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How to Lower a Jack Safely and Quickly [No Nonsense Guide]

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Struggling with lowering a car jack? If so, you will be pleased to know all your search has finally come to an end.

At some point in your life, you’re probably going to need to use a jack in order to raise or lower your car to the ground, but when you actually use the jack, do you know how to do it safely?

Jacks can be dangerous, especially if they are not used properly or if they are used while they are still under pressure (such as with low tires). 

Well, it is because you don’t know the exact steps of how to lower a car jack.

Luckily, this article is here to the rescue! Just go through the article with patience and lower the car jack like a pro by following the instructions properly.

Besides, doing the steps the wrong way is hazardous. So, it is more than necessary that while doing the car maintenance, you must make sure that your car is jacked properly and remains stable. After all, it is better to stay safe than sorry later.

This guide on how to lower a jack safely will help you understand how to use your jack properly, as well as how to lower your car without putting yourself at risk of bodily harm or damage to your vehicle.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started in becoming an expert in lowering a car jack using different ways.

How to Lower a Car Jack Safely

Frankly speaking, lowering a car jack is pretty simple if you just know the exact steps to do it. However, there is a catch to it. As there are various kinds of car jacks, so each of them comes with a different mechanism to lower the jack.

Hence, we can’t just focus on only one type. Don’t worry!

We have listed down all kinds of car jacks and their lowering process. So you don’t have any trouble anymore!

Let’s know about them in detail-

How to lower a scissor jack?

How to lower a scissor jack?

Scissor jacks are certainly the most common and oldest form of jacks out of all. In fact, almost 70% of the majority portion use and prefer this scissor jack the most.

Despite being the oldest jack model, it didn’t make any difference. Instead, they are still the favorite ones, and why not?

They are both inexpensive yet give one of the best services. Worthy of every penny invested!

They are usually long-threaded screw that is connected with 2 half brackets. And upon rotating the screw, it will either begin pushing the 2 half brackets closer or further.

And when they come closer, ultimately, the jack will be lower. On the other hand, while going further, it will elevate the floor jack.

While you are done elevating it, rotate the screw hole in the exact opposite direction for lowering it. Use the rodlike handle for doing the work. Hence, keep spinning it in the counter-clockwise direction until the tire touches the ground.

Don’t know how to lower a scissor jack properly? Let’s know about the process step by step. So you lower it comfortably from now on with your own:

  1. Your first task is to place the scissor jack under your car till you have reached a certain angle.
  2. In this stage, keep lowering your vehicle slowly till it is resting on the frame. One piece of advice to note, if you want, you can even slow down the entire procedure by giving it a few inches at a time. This will not only slow the process but, at the same time, will protect your vehicle from all kinds of damages.
  3. Next up, put a small amount of lubricating oil on your car’s axle. This step will allow for easy and convenient lifting without causing any sort of damage to your valuable car. Something we all want, so make sure to follow it properly.
  4. Press down the jack and start lifting the front part of your car. Before that, check that it is at least high enough for you to remove any kind of weight under the vehicle.
  5. Here, you have to basically remove the wheels from below the vehicle suspension.
  6. Put a board or a tire iron in between your car’s axle scissor jack to keep it up and out of the way while working.

Tip: Upon completing all the above steps, you have to remove the vehicle’s tire altogether. Just make sure that you don’t cross the weight limit of the scissor jack.

Last advice for you – always has a quick go through the manual before going ahead with the process.

How to lower a hydraulic jack?

How to lower a hydraulic jack

The hydraulic jack is another popular kind of car jack that works on the pascal’s rule. It is a device used to lift heavy loaded things by exerting force through a hydraulic cylinder.

As a result, upon applying pressure to the tank, the fluid gets transferred to the ram, which in turn activates the pump.

Below is a list of the easy steps you can follow for lowering a hydraulic jack effectively:

  1. To lower this jack, make sure to practice beforehand the rising and lowering process without any weight to check whether it is working properly or not. If it is finely working, then only go ahead with the rest of the process. It is a mandatory task of yours.
  2. After that, put the jack at the jacking point for applying pressure on the lever to lift your car.
  3. For lowering, just turn the jack handle.
  4. Keep a firm eye on the lowering rate to ensure that it is within limits.
  5. Finally, when it reaches the ground, remove the jack from underneath. That’s all! You are good to go by just following some easy steps.

Quite convenient if you know how to do it!

How to lower a bottle jack?

How to lower a bottle jack

If you know the process of lowering a hydraulic jack, then lowering a bottle jack will be a simple task for you. Why?

Well, it is a special kind of hydraulic jack but in a bottle shape. Right from being able to lift gigantic weights, especially cars – they can do it with full elegance. In fact, the construction is also the same as like the hydraulic jack.

Let’s know about the steps to follow for lowering a bottle jack:

  1. Here, your first task is you need to assemble all the jack components before starting any of the processes. The best is to do the assembly using the instruction manual. So, there is no scope for making any mistakes.
  2. Next up, you need to adjust the height as per your requirement. After all, if the height is too low or high, you will not be able to work properly. So make sure to do the height adjustment correctly by pushing the handle up and down to reach your designated height.
  3. After the maintenance, slowly lower it by moving the valve anticlockwise direction. Never make the mistake of doing this step in a haste, as instead of lowering the jack, you will end up getting injured badly if you try to do it quickly.
  4. Once your vehicle reaches the ground level, understand your job is done, and thus, you can take out the bottle jack.

How to lower an electric jack?

How to lower an electric jack

Lowering an electric car jack working principle is almost – similar to the scissor car jack. However, there is a noteworthy difference between both.

Such as, we can wind the handle manually in the scissor car jack. While, in the electric car jack, you can lower it without taking any help of your hands as it is totally automatic – making things easier and more convenient!

Have a look at the steps of how to lower electric floor jacks with complete ease:

  1. Take out the jack, and based on the manual guide, do the wiring.
  2. Put it underneath your car and then turn on the power source. It will automatically lift the vehicle.
  3. Once the maintenance is completed, press the button again for lowering the jack using the same method.

Super simple and fast! All credit goes to the automatic functionalities that make its working mechanism so easy.

How to lower a high lift jack?

How to lower a high lift jack

High lift jacks are multipurpose recovery equipment that is specially designed to do more than just lifting. Such as, you can comfortably winch, spread, hoist, clamp, etc. comfortably, using this handy tool – all for the same price range!

Want to know how you can lower a high lift jack?

Here are the steps to follow to lower such jacks:

  1. First up, put a board or tire iron in between the axle of your vehicle and the jack. This will help to keep it up and out of your way while working
  2. After then, slowly lower the car using a high lift jack till it reaches the resting phase on its wheels. Next up. Remove all kinds of load around the suspension portion.
  3. Now, remove both wheels from under the suspension area.
  4. After that, remove the board or tire iron previously put in between the chassis and the high lift jack.
  5. Lastly, press down on the jack and thus remove the weight from below your vehicle. That’s all; you are done if all the things are correctly done.

How to lower a trolley jack?

How to lower a trolley jack

A trolley jack is a handy device that is designed to elevate a part of the vehicle via its chassis. Whether be it changing the tires or working on brake assemblies – you can do all kinds of heavy lifting quite conveniently using this trolley jack.

It usually comes with a wheel for doing the maneuver and a handle for positioning the jack below the vehicle and for pumping the hydraulic cylinder.

  1. Your first job is to place the vehicle and jack it up on a level surface.
  2. Next up, check the vehicle’s wheel and set the handbrake.
  3. Attach the handle end to the release valve and turn it in a clockwise direction for closing it securely.
  4. After then, put the jack below the load to make the saddle ready. Make sure the weight is kept in the center position to prevent it from slipping.
  5. Now coming to the pump handle, here, you to pump it up and down continuously till the saddle comes into direct contact with the weight. Before that, make sure to check if the saddle is properly positioned or not.
  6. Elevate the jack to the desired height – not too low nor too high.
  7. Here, in this step, you have to put the axle stands underneath the vehicle. Make sure that it is of the correct capacity.
  8. Finally, once the maintenance is completed, elevate the jack to remove the axle stands. After then, open the release valve slowly while turning it in the anticlockwise direction. The slower you turn the valve, the lower the jack will be.

Some Tips to Follow Before Lowering a Car Jack

Before lowering a car jack, there are a number of hacks you must follow to have a safe and smoother operation on the run.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Always read the manual instruction properly before usage, even if you are a pro at doing this work. After all, learning about something or enhancing your knowledge is always a bad practice and will not hurt you.
  • Put the vehicle in a solid flat area during maintenance. Otherwise, the chances are high that it will get damaged.
  • Check the surface you use for using the jack is not a ramp beforehand.
  • During processing, make sure to keep your vehicle in the parking mode.
  • Always purchase the top-rated car jack to have a safe and effective operation
  • Make sure to take all the necessary safety precautions before usage, especially while using an old car jack.
  • Don’t make the mistake of using a floor jack for which it is not intended to use for. Such as never use a floor jack as a hydraulic jack by hooking it up to your vehicle and then straight away lifting it in this way. Always use it for the things it is intended for!
  • Lower your car into the jack stand rather than lowering it directly into the ground area.

All these hacks are pretty useful, and following all of them will certainly make your jacking up process super safe and convenient.

Why Should You Have a Car Jack in Your Vehicle at All Times?

Having a car jack in your car at all times is certainly a good thing and has its own perks. In fact, they are one of the important pieces of tools without which car maintenance is incomplete. That handy and convenient they are in the world of the automobile industry!

Right from replacing the tires to lifting the vehicle – they are a must in every vehicle owner’s life.

Don’t believe it?

Here are 4 main reasons that will show you why it is a must to have for all times in your vehicle:

  1. Ensure a safe car elevation or lowering whenever you need it to work underneath it.
  2. Helps to remove the wheels with complete ease. So you can take your vehicle to a mechanic for repairing purposes. And place them on the spare wheel.
  3. Comes quite handy for preparing flat tires – just needing a spare tire and a jack to do it.
  4. Can change the oil or spark plugs of your car whenever you need to.

Importance of Using Car Jacks and Lifts

Using car jacks and lifts is quite handy. Don’t know the importance of using them in your regular life?

Let’s know what kind of importance these car jacks and lifts hold in our life:

  1. Vehicle jacks and lifts offer a much quicker service compared to others. As a result, a lot of time gets saved up if you have them and know the propeller usage of them.
  2. Lessen the risks of getting severely wounded that attempting to jack by placing bricks or any other means can get you.
  3. Both the floor jacks and the lifts must be placed on solid, flat, and level ground.
  4. While jacking or elevating a car, make sure to use a jack stand always for offering the exact support that a car needs for jacking it up.

Where Can You Place the Jack Stands?

Everything needs a correct placement. The same goes for the jack stand.

Do you know where to place them? If no, then make sure to have a proper go through the below points:

  1. Put it close to the jacking point as much as possible but not in direct contact with concrete or any kind of hard area.
  2. Locate the jack stand in such a way that your vehicle can rest on it comfortably while it gets lowered down.
  3. It is always a good idea to have at least 2 jack stands on both sides of the vehicle while jacking it up. As a result, the safety will be tightened, and there will be no risk of your car falling or sliding from one side to another side.

Advantages of Using a Jacking Point on Your Car

Having a jacking point on your car comes with tons of benefits. So, make sure to have one on your vehicle to get yourself benefitted always.

Let’s see in detail what they have to offer:

  1. Makes the entire jacking process super simple and convenient.
  2. Prevents all kind of damages or risks that comes with the lifting procedures.
  3. Helps to jack up a vehicle of any size at the most stable point comfortably. So you can do your work with complete ease.
  4. Offers the exact support a vehicle needs while jacking it up.

To Wrap Up

That’s all about how to lower a car jack in every possible way. Makes sure to follow them as instructed to get the desired result. However, to get your work done properly, use the correct floor jack for your car. Otherwise, no matter what you do, the result will be futile – wastage of both your time and labor!

One special thing to note while going ahead with the work, read the manual instructions properly at least once that come with the purchase. You will find all kinds of essential information there.

If you are a beginner in this field, then it will take a bit of time to learn things, and everything may seem hard. But once you know the tactics, it will just get easier and better every time.

Still, if you have any doubts or face difficulties while doing everything on your own, then you can always resort to an expert for fixing them.

Frequently Asked Question

Still, having issues regarding lowering a car jack? If so, have a quick go through the below queries to clear out all the confusion:

How do you lower a car from the jack stands?

For lowering the vehicle, turn the lever on your floor jack in the counter-clockwise direction. Once the tires are ready to be back on the ground, roll the jack out from below the vehicle.

How do you make a jack come down?

Once you have finished your work, now comes lowering down the jack. So how to make it come down?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Use the jack for raising the vehicle higher by an inch or two, and then remove the jack stands. After then, slowly turn the handle or the jack crank in the counter-clockwise direction to lower the car gently. That’s all!

Which is the safest place to place your vehicle on jack stands?

The safest place to put your car on jack stands is certainly a flat and hard surface, close enough within your reach. So you can comfortably get access to it while working underneath it. So, make sure to do the correct placement. Otherwise, you will have a hard time working with it and, at worst may have to do it again from the scratch.

How to release a jack?

No matter how pro you are at working with jack, always try to follow the manual instructions that come with it. After all, every jack is different. Besides, it is better to be safe than regret it later.

Almost every kind of jack comes with a pretty easy to use and release mechanism. So even if you don’t have any knowledge before, by going through the manual, you will be able to do it easily. Still, if you face issues, make sure to do it with an expert.

Where is the release valve on a floor jack?

The release valve on a floor jack is usually located on the power unit, using which you pump the jack up. Here, you will have to use the other part of the handle and thus fit it over the release. After fitting, twist the handle in the counter-clockwise direction for discharging the pressure from the power source.

Why do hydraulic jacks stop working?

If the hydraulic jack doesn’t lift the load or begins to get lowered after being lifted, then understand that something is wrong with the hydraulic jack.

To confirm the issues, check the tightness of the release valve. If the handle and release valve tightness is correct, and still the jack behaves in the same way, then it will certainly mean that either a malfunction has happened on the jack or it is overloaded.