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How Long Does a Car Thermostat Last?


A car thermostat plays a vital role in your car. It’s an indispensable part of the engine of your vehicle, located in your engine for regulating the cooling system.

A car thermostat is responsible for monitoring and controlling the coolant temperature in your car. Well, a very frequently asked question about this cooling system is how long does a car thermostat last?

The answer is, that it lasts around ten years, but it depends on the vehicle to vehicle. Anyways if you want to know more about these things, you have to keep reading this article. Hopefully, it will be constructive for you.

How Long Does a Car Thermostat Last?

Eight to ten years.

You may hear a very problem that the thermostat was stuck open or close. When the engine is not running, and it does not worm, the thermostat is closed, and again when the engine starts, running, and the temperature reaches a fixed point.

How Long Does a Car Thermostat Last

The cooling system named car thermostat automatically opens by a sensor inside it. These are the general function of a car thermostat. 

But sometimes it happens that after starting the engine, the temperature reaches the optimum level, and even after that, the thermostat is not open.

Again after starting the engine and achieving the optimum temperature the thermostat opens but after closing the engine and reducing the heat, it is not close.

At that time the engine becomes more heated than the average temperature. It is dreadful for the engine of a car.

Generally, a car thermostat last ten years. But it can be different for many vehicles. Well, there are many symptoms you will notice when the life of your car’s thermostat finishes.

Here we are giving you these symptoms so that you can see those and take the necessary steps for this. These are as follows:

How to Find Out Life Span of a Car’s Thermostat Finishes

Find Out Life Span of a Car’s Thermostat

The first and the most critical or alarming symptom is, that the engine will be overheated within fifteen minutes after starting it. The temperature gauge will be reading the high into red level temperature.

In most cases, this is the initial symptom of the thermostat that it is not working correctly. As soon as you see this symptom that your car engine is being overheated, you will need to take some necessary steps to fix it or change it.

Generally overheating can’t cause a car’s engine to catch fire, but the inner surfaces can get extremely hot if the cooling system fails, and before the outside of the engine gets hot enough to catch anything on fire, the engine will seize up and stop running forever.

Now if you are running at high power levels when the cooling system fails and a connecting rod breaks and puts a hole in the side of the block, then hot oil will come spraying out of that hole and catch fire when it hits the exhaust system.

You should always keep a Fire Extinguisher for any kind of emergency. 

The temperature is moving unpredictably

Then you can notice a symptom that your car engine temperature will move unpredictably. That means it will be heated and cooled frequently. For example, now you see that your engine is cooled and after a few moments, it is heated.

 These things are bad for the health of an engine. These things will reduce your engine performance. So as soon as you notice this symptom, you need to take the necessary steps.

Coolant leaks around the thermostat or in the car

You can also notice coolant leaking when your car engine is off, and the thermostat is closed. This can be seen in many places. For example, you can notice it under your car or any other vehicle that you have.

Whenever you notice it anywhere around your car, you need to take the necessary steps. Most of the time, when you face this problem, you need to change this. 

The thermostat has no power, or it is unresponsive

Sometimes you will find that your thermostat has no power. You are not able to turn on your thermostat’s potential. So it needs to be changed then. It is another alarming symptom of your thermostat has been damaged.

The setting doesn’t match

Another sign of a damaged thermostat is it doesn’t match the temperature of your car. It can be fluctuating when it is damaged. So when you notice it, you will need to change it.   

The engine is too cooled

There is a misconception when a car thermostat has gone wrong, your engine will only be overheated. Sometimes your engine can be too cooled than usual time. It is also a significant symptom that your car thermostat has gone wrong.

You need also to take the necessary step as soon as possible when you notice that your car engine is being abnormally cooled. Only excessive heat is not very bad for the health of an engine; being too cooled is also bad for the heath of an engine.

How does a car thermostat work?

After starting the car when your engine’s temperature reaches the fixed point of the heat, your car’s thermostat will automatically be opened by the sensor inside it.

In the same way, when your car engine will be off, this car thermostat will automatically be off.

It is used to cool the engine. When an engine runs, it is a pervasive thing that it will be heated. And for your kind information, excessive heat is very harmful to the health of an engine.

So, when your engine becomes heated, it makes the engine cool. In simple words, a car thermostat controls the temperature of your car.

Final Words

A car thermostat is a vital part of your engine and car as it controls the temperature of your engine. Excessive heat temperature is terrible for every engine. After a fixed period, you need to change this cooling system named a car thermostat.

In this article, we have discussed how long does a car thermostat last in detail. This article will help you to know precisely when you need to change your car thermostat. We hope that this article will help you a lot to keep your car engine health good.