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7 Steps to Choose a Caulking Gun For Waterproofing


“The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer; the house allows one to dream in peace” – an adage that always comes to your mind when thinking about your house.

However, if your house has leaks or gaps, the first word that should come to your mind is “waterproofing.” An adhesive caulk gun can be your Knight in armor to abolish your anxiety.

“How do I choose a caulking gun“, is this the question you are asking yourself now? You definitely can, as there are multiple options available in the market.

Why is an Adhesive Caulk Gun Essential for Waterproofing?

Choose a Caulking Gun For Waterproofing a Window

In many places, regular and efficient preservation is not arranged for houses. It creates much risk and damaging results for your home.

The problem of leaking air or water, and gaps between window frames and tiles are risks you may face. However, by using an adhesive caulking gun, you can quickly solve this problem.

An adhesive caulk gun is much essential and beneficial for waterproofing. It ensures the application of a continuous bead of caulk to seal the gap between surfaces and joints.

Any adhesive gun will also prevent air leakage that helps to maintain the temperature and humidity of your room.

How to Choose a Caulking Gun For Waterproofing?

How to Choose a Caulking Gun For Waterproofing

As there are multiple caulking guns available on the market, you can surely be in a dilemma of how to choose the best caulking gun for you.

An adjustable manual caulking gun is the most chosen and usable one where you squeeze the trigger to dish out the sealant. Powered guns are also available in the market that is gaining popularity these days, for their easy use.

However, choosing the perfect caulking gun depends on your reason and purpose of use. The damage you want to repair and the type of caulk you need, two primarily answer your question.

However, the following steps can easily help you to determine your choice.

Step 1: Purpose and Duration

Using Caulking Gun For Waterproofing

Before purchasing a gun, think about why you need the gun and how often you are going to use it. If it is a one-time deal, buy an inexpensive caulking gun with minimum features.

However, if you have long-term work and wish to use it in the future and without making any mess, purchase the gun with maximum features with the great quality available on the market.

Step 2: Time and Energy Saver

While purchasing an adjustable caulking gun, look for the additional specifications that come with the tool. Many Caulking guns come with a built-in spout cutter that slices off the tip of the caulk tube safely and precisely.

Some include a puncture tool, a stiff metal wire that not only helps you to break the inner seal of the tube but also helps to clear the clogged tube.

Step 3: Weight

Before buying a caulking gun, consider the weight of the gun as heavy guns are difficult to handle. Open frame guns usually weigh far less than a full-bodied gun. Therefore, to work effortlessly, think of choosing an open frame gun for caulking.

In case your roof or window needs waterproofing, extra weight can be a hassle. So, having a lightweight one.

Step 4: Have Adjustable Thrust Ratio

The thrust ratio of an adjustable caulking gun is essential as it suggests the extent of force produced each time when you squeeze the trigger.

The more the ratio, the more force applied, and thus more effortless the job is. When you are waterproofing, the thrust ratio adjustability will help you to control the amount of glue erection.

Step 5: Revolving Frame

While applying a bead of caulk on the surface, the act of stop and start can be very annoying and challenging while caulking around a corner.

However, an adhesive caulking gun with a revolving frame can make your task very easy by ensuring multidirectional applications without interruption.

Step 6: Manual Rod

In a manual caulking gun, there is a trigger that needs to squeeze hard, which forces a rod into the back of the tube of caulk.

This rod pushes the caulk out of the tube by creating pressure. There are two types of manual caulk guns: Ratchet Rod caulking guns and Smooth Rod Dripless caulking guns.

The old-style and inexpensive ratchet-rod caulk gun has a toothed push rod. When you squeeze the handle, it wheels its way down the caulk tube and dispenses the caulk.

However, the main problem with the ratchet caulking gun is you need to twist the rod upside down using the lever to release the pressure.

Unable or delayed to do so will create continuous oozing out of caulk that can make matters messy.

A smooth rod dripless caulking gun comes with multiple features and simple mechanisms. It includes a spring-loaded metal plate that locks the pressure rod when you release the trigger.

While squeezing the trigger, it lets the pressure bar charge and dish out the caulk. Moreover, it includes a push lever that allows you to release the pressure rod and remove the caulk tube very easily, just by pressing your thumb.

Step 7: Powered Caulking Gun

Powered caulk guns are gaining popularity for saving you from exhausted hands and wrists. As you use a light squeezing finger trigger, not a hand trigger, you do not need to consider about thrust ratio. Moreover, with a smooth and effortless mechanism, you can make your beading smooth and even without interruption.

The battery-powered caulking guns come with batteries and a charger that allows you to work where there is no electricity. Just make sure that you have enough batteries in your stock if you have a long caulking project.

Pneumatic or air-driven caulking guns are becoming popular as you need neither battery nor charger to use them. Just by adjusting the air caulking gun pressure, you can complete your task.

Quick Tips

Things to remember before purchasing a gun for caulking:

  • No need to buy an expensive caulking gun for a small one-time project.
  • Look for important features like spout-cutter and puncture tools.
  • Consider the thrust ratio while buying a manual rod gun.
  • Look for additional features such as finger guards, ladder hook, or cushioned trigger.

Final Words on Choosing Caulk Gun For Waterproofing

A heavy-duty adhesive caulking gun is essential for waterproofing the leaks and joints that not only protect your house but also protect your peaceful dream.

If you know the purpose of using the gun and the frequency of using the tool, you can easily choose the best suitable gun for you, forgetting the question, “How do I choose a caulking gun?’’