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Best Way to Wash a Car by Hand (3 Step How to Guide)


Hand washes often clean the car better. If you’re prepared to put in the effort, you are in the right place. Here, in this article, I have shared 3 steps to clean your cars that I personally use.

For our happiness we do lots of things, isn’t it! Just like us, our belongings need some care. For instance- if you want a car, then you have to thoroughly clean it because cleaning a vehicle regularly and adequately means a lot for durability.

As a result, your car will gain a prolonged life and more operational power. Washing a car is a pivotal task, and that’s why here, we have come up with the best way to wash a car which I believe will surely assist you.

Best Way to Wash a Car in Just 3 Step

In this section, I am going to share the exeat process that I use to organize the whole cleaning process.

The steps are:

  • Taking Preparation
  • Start Washing
  • And, drying

however, you can take the help of an automatic car cleaner. But I believe nothing is better than washing a car by yourself. So basically, I want to say the best way to wash a car is hand washing.

It is also an adventure for you as well as for your family, especially for kids. In the following part, we are going to discuss how to hand wash your car step by step.

Step 1. Take Preparation

Before starting anything, preparations are mandatory. So, for washing cars, preparation is also essential. Let’s have a look at your car washing preparations.

Park the Car in a Proper Place

Park your car distance from direct sunlight. Because if your car contact with direct sunlight car will become hot and water will evaporate quickly. As a result, it eventually makes the car cleaning process tough for you.

Moreover, sunlight triggers premature drying, which will leave stains on it. Make sure windows are closed, and windshield wipers are ticked on their position.

Bring All Necessary Equipment next to the car

You will need three buckets. Among them, one is for rinsing, and the other two are for washing, water supply, car wash detergent, towels or microfiber cloths, a water pipe, scrubbing brush, wash mitts (two or three), a sponge.

From a local auto parts store, you can buy car-specific detergent but at the time of filling buckets with wash-detergent follow the manufacturer’s instructions on water-detergent ration.

Filling Buckets

Fill two buckets with water and put detergent in them. One bucket is for washing your car’s body, and the other one is for the wheel. Then fill the third bucket with water and consider it as your rinsing bucket.

Step 2. Start to Wash the Car

Now, as you are prepared start the main part of the washing car.

Use Water Pipe

At first, make the dirt softer by using a water pipe but don’t use a strong flow as it can cause a scratch on the paint. Also, try to flow water down so that water can’t enter inside the car if there are any leaks in the window’s rubble seals.

Start With Wheels

Often, wheels are the dirtiest part of any car. So, it is a wise decision to start washing cars with wheels. For cleaning the openings of wheels use a long, skinny wheel brush, and for wheels, sidewalls use a firm bristle brush.

Clean the Car

Here, at first, you have to make sure that you have cleaned all dirt such as splattered bugs, birds dung, etc. from the car body. With a wet rug or with a wash mitt, you can do it.

Then soak the wash mitt or the sponge on the soapy water and apply it to the car in a circular motion from top to down. This top to down process will make sure the dirty soapy water falls on lower sections.

Remember, even if your car is too dirty, don’t rub it excessively. Instead, apply a wash mitt or sponge with soapy water on the car multiple times.

Take a note- While washing doesn’t forget to clean and rinse the wash mitt or the sponge continuously on the rinsing bucket. Otherwise, if you let the dirt grow on the mitt or sponge, it will damage your car’s paint. When the water of the rinse bucket becomes opaque change it with clean water.

Rinse the Car

After cleaning one part, rinse it with a water pipe and move to another. Make sure you are keeping the whole car wet to avoid water spots on the vehicle while cleaning,

Moreover, from different angles, use the water hose to rinse the bottom of the car.

Wash the Windows

For washing car windows you have to choose the right product. Wrong products such as household glass cleaners can harm the car’s windows or exterior finishes. So, use a cleaner that is suitable for car windows.

Step 3. Drying and Washing

After cleaning the car thoroughly, it’s time to dry and wax to obtain a perfect finish.

Wipe the Car with Fresh Towels or Microfiber Clothes

If you leave any water on the car’s surface, it will be the cause of rust, and can even discolor the car. Hence, wipe the whole surface of the vehicle and dry it properly with a fresh towel or microfiber cloth.

Use Wax for Protection, Polish for Extra Gloss

After drying the car apply wax the car to protect the paint from the sun as wax blocks UV rays.  Polish your car to have an extra-glossy look. It can be done by hand and also by the dual-action polisher.

Deal with Rust and Damaged Paint

Remove rust or simply seal small rust stains with a rust converter. Next, if there are any noteworthy damages, touch it up with paint.

Maintain the Shine and Cleanliness

Once you are done with all previous steps now, it is crucial to maintain it. You can use a piece of microfiber cloth and spray detailer to remove overspray, a bit of dirt, bird droppings, etc.

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Final Words

According to experts, the best way to wash a car is with your hands is. It will give the perfect cleaning to your vehicle. Also, it won’t damage your car as no one will wash your car more carefully than you. Now, as your car is clean and shiny, enjoy your driving.  Remember, regular cleaning makes the task of cleaning and protecting the car more manageable.