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Is It Worth Upgrading Factory Car Speakers?


Car speakers are the focal point of any car’s audio system. Having a decent sound quality is key to enjoying driving for many car audio enthusiasts. You can hardly get this unless you have a late-model car with premium factory speakers.

Other than that, your car might be requiring a serious upgrade in the speakers. Perhaps, your car speakers start to wear out due to use and age. When it gets old and rusty, an upgrade is inevitable.

So, is it worth upgrading factory car speakers?

Absolutely. With age, your car’s factory speaker may not sound as before. And, you want to get the ultimate sound quality. So, it is worth upgrading your existing factory speakers.

Below we’ll discuss why you should upgrade factory car speakers and more. Let’s get started.

What Could Be Wrong With Your Existing Factory Speakers?

In most cases, after buying a brand new car, you may not think of upgrading the sound system. The reason is it somehow provides enjoyable sound. But, this is for a short while.

Usually, car manufacturers provide a low-quality factory system just to make the car purchasable. They don’t give too much thought to it while designing a car. That’s why it starts to sound worse after a few days.

A few days later, you could notice the difference. You cannot hear the low frequencies and bass properly. Some brands manufacture premium-quality speakers. Still, they may not be as impressive as aftermarket speakers.

Is It Worth Upgrading Factory Car Speakers?

As mentioned, it is worth upgrading your factory car speakers. Unless you have factory speakers that go bad and don’t sound like before. So, it is always worth replacing them with something better.

Why so? Many reasons determine why it is worth upgrading factory car speakers. Take a look.

To Take Advantage of New Technologies

These days, technology is developing at a high rate. If you don’t have the latest model, chances are you are not taking advantage of new technologies. Possibly, that’s the reason the factory speaker in your old car is not satisfied.

So, it’s time to leverage new technologies and upgrade your speakers to the current standards. If you want to enjoy a wide range of audio frequencies, you can replace them with coaxial speakers.

Coaxial speakers are designed to please various preferences. Also, you can upgrade it with aftermarket speakers. It lasts for longer and provides bang for the buck. Aftermarket speakers come with better design and top-quality sound.

Moreover, you can also add a rubber surround. It not only provides durability but also boosts the sound quality. There is another recent technology named “4-ohm“. This technology allows us to make use of every watt that your head unit can deliver.

To Get More Clarity

Possibly one of the top reasons you look for an upgrade is the clarity. Your existing factory speakers maybe failed to deliver the clear sound you want. It may not provide clean vocals and sharp high when you are cruising on the highway.

So, an upgrade could bring more control for fine-tuning. An upgraded speaker can solve the issue of treble balance. As a result, you can enjoy a defined sound even with increased volume.

To Get A Well-Defined Bass

With time, your speaker’s sound quality can get weak and dull. The sound quality in your old car starts to drop significantly. You may not get better bass. So, it is time to upgrade your old factory speakers with aftermarket speakers.

Aftermarket speakers will provide a decent bass and a clearly-defined sound style. These are designed with high-quality and denser material. So, it delivers excellent sound and a better punch.

If you upgrade with a high fiber woofer, it’ll provide excellent response and durability. Most importantly, you’ll get a concert-like feel.

Less Price But Good Quality

Price is a major concern when you think of upgrading to superior quality car speakers. In reality, you can boost the sound without breaking the bank by replacing it with aftermarket speakers. But, if you upgrade to component speakers, it could be a bit expensive.

For a decent upgrade, full-range aftermarket speakers will provide a quality improvement. They are still better than your stock system. But, component speakers are tough to beat. High-quality component speakers will bring the best out of your car stereo system.

To Make Traffic Fun

More or less, we all hear music during traffic, and we all hate this. Sitting for a long time is annoying for all. Quality music can make this boring time more enjoyable. But, when the music is not up to the mark, it gives an even more difficult time.

So, with an upgrade, you can make traffic time fun. Replace those old factory-installed speakers with modern speakers. You can beat the traffic blues while listening to a rich and clear sound.

Also, you can upgrade it before heading on a road trip. As modern days speakers are hands-free, you can enjoy the drive safely. What you have to do is to crank up the volume and enjoy the time.

How to Upgrade Your Car Stereo System?

As long as you realize the need for an upgrade, here we’ll briefly tell you how to do it. There are plenty of ways. Below, we’ll talk about five specific steps for upgrading your car stereo system.

  1. The first step is to replace the factory speakers. Installing a new sound system will make the sound better with more power.
  2. Then get a pair of new speakers. You can try aftermarket speakers as they are great at it.
  3. After replacing the speakers, add an amplifier, which will give the speakers more power. With maximum power, your new speakers will bring out the details with optimum clarity.
  4. The next step is to install a subwoofer. Installing a subwoofer will provide better bass.
  5. Lastly, you may want to add a dedicated mono amp. It will your sub the juice needed to get the big bass sound. Learn more about the amp.


There you have it. All the mentioned reasons denote whether is it worth upgrading factory car speakers. It is always better to replace your car factory speakers with high-end speakers and this will make car sound system better. The best part of upgrading factory speakers is that you can do it your way. So, what are you waiting for!