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How to Clean Car Touch Screen

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Is your car’s touch screen working improperly? Are fingerprints interfering with the touch sensitivity? You might have cleaned other areas inside of your car, but the smudged touchscreen is an eyesore.

Then it’s time to clean the touchscreen of the handy infotainment system of your car.

Well, let’s be honest—cleaning the inside of your car is not the most enjoyable activity. Moreover, we hardly wipe the touchscreen in the dash.

As a result, you can’t fully enjoy the benefits of having a cutting-edge infotainment system in your car. Find in the following sections how to clean the car touch screen pronto.

How to Clean Car Touch Screen: 3 Swift & Safe Methods

You will come across various suggestions to take care of the dash touchscreen. But the problem is finding safe, easy, and effective methods.

Considering that fact for you, we have gathered some of the most used techniques for cleaning car touchscreen.

Let’s make your car’s touchscreen clear and shiny.

Methods 1: Microfiber cloth and clean water

This process is the simplest. And it’s useful if screens don’t contain any special coating. For instance – oleophobic screens that are anti-smudge.

In that case, you can clean the screen well enough, just with water. But it will take slightly longer as you will be using plain water.

Cleaning items

  • Distilled water
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spray bottle

Cleaning process

Take some distilled water in a spray bottle. Then, dampen a scrape of microfiber cloth. Next, start cleaning the screen in a certain motion—up and down or side to side is the suggested motion here.

You can also clean the touchscreen in a circular motion. The issue with the motion is it won’t be cleaning the corner. So, you have to clean those separately. That means you will be spending more time cleaning the dash screen.

Microfiber cloth and vacuum

Method 2: Microfiber cloth and vacuum

This process involves dusting and cleaning the screen, and it’s super easy too.

Cleaning items

  • Hand vacuum or simply a vacuum with a hose
  • Microfiber cloth

Cleaning process

First, you need to do a thorough dusting of your entire dashcam using the vacuum cleaner. Don’t use it close to the screen because running dust on it can create scratches.

Removing as much dust as possible, so the dash and screen stay clean longer. After that, you gently wipe the touchscreen.

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Method 3: Touch screen cleaner

This process is the most effective one so far. Using the cleaner, you can make the screen new-like and clean fingerprints off car screens with the cleaner.

However, buy the best Best cleaner for car LCD screens that renders unparalleled results. This way, you can keep your touchscreen tip-top for longer.

Cleaning items

  • Screen Cleaner
  • 2 Microfiber cloth

Cleaning process

Spray a light layer of screen cleaner in the microfiber cloth.

Now with a microfiber cloth and cleaner, start cleaning the screen light. The ideal process is to do it up and down or side by side. Grab a dry microfiber cloth to dry off the screen and make it super clean.


Take as little as possible because these substances can clear oil and dirt with a small amount.

Furthermore, they contain cleaning agents in order words various chemicals. Too much chemical application can fade the screen or get inside it, costing you a big-ticket bill.

Touchscreen Saver Tips

Touchscreen Saver Tips

You want to clean the dash touchscreen. But it’s critical to keep the following factors in mind to clean correctly.

  • ALWAYS make sure the touchscreen is turned off before your start cleaning. Note that the screen will mess up the apps and settings with the screen turned on.
  • Never spray on the screen directly because moisture will get inside the screen. Also, the chemical screen cleaner will remove the anti-scratch and anti-smudge coating.
  • Don’t clean too vigorously or press too hard.
  • Apply cleaning solution only using a microfiber cloth, but you must not let the cleaner sit on the screen for a long time. Make sure you clear up the substance right after putting it on the screen with a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners. Those are simply some of the bad ideas for cleaning car touchscreen. Besides leaving the screen cleaner, alcohol severely damages the stunning touchscreen of your dash.
  • Clean up the dirt and dust first if there is too much of those. If not so, the build-up will scratch the screen most awfully right after your use a microfiber cloth.
  • Never use a tissue or paper towel to clean the screen because that will ruin the screen.
  • Make the microfiber cloth you are using is clean
  • Don’t go overboard thinking if you clean more; it will stay clean longer.
  • Clear the screen regularly.

Final Remarks

Excited to see the touch screen polished again?

Remember that the touchscreen is delicate. So, while cleaning the car’s touchscreen, you need to be cautious. That includes using the correct cleaning items and the right cleaning process to prevent any possible damage.

You have several easy methods at your disposal now. Also, you are armed with the factors that you need to consider. So, go ahead and pick one method.


Take a look at the questions below for cleaning the touch screen of the car’s navigation and audio system.

How do I clean fingerprints off my touch screen?

The best solution for cleaning fingerprints on the touchscreen is to use a dry microfiber cloth and auto screen cleaner. While using microfiber to wipe the fingerprints, rub the screen in a circular motion, removing marks and smudges. In case the dry cloth doesn’t work, you can dampen the microfiber cloth with some distilled water. Or you can spray some cleanser on the cloth and then wipe the screen.

Can you use Windex on a car touch screen?

It’s not recommended, but people often use it. These cleaning products contain various chemicals. And cleaning a window and touchscreen is different.

Again, windows are exposed outside, thus gathering various dirt and marks. So, you have no option but to use strong cleaner. However, the density of the chemical in the cleaner can damage the touchscreen. You can use Windex until you are using it moderately. Additionally, you must wipe down the substance as soon as possible.

Can you use alcohol wipes on touch screens?

It’s not the ideal solution to clean the touch screen with alcohol wipes, although they clean pretty well. This can ruin the oleophobic coating used to prevent fingerprints on your touchscreens. Also, alcohol wipes create a streak.

How do I keep fingerprints off my car touch screen?

You can use a matte-finish screen protector to make the fingerprints less visible, which means touch screen protectors don’t necessarily keep off the fingerprint. So, the most effective solution to prevent fingerprints on a touchscreen is to buy a rubber-tipped stylus pen.