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Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality

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If you are looking for the best car speakers for bass and sound quality to replace the existing ones? Well, you are in the right place. 

Why do we want to hear the bass boosted in the car? Simple! It’s an absolute blast to cross miles with some dashing music.

Whether it’s a daily commute or traveling far, a good sound quality speaker can save the day. Because where there’s music, there’s fun.

Besides, replacing it cost-effective solution to improve overall sound quality. However, finding a quality speaker can be challenging. I do testing and compared some of the most popular speakers and end up creating this list. 

Now, if you are in a hurry here are our top 3 picks.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Overall


Best Price

Kicker CSC674

Best Value

Pyle PL63BL

Since you are here, you prefer better bass and sound quality. So, you need some suggestions for installing the best car speaker for bass.

I have rounded up the 10 best car speakers for bass and sound quality for you. And, I will talk about the speakers elaborately identifying their features and benefits.

Also, there will be details on their downsides, so you make a wise choice.

Quick Comparison of Our Favorite Car Speakers in 2022

Before we move on with the details of the speaker, let’s have a quick look at the table below. It will tell you the best features of all the speakers.

Product Name


Why choose it



3 drivers for clearer and accurate sound

Kicker CSC674

Heavy-duty motor for ultra-clean bass

Pyle PL63BL

Right impedance

JBL GTO609C Premium

Dual-level tweeter volume for personalizing sound


Longer playtime without fatigue, Superior sound quality with a durable speaker

Infinity REF-6522EX

Suitable for aftermarket amplifiers

JBL GTO939 Premium

Dynamic sound with larger cones

Skar DDX-10 D4

Ultra-responsive motor hits every single note, Clear sound, and slamming base


Loud and clear 360-degree audio output


Superior bass, Comes with an amplifier

10 Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality

Done checking the table? It’s time to learn about the speakers in detail now. Because just learning about the best features won’t be enough to decide on a speaker. Let’s start with the first speaker.

1. JBL GTO939

Product Details

JBL is one of the best brands for producing hi-fi speakers. Hence, they are seen everywhere nowadays. Are you an audiophile? Then you will appreciate their sound quality too.

As speakers from this brand are widely popular, you will see the speaking installed in cars. Considering that, JBL GTO939 is one of the best 6×9 car speakers for bass.

For the price, the speaker is good enough. Keeping that in mind, you can expect the best performance from this speaker.

So, what about its low, mid, and high frequencies precisely? The mid and low are okay, but the sound is not the most iconic.

The speaker is loud enough. But, it has a 94 dB sensitivity rating. So, you would expect it to be a little louder.

This speaker has 200 RMS watts continuous power handling feature. In other words, it has a 2 ohms impedance. That’s why- you can put the volume at the highest without damaging the woofer and tweeters.

One minor downside of the speaker is its peak power handling capability. It’s only 300 watts. At the same time, it should have been double than the continuous power handling. Because it needed enough room to create spikes in the music without damaging the speaker.

However, this speaker still has satisfactory specs. And, the sound quality will undoubtedly be better than the factory-installed speakers in your car.



2. Kicker CSC674

Product Details

Looking for the best 6.5 car speakers for bass and sound quality? Then you will like this speaker. Additionally, you would appreciate this speaker if you don’t like bass too much.

People who are into strong and clear bass might get disheartened by hearing that the bass is not too strong.

Note that the bass is satisfactory for the money. Obviously, it has a woofer, and tweeter, so the bass will be slightly off. Also, the bass can be significantly absent in some cars.

The impedance of the speaker is higher than the first one. So, it’s a little hungry for power. That’s why the speaker would heat up.

This speaker also has lower continuous power. But it’s better for speakers to have double continuous power in relation to peak power. However, it won’t pose any real issue to the performance.

The tweeter will fit the factory depth because it offers zero-protrusion. Moreover, it’s made from PEI material. Meaning- it’s made from plastic. As a result, you will hear brighter sounds. Let’s check its main feature now.



3. Pyle PL63BL

Product Details

This is another best 6.5 car speaker for bass. It’s a triaxial speaker meaning it has three speakers. As a result, it will render better fidelity.

Considering the design and look, this speaker has a better appearance. The blue poly cone is making the difference.

The material for the cone is robust yet lightweight. It’s great that the blue poly injection is not adding extra weight to the speaker. Moreover, this material contributes to the resonant sound.

Furthermore, the butyl rubber surround is non-fatiguing. So, it can resist high temperatures. Also, it keeps the speaker secure. That’s why this speaker is durable.

The sound quality is decent. So, they will be a suitable replacement for your car’s factory speaker. It has a piezo tweeter. And this tweeter has a higher frequency low. It will catch frequencies as low as 20kHz to as high as 95kHz.

There is ASV voice coil integrated. And the coil aims to provide you with rich sound with low distortion. Also, this coil provides an open sound stage for the speaker.



4. JBL GTO609C Premium

Product Details

This speaker is more prominent in size, and it’s one of the best car speakers for bass without amp. It has carbon injected plus one cone. These cones are larger in their size class.

Thanks to JBL for using bigger cones because they allow the air to move more space. Also, the size of the cone is responsible for producing deeper bass.

The tweeters have soft domes. And that contains huge voice coils. Also, heat-emitting will be handled by the functional size of the voice coils.

In addition, the coils possess an enhanced capacity for dealing with higher-power. For that, the coil will act like the best buddy to produce smooth highs with less fatigue.

One notable feature of the speaker is its tweeter has two-layer volume adjustment. This feature will help a great deal if the speaker’s placement is not appropriate.

You can put the speaker to a preferable setting with the volume adjustment. That way, you can experience the music just like you want it.

The speaker has just the perfect impedance. The resistance of the current flow is 4 ohm, which is standard. The resistance power will let the speaker adjust the current flow from big cables in cars.



5. BOSS CH6520B

Product Details

BOSS is one of the prominent audio device manufacturers. So, I have nothing much to say about the quality. However, there is no issue with relying on this company to get the best car speakers for bass without subwoofer.

The bass is magnificent in this speaker. You are looking for the best quality bass speaker, right? Then it can never go wrong if you choose this speaker from Boss.

Once again, you get what you pay for. Since it’s a well-known brand, at least they are providing what they are promising.

There are many things I like about this speaker. For instance, the code is made from polyurethane. The material is durable. Not only that, it contributes to the superior sound quality of the speaker.

Moreover, the surround is made from rubber. And rubber is good at enduring unwanted shocks. Also, you won’t be seeing any marks of damage.

The voice coil is robust too. It can handle the high temperature. Don’t think it will fail to perform well while regulating the temperature. Alongside resisting the increased temperate, the cone will offer extended playtime without fatigue.



6. Infinity REF-6522EX

Product Details

This speaker from Infinity will be an excellent replacement for the factory speaker of your car. You know that car radios are weak power. If you want to make most of the available power, this is a good one among the best car door speakers for bass.

Moreover, you might want to add more power in future. Let’s say you want to install an amplifier. Will that be the right choice for this speaker? Yes, this speaker is capable of handling aftermarket power amps.

Another reason to like this feature is it has a larger cone. They are calling it a plus-one woofer cone. It’s the exact size of the frame or the basket.

Note that very few companies offer this particular feature. So, what’s the use of this plus-one woofer cone?

This design gives a little more surface area. The air moves more inside the car as the surface area is wider. Consequently, it will render you a louder sound.

Even better, the larger surface of the cone will result in a punchier sound. So, the sound quality will be dynamic, no matter its sound level.

The speaker has a rubber surround. So, you already know that rubber is shock-resistant. Besides, you won’t be seeing any damages signs.



7. JBL GTO939 Premium

Product Details

Are you an audiophile looking for the best door speakers for bass and sound quality? Then learn more about this speaker from here.

It’s a big speaker, which is 6 x 9″. Got a new car with that space on the doors? Then give this speaker a try. Even if it’s large, the materials are light. Overall, the speaker is lightweight.

Because the cones are made from carbon-injected cones. So, it doesn’t add significant weight to the whole speaker.

It’s a personal stereo speaker as you get to set the tweeter volume. Because there is a double-level volume control for the tweeter. As a result, you can select the volume at your preference level.

As it seems, this speaker is identical to the very first speaker on my list, which is JBL GTO939. As the name suggests, this one is basically the premium version of the same speaker.

This speaker produces a strong and clear sound from the head unit. And the peak power is 270 watts. That’s why it’s suitable for any aftermarket amplifier.

What is more, it has an amazing capability for handling power. So, you can expect higher longevity from this speaker.

In addition, it’s made from fibreglass reinforced plastic. This material is lighter. This is another reason for the speaker being lightweight. Furthermore, plastic materials do resonate. So, you will hear the most natural sound.



8. Skar DDX-10 D4

Product Details

It’s one of the best bass speakers for car you will find in the price range. Basically, it’s a subwoofer. Let’s find out why it’s in the price range.

First of all, the bass of this speaker is accurate and hard-hitting. Isn’t that what you are looking for? The sound quality is also good.

Gladly they have used dual 4 ohms voice coil. One downside is it’s a little less loud. Still, the loudness level would be enough for the car. It’s for the dual 4 ohms voice coil. Dual 2 ohms comparatively provide more audible sound, but the sound quality is not impressive.

Considering that, this speaker will give you better sound quality and bass. In addition, this speaker has been designed to combine sound quality (SQ) and sound pressure level (SPL). That’s another reason for speaker delivery of good bass and sound.

The application of the sound is versatile. That’s because it has combined SQ and SPL technology. Moreover, this speaker is an ultra-responsive motor. As a result, you hear the speaker hitting every single music note.

Time to consider durability. The material for the speaker is reliable. And, you will see other top speakers are also made from similar materials.

So, this speaker is one of the top choices in the market. It wouldn’t have been like that if they had utilized lousy materials.



9. BOSS NX524

Product Details

These speakers come in pairs. If you want a sound to come from 4 sides, this is the one you should check out.

This speaker has been custom designed for accurate sound transportation. First of all, the poly has been designed specially to ensure you hear the music as it is.

Secondly, the sound signals travel in the unit. Indeed, you will be submerged in music with these 4-way speakers.

The cone is made from polyurethane. For that, the cones are both flexible and durable. The surround is made from rubber.

As a result, it’s resistant to weather. Water and dust won’t be getting inside the speaker to mess up its efficiency.

The voice coil is made from Aluminum. Thus, it can resist high temperatures. You know that increased temperature is typical for speakers. But having a functional high resistant coil is not that common.

Additionally, the heavy-duty coil will help the speaker play for longer without any hindrance. Besides, the coil is lightweight.

Let’s talk about the tweeter now because it’s iconic. The tweeter has a Mylar dome.

In other words, it’s a more prominent dome. When the dome is wider, the speaker will have spread sound equally to all sides.

Note that most of the speakers contain a smaller dome than that. The aim of making the speaker is to get better sounds and bass. And, they have ensured that with a bigger dome.



10. MTX TNP212D2

Product Details

If you want more profound and precise bass, this speaker will be the right choice. In fact, you will be party mode in the car after installing it.

The design is unlike any other speakers on my list. It has an enclosed body. And it has been done for a purpose. The enclosed design delivers deeper bass.

The enclosure is made from fiberwood. And it has 5 to 8-inch depth. It’s a medium-density depth. And the cover has a robust construction.

The medium density of the enclosure can contain lower frequency sound waves of the subwoofers. In addition, it comes with a monoblock amplifier.

You can connect that easily with any source. For instance, you will need it for the subwoofers in the car. What is more, the package includes kits for installing the amplifier.



How to Choose a Car Speaker for bass and sound quality?

Now, I will help you with a practical guide to choosing a speaker that will give a deep bass and clearer sound. Basically, you need to consider 7 things.

Learn about them below.

Impedance for loudness

You must have noticed that I have specified impedance for all the speakers. This aspect is vital when choosing a speaker with good sound quality.

First, I will explain what impedance is. Basically, it’s the resistance power of the speaker. It will make it easier for you.

You see, every speaker has a specific impedance rating. It will be like- 2 ohms, 4 ohms, and so on. The speakers will pass the electric signal more efficiently if there is low impedance.

Practically, the electrical signals are music. Anyway, the lower the impedance, the sound is suitable for casual listening.

Woofers excursion

You need to consider 3 things here- the speaker’s resting point, linear sound traveling, and how far the sound is going linearly.

So, the idea is it’s about how far a speaker’s sound can go straight from its resting point. It’s about air movement too. When the air gets to move, the sound is louder.

Tweeter: Weight and Material

The types of tweeters will vary depending on the kind of speaker. Anyway, the tweeter needs to be lighter.

Lighter tweeters can move more air faster and more easily. And it needs to be sturdy enough to sustain—the material matter for the quality of the sound. Otherwise, the sound will be distorted.

Speaker cones: Material and size

Cones picks up the vibration from the voice coil. The cones turn the vibration into audible sounds. And, it’s vital that the cones reproduce sound without any distortion.

The sound will be louder and clearer with a larger cone surface. In addition, with the right quality material, the sound will be cleaner.

Woofers & Subwoofers

Let’s know if there is any difference between woofers and subwoofers. Basically, they are used to detect low frequencies.

There is one fundamental difference. Subwoofers can detect lower frequencies than woofers can. The lower frequencies are the bass.

That’s why for better bass, you will need a subwoofer. Or you will just buy a woofer. But the bass will be won’t that deeper.

Doors for audio output

It means how many drivers are there to reproduce sound. For example, some speaker has only 2 drivers- a tweeter and a woofer.

And some speakers will have another device, that is, the mid-range driver. A speaker’s bass and sound quality depend on the categories of drivers.

Enclosure: Type & depth of the case

The cover of the speaker is essential for bass. For instance, a speaker with a subwoofer will have a bigger case. The depth of the case is also crucial for the quality of the bass.

Final Note

Car rides are no fun without music. You will enjoy the rides more with good quality bass and sound.

As you are looking for good quality car speakers, you must consider a few things. The buying guide will help a great deal to get a speaker.

Those are the 7 aspects you need to pay attention to while choosing a good speaker for your car. If you are particular about the sound and bass quality of a speaker, my guide is here to help you all the way.

And there is a list of the 10 best car speakers too. With the help of the list and the buying guide, you can choose the speaker you would prefer in the car.


Now, I will be answering some essential queries. Read them; they might be helpful.

Which are the best car speaker brands?

More than 15 brands on the market are at the top of the list. I will specify the top 5 brands- JBL, Bose, Sony, Yamaha, and Pioneer.

What kind of speakers has good bass?

If a speaker can reach 50 Hz and lower is considered a good bass speaker. And, the subwoofers offer you a good quality bass. It will be louder and deeper. Or you can try the woofer. They can identify the higher signal. And, you will still be receiving a satisfactory bass quality.

How do you get deep bass?

You can buy a larger speaker with an efficient subwoofer. Or you can utilize a low-pass filter. That will remove the higher frequencies.