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10 Best Motorcycle Lifts in 2022 [Expert Pick]

10 Best Motorcycle Lifts

Nowadays, one of the most common types of a vehicle seen on the roads is the motorcycle. This is because it is easier to buy than a car and can be stored in a minimal space, easy to take care of, low taxation, and many more. Moreover, the rider will have a classy and fancy look whenever he takes it out on the road.

But what if the bike does not match your personality due to dust and stain on it? So, to solve all these issues, you will get to know about the 10 best motorcycle lift that will make all of your works easy related to a bike.

Take a moment to be with us to find the best motorcycle lift stand for your bike.

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List of 10 Best Motorcycle Lift 2022

We have done adequate research and gone through the customers’ reviews to pick up the 10 best motorcycle lifts. You can surely gift one of these to your bike in this new year even though some days are passed. So, go through it patiently as missing a single point can let you buy the wrong product for your motorcycle.

Product Name




Orion Motor Tech Motorcycle Scissor Jack Stand


Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift


Zeny Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift


VIVOHOME Motorcycle Hoist Jack Stand


OTC Motorcycle Stand


Big Red Motorcycle Jack Lift


YITAMOTOR Motorcycle Lift Stand


Apextreme Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift


APlusLift Motorcycle Lift Table


Extreme Max Motorcycle Lift Table


Best Motorcycle Lift Reviews

Before purchasing a motorcycle lift, it is wise to look for the most elegant and durable one available in the market. And for this, it is essential to learn all the features related to this product.

However, to make the process flexible for you, we have already described authentic feedback on 10 different motorcycle lift stand brands. So, let us get started.

1. Orion Motor Tech Motorcycle Scissor Jack Stand – Overall Best

The first product on our list is Orion Motor Tech Motorcycle Scissor Jack Stand. We have selected it as the first one because of its properties like it can be used in cruiser bikes, street bikes, and voyage touring motorcycles. That means with the help of a single lift, you can treat different kinds of bikes.

Moreover, it can easily lift your bike as it has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds. You just need to place it underneath your bike and press the lever with your leg. Afterward, within a minimal time, your bike can go up to a range of 13.8 inches.

However, you can also adjust the height according to your preference. But remember not to use it in the UTVs, ATVs, and snowmobiles. If you have dirt, oil, and grease in your bike, you can use the lift as it is highly resistant to those elements.

As a user, you will not be upset after using this tool because it is durable and made of heavy-duty steel. Furthermore, the lift deck has premium rubber, which provides complete stability.

Note: Wear protective gloves for safety purposes.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

If you are a person who would frequently like to change the bike, this lift is the perfect one as it can get fit under all the standard types of bikes.

2. Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift – Best While Cleaning The Bike

The next product on the list is Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift, made of heavy-duty steel. This tool can extend your bike up to 14 inches, which is the perfect one. Moreover, to take your bike to that height, you can simply use your hand instead of your leg.

But, to operate it, you need to buy a wrench or socket of about 7 to 8 inches as it is not included with this tool. Remember, you cannot use a powered drill or impact wrench while utilizing the lift. Now raise your bike, whether it is any road-bike, touring bike, or cruiser, without any tension.

Besides all these, the bike will be in the correct position because of the durable rubber padding on the lift’s platform. So, it can smoothly lift and hold weight up to 1100 pounds.

Note: Do not use it to lift trikes motorcycle.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

If your purpose is only to clean and maintain the bike, there is no other best option than this lift.

3. Zeny Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift – Best for Flat Bottom Bikes

Zeny Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift is the perfect one for bikes with a flat bottom. Moreover, it can easily hold 1100 pounds and can make the operation simple. Your bike will not slip and scratch for sure during the working time because of having safe rubber on the deck’s surface.

You can select this tool for your garage as it is constructed with sturdy and robust steel. Furthermore, it has been painted red to have an attractive finishing. If you even have an old model bike, this tool can serve your vehicle as it has been designed for most bikes of up to 1100 pounds.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

This lift can be used both at home and shop. So, as a professional or beginner, you can definitely try this.

4. VIVOHOME Motorcycle Hoist Jack Stand – Best for Easy Transport

VIVOHOME Motorcycle Hoist Jack Stand is very safe and easy to use underneath the ATV or motorcycle, holding up to 1500 pounds. Moreover, to make this tool durable, high-quality and robust steel has been used during the construction. You can also see the rubber on the deck so that the bike does not slip while working.

To maintain the proper security of the user, the manufacturer has included a 3-position safety lock mechanism. That means, without any worry, you can use this tool to fix your vehicle. This tool is also quite different than all the lifts mentioned above because of its easy transportation system.

It has swivel casters and a handle to take the lift near the bike and place it back after completing the work. So, once you take it near to your bike, use your leg to press the pedal.

Note: You will get two adapter bars, two tie-down straps, and a detachable handle.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

The professionals sometimes need to give home service. So, if they have this one, their work will be more comfortable as they just need to push it like a cart.

5. OTC Motorcycle Stand – Best for Getting The Longest Lift

OTC Motorcycle Stand can hold a maximum weight of 1500 pounds. With this lift stand, you can even raise your widest and largest cruisers as its skids are 17 inches long. So, its minimum height capacity is 3.5 inches, and the maximum capacity is about 16 inches.

After opening the packaging, you can notice a number of features in this tool, like locking rear caster, foot pedal release, automatic safety lock, and others. However, for security purposes, there will be two ratchetings tie-down straps.

The T-handle of this jack makes its movement every easy. Besides, the handle can also be removed, which provides 360-access to the load. All those features make this the best motorcycle stand to buy.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

If you are looking for a robust lift that can raise your rugged bike anywhere, whether on the floor or grass, then this is the one.

6. Big Red Motorcycle Jack Lift – Best for Using in All Season

Big Red Motorcycle Jack Lift is perfect for the motorcycle, ATV, UTV, and snowmobile. So, even if your bike is 1500 pounds, this tool can lift it easily. However, it can rise from 5 inches to 16 inches to make bikes’ working procedure easy. Considering those features, you can count this as the best motorcycle jack to buy.


You can find 6 lock positions, including a bottle jack, 2 locking swivel casters, and a pulling bar in this lift. During the construction, a powder-coat finish has been used in the outer part to make it durable. As a power-sports enthusiast, you can use the wide-load bearing jack to maintain or lift during the off-season.

Do not worry if there are any manufacturing defects, as this product comes with one year guarantee.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

Many motorcycle lift cannot be used during every season as there is a matter of air pressure. But if you purchase this lift, you can use it throughout the year.

7.  YITAMOTOR Motorcycle Lift Stand – Best for Small Bikes

YITAMOTOR Motorcycle Lift Stand has been designed for almost most of the bikes. You can adjust the height according to your need. But generally, it can go from 9.92 inches to 18.11 inches.

This tool’s top plate size is 11 x 17 inches so that the bike can stay in a steady position for a long time.  Moreover, the top plate is also adjustable and secured with a lock nut to ensure proper safety. After that, it can easily lift your 300 pounds bike without any drop.

Its lever has also been designed with adequate space to avoid stressed shoulders and pinched fingers that might be possible while lifting your bike. However, the reason it is durable and strong is the use of power-coated high-grade steel during construction.

The user will not regret buying this as a durable anti-slip pad has been used on the deck. This pad will prevent the motorcycle from slippage, corrosion-resistant, and rust. You will just need to do a little assemble, which is very easy and can be done within no time.

Furthermore, you can find the safety pin on the arm so that it does not get lost. The company also claims that it can be used for many years and will provide excellent functionality.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

This motorcycle lift stand can be chosen for getting one of the best adjustable tools to hold your bike in the air until you are done with your work.

8.  Apextreme Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift – Best for Performing Heavy Duty

Apextreme Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift has been constructed using durable steel so that it can perform heavy-duty smoothly. Moreover, black powder-coated has been used for fine finishing. This tool is resistant to oil, grease, and dirt so that you can use it under any conditioned bike.

You can buy it for your bikes like street bikes, cruiser bikes, adventure bikes, and many other models. But remember, your bike should not be more than 1100 pounds, and it can lift from 3 inches to 17 inches. It also has a large platform to hold your bike in position, which is about 14.6 x 9 inches.

However, you can also take your bike from one to another with its dolly tray as it has 4 steel caster wheels. And the durable rubber pad with striped veins on the broad top surface desk will protect the bike from scratching and slippage. If there is any issue while operating, repair it with the galvanized crank handle, which is included in the box.

Note: You will get galvanized treatment accessories to prevent rust and to make the cleaning procedure easy.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

This lift can be easily used while performing heavy-duty tasks, and there is even no chance that the bike will fall.

9.  APlusLift Motorcycle Lift Table – Best for Professionals

APlusLift Motorcycle Lift Table is the perfect one for professionals. It can perform heavy-duty without any doubt. So, if you get this one for your shop, there might be no further customer complaints.

However, it is made of thick gauge steel and a stable scissor frame with defined pivot shafts. It is also furnished with durable E-Coated Black Paint and durable Powder-Coated Orange Paint during construction to get an attractive look.

You can easily choose it to treat different bike models easily, which can also be around 1500 pounds. And the bike will be in position due to the use of anti-slip traction tape. Furthermore, it is quite professional due to the use of 8.8-grade hardware.

Do not worry if you find any manufacturing defect because you are getting 2 years of warranty on this lift.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

As a mechanic needs to serve his customers every day, it is better to look for a heavy-duty motorcycle lift stand. And one of the perfect lift for this is from the brand APlusLift.

10.  Extreme Max Motorcycle Lift Table – Best for Normal Motorcycles

The final product on our list is Extreme Max Motorcycle Lift Table. If you have a dirt bike or small motorcycle, it will serve them the best by raising the bike maximum 34.5 inches. But remember that it cannot lift more than 300 pounds.

You will get all the hardware while buying this lift. So, no need to spend extra money on purchasing other tools to operate. Whenever you need to repair or clean your vehicle, you can simply use the foot pedal to raise and lower.

Moreover, the bike will not experience any scraping and scratching due to padded rubber on the platform.

Features at a Glance



Final Verdict

Do not worry if you are tensed about getting a motorcycle lift for your small bike and at a minimal price because this brand can serve you with complete satisfaction.

10 Best Motorcycle Lifts-In-2021

How to Buy The Best Motorcycle Lift for Everyday Use?

After going through the reviews, you might be eager to pick the best motorcycle lift table for the money from the listed 10 products. However, it is not a difficult task to choose the best one for your bike.

You can simply follow the buying guide to get a fair idea, which we have already provided below. But, before that, it is essential to learn some core things about a motorcycle lift.

What is a Motorcycle Lift?

A table that is made of steel and designed to lift the motorcycle is known as a motorcycle lift. It is most commonly seen in the repair shops so that the mechanics can do the repairing work related to the bike more smoothly. Otherwise, they will have to lay down on the ground and put any stain on the clothes.

However, bike lovers also keep it in their garage or home to save those extra dollars from the money bag. After lifting the bike with this product, the tasks that can be done quickly are cleaning, changing the oil, repairing the tire, and many more.

Types of Motorcycle Lift

There are 4 types of motorcycle lifts found in the market. These are:

1. Hydraulic Jack

There is a foot pedal in the Hydraulic Jack that helps the air pump to transmit pressure to a bigger cylinder from the smaller one. This task is completely done with the hydraulic fluid’s help. Afterward, the pressure that is produced is sufficient for lifting a heavy bike. However, most hydraulic lifts are expensive due to their stability and solidity.

2. Scissor Jack

Scissor Jack is basically hand-operated, with a screw-like lever to bring 2 metal frames closer or distant to lift or lower the load. Most scissor lifts are lightweight, compact, and affordable. Moreover, it comes with a safety-lock mechanism option to hold the weight in position.

3. Air Lift

In Air Lift‘s system, there is only compressed air, and with its foot-operated valve’s help, a bike can be easily lifted and lower. So, the air cylinders’ movement is controlled by the foot valve for adjusting the lift’s height. Moreover, it can carry much effort to function as there is no hydraulic fluid to facilitate the compressed air’s movement.

4. Electric Lift

Electric Lift is somewhat the same as the hydraulic jack because of their same working mechanism. However, there is also a slight difference: the electric lift is not powered by electricity. So, the electric lift pump triggers the lifting cylinder to raise and lower the lift table.

Why do You Need a Motorcycle Lift Stand?

The importance of a motorcycle lift stand for both professional mechanics, and a bike lover is enormous. A mechanic can earn a lot of money through it, whereas a bike lover can save his money and time. So, if you are planning to buy such a tool, have a look at some other benefits.

· To keep the bike in position

As a bike is a two-wheel vehicle, it is quite tricky to keep it in place. Moreover, the bike will fall if there is no additional support. So, placing the motorcycle lift in the center would be wise to hold the bike in position without dislocation.

· To lift the bike

Whether to change or replace the tire or to clean the bike properly, it is essential to raise the vehicle at a certain level. And with the help of it, your bike can easily reach that position.

It is also possible that the place you live there is no car repairing shop. Moreover, an emergency does not come on an invitation. So, if you have this tool, you can easily change your tire within no time and with no extra charge.

How to Take Care Of Motorcycle Lift Stand?

To make the motorcycle lift stand durable, you need to take care of it very well. Furthermore, it is also impossible to spend approximately $200 after every few months to buy this tool for your bike. So, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to take care of your bike’s friend.

  • Before and after using it, wipe off the dust and dirt that fell on it while repairing your bike.
  • Keep it in a secure place so that the material does not get in contact with more sunlight or rainwater.
  • Try to avoid using it on an uneven road as the tool’s wheels can get broken or jam.
  • Do not carry it outside of the garage until and unless it is too necessary.

Professional Motorcycle Lift Stand

The people who are mechanics by profession need to choose the professional motorcycle lift stand. The reason is the professional one can perform more heavy-duty tasks than the beginner or inter-level tool.

Therefore, among all the above tools APlusLift Motorcycle Lift Table, Zeny Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift, VIVOHOME Motorcycle Hoist Jack Stand, and Apextreme Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift are the professional motorcycle lift stand.

Safety Tips

It might sound normal that you can change the tire or pour oil into your bike, but this work is mostly of professional mechanics. Therefore, you need to follow some safety tips to avoid accidents. Those are:

  1. Read the instruction that comes with the lift properly.
  2. Wear gloves for protection before starting the work.
  3. Double-check the tool after assembling it.
  4. Before lifting the bike to the maximum height, check whether the bike is stable or not.
  5. At the time of lowering, give the motorcycle lift some time to land the bike safely on the ground.
  6. Do not keep the tool here and there, as it is mostly made of steel or aluminum.
  7. If it is mentioned to use the hand on the pedal instead, do not use the leg.

Things to Look at While Buying The Best Motorcycle Lift [Buying Guide]

Before changing the tire or wheel of a vehicle, it needs to be lifted because there is no other way to change the tire without this step. So, to make this step done, you will need a motorcycle lift stand.

Below are some essential features which must be looked at while buying this tool. You will surely not regret it later and end up posting a negative review after reading it.


The first thing that we ask any seller while buying a product is what it is made of. The main reason for it is the durability of the product depends on its material. So, if the material is of high-quality, you can use it for years without any complaint. If you buy a motorcycle lift, you need to make sure that the used material did not come from a low-quality source.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of all the motorcycle lift is not the same. Some can lift 1500 pounds while others can lift only 300 pounds. So, look at the back of your bike once again to be sure about its weight. Then according to that, research if your choice motorcycle lift can hold your bike or not.


You will, of course, not want your bike to fall even from a minimal height. Although the motorcycle might not break down, there will be many internal problems. So, ask the seller properly whether the motorcycle lift stand can keep your bike well balanced or not after reaching a certain height.

Adjustable Height

This feature is mostly essential for professional mechanics because they meet with different types of bikes every day. And all the works of varying motorcycles cannot be done at the same height. So, they need to choose the one that can be adjusted to the preferable height according to need. However, most of the bikes need to be lifted 15 to 18 inches.

Easy to Use

First of all, Main use of a motorcycle lift is to make most of the works related to a bike easy, you have decided to buy such a tool. But if this tool is hard to use, then there is no point in purchasing this device. So, choose the one that can make the work faster without any other extra pressure.


It will be unethical if you buy a product for $200 and do not get any guarantee. Sometimes, due to a manufacturing defect, the purchased product stops working or does not give the result that the manufacturer promised to. So, if the product has a guarantee, it can be changed as soon as the problem is detected.


The price is also an essential feature that needs to be looked upon before adding the product to your cart. However, the cost of a motorcycle lift stand can range from $50 to $1500. You can choose the one that goes with your budget.

Final Thought

After buying a bike to keep it steady on the road, you need to pour oil and change the tire whenever it is required. And most importantly, you need to clean it more often to get rid of all the dust you got on it from the roadside. So, as you need to lift the vehicle for doing all those tasks, you will, of course, need a motorcycle lift.

However, you have already known about the 10 best motorcycle lift for your garage from the above information. It can serve your bike for more than a couple of years without any issue. But for that, you need to take proper care of it.

Moreover, you can place it in the garage or any safe place so that the material of it does not get crack or broken.

FAQ: Best Motorcycle Lift

We have received many questions related to the best motorcycle lift stand. So, to answer most of the queries, this section has been created.

Is a Motorcycle Lift a Must Have Tool?

Yes, for a bike owner, it is a must-have tool. Because without this, it will be impossible to clean the bike properly, fill oil, or even repair it due to any defect. Moreover, you can also help your friend with this tool who does not have one.

How High does a Motorcycle Lift Go?

Generally, a motorcycle lift can go from 2 inches to 30 inches. But a very high position would not be recommended as it will make the work harder. So, it would be best to choose the one that has a maximum height of 15 inches.

How do You Lift a Motorcycle on a Motorcycle Lift?

Position the motorcycle straight and place the motorcycle lift underneath the bike. Then you need to secure the stand by tightening the given mechanism for it. Next, with your more muscular leg, press the lever to take it upward. Once you reach the actual height, double-check its stability and start the working procedure.

How Much does a Motorcycle Lift Cost?

A motorcycle lift can cost you $50 to $1500, depending on the quality. But the most durable and sturdy one starts somewhat from $500. The people who are mechanics can choose the high price one as they need to repair bikes all day long.

Is It Worth to Buy an Affordable Motorcycle Lift Stand?

To be honest, most of the affordable motorcycle lift stands are of low quality. But that does not mean that it will not be totally worth buying such a product. If you are getting excellent material and built-in quality at a budget-friendly price, you can go for it.

Which Motorcycle Lift Is More Durable, Steel or Aluminum?

Both the motorcycle lift made of steel and aluminum are durable. But according to research, it has been found that the steel motorcycle lift is way more durable and robust.

Can a Motorcycle Lift Work for All Kinds of Bike?

No, as all the bikes are not the same, they will not work on the same motorcycle lift. Moreover, the weights of various bikes are different, and a definite motorcycle lift can also carry a certain weight. So, if you place a heavy load on it more than its capacity, it will not sustain.

How Much Space does a Motorcycle Lift Need to get Underneath a Bike?

The maximum space that a motorcycle lift needs to get underneath a bike is 4 inches. But if the bike frame is not less than 4 inches, the alternative is to stand the motorbike off the kickstand and push the lift to slide under the bike and pick it up.

How Much Space does a Motorcycle Lift Take When Placed Underneath a Bike?

This answer depends on the type of motorcycle lift. According to the width and length of the tool, it will occupy a definite space. Generally, a motorcycle lift can take up to 20 inches of space.