electric outlet or battery to operate. Instead, it uses an air compressor, which is a part of dispense caulk. A pneumatic caulking gun provides enough power to work on heavy-duty projects.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Caulking Gun

We already make your job easier by revealing our best caulking gun. Still, you should consider a lot of things to get a good deal. Before that, answer a few questions:

  • Where are you going to use the gun?
  • What are you going to seal?
  • How much can you squeeze your hands?
  • What sealant will you use?

Finding answers to all of these questions will make your journey much easier. When you know about your needs and abilities, you can understand which one to go for. So, we’ll discuss what to keep in mind while buying a caulking gun without further ado.


The pressure is the most important thing when it comes to a caulking gun. A right balance of pressure can work great for your hands and forearms. It is wise to choose a high-pressure ration to reduce fatigue on hands.

You don’t have to press the trigger as much to seep out the inside Material. But, note that it shouldn’t produce too much pressure. Elsewise, too much silicone or other Material comes out faster than you need. This will end up with a messy finish on your DIY project.

Ease of Use

Then comes another crucial factor that is the ease of use. The more it is to use, the more efficiently you can work with it. How to know if it is comfortable to use or not?

Check if it has a smooth operating trigger, adjustable speed mechanisms, rotating cartridge chamber, etc. Some caulking gun includes extra features for a bonus. Those units are much easier to manage but may cost you a little extra.

The viscosity of the Material

The viscosity of the Material you’ll use inside also matters. If the Material has a lower viscosity, then you can use it in any silicone gun. The lower viscosity material requires lower pressure.

On the other hand, high viscosity material requires greater pressure. So, you must need a caulking gun that can operate with greater pressure. Those caulking guns allow making a lot of thicker choices.


Getting a gun that doesn’t drip excessively can be a great advantage. If it drips more than you want, it will do nothing but waste the caulk. It also will make your work messier. In the end, you have to spend more time in cleaning and more money in buying new caulk.

So, a dripless caulking gun comes handy to make the drip minimal. It will release pressure only when you let the trigger go. There are a lot of models that claim to be drip-free. In reality, they are not.

It is better if you give it a check so you could get rid of the mess. You can check how much it is going to drip.

Built-in Attachments

There are lots of models that come with built-in attachments. Some of the more common accessories are; sausage stuffing attachment, cutter, gun-style stuffer, etc. Also, some model comes with a seal punch that allows for punching through the foil seal.

Conversely, a cutter lets you cut the tip to a size you need. The built-in attachments can come in different designs. Whichever you get, make sure it doesn’t come in your way while you are working. 


Some caulking guns allow using acrylic caulk only. Acrylic caulk is a widely used sealant for resealing places where air may get into the house. But, you cannot use acrylic caulk in a water area or metal joints. You need silicone caulk for watery place and butyl caulk for metal.

Along with this, there is a lot of adhesives that may need to use in your house. That is why it is essential to get a versatile model. Though you can get the versatility from the best cordless caulking gun, other types also offer great versatility.


The less the weight of the caulking gun, the easier to use it for an extended period. If you do a lot of caulking jobs, you must choose a lightweight model. Caulking a gun with an open frame can make you feel comfortable, while a closed frame can make you tired.


We often look for the best caulking gun made lightweight Material. Yes, you can get lightweight metal material that is too reliable to use. The metal gun also offers good quality. Nowadays, you can also find plastic made caulking guns.

Plastic caulking guns are less expensive and quite versatile. But, they are not as reliable as metal caulking guns.


Last but not least, the budget may have a great impact on your final choice. You will likely not want to buy a cheaper model with weaker material. For the sake of saving money, you’ll end up with a model that is painful to use.

That doesn’t mean you should go with the most expensive options. Instead, find a model that makes a balance between good quality and reasonable price.

Benefits of Using the Best Caulking Gun

There was a time when people used to apply caulk with their hands. However, the process is time and energy-consuming. On top of that, it is tough to remove caulk from hands.

Quicker Join Sealing

That’s where a caulking gun comes handy. There is a lot of benefits of using caulking guns. Take a look.

Caulking gun comes with a very soft trigger that makes the process quicker and easier. It allows injecting the proper amount of sealant without any strain. Besides, some model comes with an ergonomic design. Those units are comfortable to handle.

Minimum Waste

The caulking gun features a 10 to 14-inches tube, which makes the gun economical. It also removes drips. You can control the amount of caulk that you need. Additionally, these guns include a rod that draws back automatically after every pull. 

Optimum Precision

The caulking gun comes with a specialized nozzle and mechanism to ensure maximum precision. It helps to dispense the sealant exactly on the joints. Also, you can control the flow of caulk to avoid any dripping. Thus, it ensures a clean sealing.


A single caulking gun is enough to seal multiple places. You can use one unit to seal your car windows, wooden surfaces, door, boat, etc. The caulking gun can accommodate different sealants for different projects. Also, you can easily change the sealant used in the gun tube.

How to Use a Caulking Gun?

So, any of the above caulking guns are in your hands. But you don’t know how to use it. No worries. Below we’ll tell you how to load a caulking gun and how to use it properly.

How to Load a Caulking Gun?

  • Look, there is a small trigger on the backside of the gun. Also, there is a rod that runs through the frame. Press the trigger with your thumb.
  • After you press the trigger, it will loosen the long steel rod. Pull the rod toward you. Hold the trigger as long as you pull the rod. Once the rod comes far back, release the trigger.
  • Now insert the caulking tube into the frame. Make sure to enter the flat end into the back at first. The nozzle side should face away from you. Also, make sure to fit it snug.
  • Once the tube securely sits inside the frame, it’s time to pierce the tube with a metal rod. Press the trigger and push back the metal rod inside the tube.
  • Finally, cut the long-sealed nozzle of the caulking gun. Cut it at a 45o angle with scissors. You have to cut it according to the size of the cracks.

Step 1: Clean and Prepare the Area

At first, you have to remove the old caulk before applying new caulk. Use a putty knife to remove the old caulk. You can also do it with a wire brush if you don’t have a putty knife.

Take hot water into a bucket. Now wash the area with a rag dipped in rubbing alcohol and disinfectant. Then, take a different rag and soak it into hot water. Rub it until the area is clean.

After the cracked area is clean, dry it properly. To get more precise results, attach painter tape around the cracks. This step helps the beginner to get the correct sealing ever after the wrong dispense of caulk.

Step 2: Apply the Caulk

Hold the caulking gun at a 45o angle over a piece of paper. Then, press the large trigger while moving the gun in any specific direction. If it comes out a steady stream, you can apply it over the cracked area. Similarly, hold the gun with two hands at a 45o angle over the cracks.

Pull the trigger with one hand and use the other hand to hold the end of the tube. The caulk is flowing toward the nozzle. Press the trigger firmly and move it across the crack in a controlled manner.

Step 3: Set the Caulk

Now use the curved edge of a metal spoon to smooth the caulk. Before that, heat the spoon by keeping it on hot water for 30 seconds. Use the curved edge of the hot spoon over the caulk to make it even. Finally, remove the painter’s tape and leave it for at least 24 hours to dry.


You can check our detailed buying guide above. Here is a brief on crucial considerations on choosing the best caulking gun:

  • Check the thrust ratio
  • Get a high-pressure ratio
  • Look at the build-quality, viscosity of the sealant
  • Make sure it is easy to use

The thrust ratio in a caulk gun denotes the energy applied on the tube with each trigger pull. Usually, a caulking gun can have a thrust ratio ranging from 3:1 to 18:1. The thicker the sealant, the higher the thrust ratio.

Yes. It is necessary if you want precision in sealing. Also, the caulking guns are easy to use, and you get the finest result within a few minutes. If you have to do a lot of sealing jobs, it is essential to buy a caulking gun.

A dripless caulk gun is a type of gun that doesn’t drip and requires less pressure. It comes with a smooth rod design that provides an infinite range. These caulk guns allow squeezing the trigger with different pressure.

If you are using silicone caulk in the best cordless caulking gun, follow the tips below.

  • Use masking tape around the cracked area to make a smooth line.
  • Smoothen the caulk using the curved edge of a hot spoon.
  • Be confident and maintain a good speed while caulking.
  • Don’t apply and smooth the caulk at once. Work in sections to get a better result.

You have to turn the pushrod upside down with the lever to stop caulking from the tube. It will undo the ratchet teeth. Then, pull the rod on backward to relieve the pressure. That’s how you can stop it from coming out.

Final Verdict

With the best caulking gun in your toolbox, you don’t have to worry about those cracks anymore. A single caulking gun can seal the cracks and gaps all-around the home. You should get one that is bigger and enough for all sealing jobs.

Luckily, you don’t have to look around as we’ve included what you need. None of our suggested caulking guns will disappoint you. They are lightweight, efficient, and does not drip. So, you can pick one without any hesitation.