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How to Install an Amplifier in a Car?

How to Install an Amplifier in a Car

You don’t need an amplifier if you do not care much about the sound quality. You will be happy with the music quality that you have with the system. But, if you want to get the best sound quality and avoid technical mishaps at all, you need to install an amplifier in your car.

Basically, people who are fancy install amplifiers in their car most. You don’t need to hire someone specialist or spend an extra service fee for this.Here in this article, we will give you the ultimate guide on how to install an amplifier in a car.

If you can follow our process exactly in the same way that we have given here, you will easily be able to do it yourself. Hopefully, this article will be very beneficial to you. So, without wasting your time, let’s start.

How to install an amplifier in a Car?

It is a great opportunity to learn a new skill as well as save a significant amount of money when you are doing the car amplifier installation process yourself. To successfully complete this process, you have to know two important things.

Firstly, you need to know that what are the accessories do you need in this process.

Then secondly, you have to know where and how to install the amplifier in your car, which is given below:

The things you will need in this process:

When you buy an amplifier, you will get a full box kit for installing it in the car. But, here you don’t have any kit. In that case, you need some accessories, including:

Wire for power and ground:

For supplying power to your amplifier, you need to connect the electrical system to the amplifier. To connect it, you need power wire and ground wire. Here one requirement is that those power wires have to be very thick because thick wires can handlethe amp’s power demand.

So, measure the distance between the power and the amplifier to get the perfect length of wires.

In-line fuse:

You need an in-line fuse to protect you, your car, and especially your stereo system from a short circuit that can also cause a fire.A 16 to 20-foot fuse is okayfor doing it. So, buy an in-line fuse that suits your amplifier.

RCA cables and wire for speaker:

Then you will need RCA cables for inputting signals from the receiver of the stereo output. You can use any size of wire from 18 to 20 gauge.

Connector plug:

You need a connector plug for connecting your amplifier with the electric system. So, buy one according to the requirement of your amplifier.

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Step by step guide

These are mainly the things you will need in the car amplifier installation process. Arrange these things before starting the process. Anyway, now we are going to give you a step-by-step guide to do that. The steps are as follows:

How-to-install-an-amplifier-in-a-Car step by step

Disconnecting the battery

The first thing you have to do in this process is to park your car according to a flat surface and engage the parking brake. Then, open your front hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal.

It will protect you from electric shorts as well as protect your gear from damages when you are installing your car amplifier. Make sure that you did it before doing anything with your sound system in the car.

Mounting the amp

Now in the second step, working with the amplifier is started. Here, check out the best way how to hook up an amp:

Select a safe place for mounting your amp. Here our recommendation is, never mount the amplifier upside down. The reason is, the amplifier produces a significant level of heat, and there has a huge chance of firing here. It needs a few inches from all sides to keep it cool.

The perfect position that we can suggest for you to mount is under a seat or in the trunk.For doing this, you need to drill some holes.

Do it very carefully, and make sure you know what is situated behind where you are drilling. When drilling is completed, take come screws to mount the amplifier.

Installing the wire of the power

In this step, you have to install the power wire and connect it with the amplifier. So, make a route to the power from the car battery. Make this route through the firewall of your car.

Use an unused grommet to through that you will pass your ground and power wire. If you are unable to drill holes, this will be your best option, and from this step, we have started you to learn how to wire a car amp. Keep reading to know more.

Installing the holder of the fuse

This is an optional step, not mandatory for all. Check your power wire to make sure that whether it has the fuse holder preinstalled or not. If your one is preinstalled, avoid this step.

If not, it’s okay. Find a place to install a fuse holder. We recommend you to choose a place which is situated less than six feet from the battery. Then mount the holder with a cable tie or screw.

After that, shortly cut the power wire’s end and then strip the insulation on both ends of the wires. Then connect both of thestripped ends of the wires to the fuse holder.

Connecting the wire of the power

Now, connect the power cables to the positive terminal of the battery of your car. Here one notable thing is never to connect the cable directly to the post. If your wire comes with the wire loom in the kit, you need to twine it around the power cable to firewall from your battery.

Then, twine a loom over the short cable,which connectsthe fuse and battery. This step is very important. There is a big reason for using this loom around the cables. The reason is loom provides the protection of your wire against the heat which is produced inside.

Installing the ground wire

Now it’s time to install the ground wire. It is one of the most important parts of your car amplifier installation process. In this step, you have to find a bolt-on on your car’s metal frame, situated very close to the amplifier.

If you don’t find one, you need to make a hole with a drill machine. Be very careful; don’t drill any wire, line, or something like that. Attach aring-shaped to a piece of the ground wire.

You will get both of these things with your amplifier kit. Please follow this process very perfectly because faulty grounding is one of the main reasons for your amplifier’s many problems.

Plugging in

Now your amplifier is ready to plug in and turn on all the leads after giving all connection. Plug the leads from the amplifier to the back of the head unit of your stereo system.

Besides, connect all the remaining wires to your system. After connecting all the things, you need to make sure that all the wires are connected.

Turning on

We are saying it again that check out all of the wires from the battery to the amplifier is connected well, straight, and secure. Then turn off all the base boosters, filters, and equalizers and then setthe amplifier’s gains to the minimum.

After that, check out the main fuse, that it is secure or not, and connect your stereo system to the battery back.

Now turn on your car and its radio; then check the light of your amplifier and play music. Make sure that the sound is coming from both speakers, and enjoy your music. That’s all for the process.

The problems you may face:

There have some problems that you may face when you are doing the installation process yourself. Here are problems you may face:


You may hear some noise coming out from the speakers after installing the amplifier. It is the most common problem people face.

No sound

You may also notice that no sound is coming from the speaker after installing the amplifier. If you face this problem, then it’s bad news that it will be very tough for you to fix.

Bad electrical system

You can find that your full speaker system is malfunctioning. The reason for this problem can be you didn’t disconnect the connection of the battery when you started this process.

Problems with security code

Sometimes after installing the new amplifier, you need to reset the factory of your system. For this thing need the factory reset code. If you don’t have that code, then you will not be able to use your speakers in the car.

These are the main problems people face after the DIY amplifier installation process in the car. You actually not be able to fix those problems. You will need a professional to trouble shoot these.

Bottom Line

Well, these are mainly the process of how to install an amplifier in a car. After reading this article, you will agree that this process is very easy for everyone (even who doesn’t have any idea about amplifier). You will be easily able to do it with perfection.

We hope all of your confusion is now clear. Then again, if you have any further things to know, you can ask in the comment section.