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How to Use a Floor Jack

How to Use a Floor Jack

Are you stuck on the road with a flat tire? This is the worst feeling that most drivers face. Probably you might search for a floor jack. But don’t know how to use a floor jack? Then this article is for you.

Floor jacks are very important to lift heavyweights. However, there are different types of floor jacks that you can use. So which one to use and how? Let’s know in the following part of this writing.

In this article, you will find all about mechanical and hydraulic floor jacks. So, stay tuned to learn more!

What is a Floor Jack?

Floor jack are simple tools, commonly used to lift automobiles. A hydraulic jack is a piece of machinery that uses the power of fluids to move things.

You can use a floor jack to lift heavy weights from the ground. However, the device is very important while you’re repairing or maintaining something heavy.

In the most automotive industry, you will see floor jacks to lift vehicles or part of a vehicle. 

There are different sizes and kind of floor jacks. However, the three ton floor jacks are most popular in USA.

However, it is important to know how the different types of floor jacks work.

What Are the Types of Floor Jacks?

You will get two types of floor jacks in the market, which are:

However, both the floor jacks are very different from each other. Let’s see how they differ!

Mechanical floor jack

You can call mechanical floor jack “jacks screws.”

However, it would help if you operated mechanical floor jacks manually. This means that people need to apply force while they use mechanical floor jacks.

Additionally, you can lift around 1.5-3 tons with 13-25 inches height through most jacks. But industrial jacks can lift 25 tons with a height of 6 feet.

There are 7 different types of mechanical jacks:

How do Mechanical Floor Jacks Work?

It would be best if you used mechanical floor jacks manually. Nevertheless, these floor jacks come with a stand and base to give proper support.

However, you can utilize these jacks in different ways, which are:

How to Use a Mechanical Floor Jack

You will find it very easy to use a mechanical floor jack. However, there are 6 steps to use a mechanical floor jack, which are:

Step One: Park your car

First, you need to get out of the traffic and park your car. However, in an automatic vehicle, you can set your car in parking mode.

Step Two: Place something under the wheel

Next, you need to place something under the wheel. It would be best to have extra blocks as you need to put something on the other side. This will stop your vehicle from rollback.

Step Three: Locate your jack

Later, it would help if you started to locate your jack. By using the handle, you can raise the vehicle and assemble it.

Step Four: Locate your point

After you find your jack, you need to place the floor jack properly. However, most people find it tough to locate the perfect point. After you get the point, you can move on to place the floor jack.

Step Five: Fix your handles

Next, you can move to fix your handles. So, use the floor jack and turn it clockwise to uplift your vehicle.

However, make sure you are taking the vehicle at least six inches above. When you take the vehicle to a good height, you can start changing the tire.

Step Six: Lower your car

After you change the tire, slowly lower your vehicle until it touches the ground. Finally, remove the floor jack and place it with the handle to make it easier to use them.

Mechanical floor jack: Pros vs. Cons

The list below shows the pros and cons of mechanical floor jacks.



Mechanical Floor Jacks: Safety measures

While using floor jacks, there are a few safety measures that you need to keep in mind. However, some of them are listed below:

Hydraulic floor jacks

One of the oldest jacks is the hydraulic floor jack. However, you will find hydraulic lift systems in hydraulic floor jacks to lift heavy things.

Most hydraulic floor jacks follow the same pascal’s principle. This principle helps to determine the pressure of fluid with energy to find the total area.

Nevertheless, there are two types of hydraulic floor jacks, which are:

How do Hydraulic Floor Jacks Work?

By using fluid compression, hydraulic floor jacks can easily generate power. However, these jacks use oil to work.

In the hydraulic cylinder, the hydrostatic pump uses push oil to convert to mechanical energy. Nevertheless, this oil is very important; it helps to start the machine to start lifting.

How to Use a Hydraulic Floor Jack

Hydraulic floor jacks are complicated to use. However, it makes your work much faster with proper support.

However, the 4 steps to use hydraulic floor jacks are:

Step One: Park your car

First, move out of the traffic and park your car. You will get parking mode if you have an automatic car. So, use it and pull up the hand brake. In manual cars, you need to use the first gear and then use the hand brake.

Step Two: Place something under the wheel

After you park your car, you need to place something, like blocks, under your wheels. It will stop the wheels from moving. However, you can also use extra blocks to put under other wheels for safety.

Step Three: Roll your jacks

Later, it would help if you rolled the jack to position them properly. However, you can make sure everything is in place when the saddle is positioned.

Step Four: Lift your vehicle

Finally, the vehicle goes up by lowering the handles. Nevertheless, through the valves, the compressed oil flows out in the hydraulic cylinder. However, the fuel turns into mechanical energy, which helps to lift your vehicle.

Hydraulic floor jack: Pros vs. Cons

The list below shows the pros and cons of hydraulic floor jacks.



Hydraulic Floor Jacks: Safety measures

Like mechanical floor jacks, you need to follow a few safety measures while using hydraulic floor jacks.

Some of them are:

Mechanical Floor Jacks vs. Hydraulic floor jack

Both the floor jacks are different from each other. Let’s see the basic differences between mechanical floor jacks vs. hydraulic floor jacks.

Mechanical floor jacks

Hydraulic floor jacks

Uses mechanical theories

Uses pascal’s theory

Requires physical energy

Requires oil


Not portable

Requires jack stands to support

Requires swivel casters to support

Costs less


How to Maintain Floor Jacks?

If you maintain floor jacks, they will provide service for a longer time. However, it is very important to inspect them once a week. Additionally, it would help if you kept them clean.

Based on professional comments, the list below provides 5 tips to maintain floor jacks:

1. Check the hydraulic fluids

Once you lower your jacks, you can remove the screws. However, it is important to fill the fluid on a level. Once the fluid moves below the holes, make sure you add the hydraulic fluids again.

2. Use fluids properly

There are specific hydraulic fluids for vehicles. So, it would be best if you avoid using any other type of fluids. If you use other fluids, the hydraulics can get damaged in a short time.

3. Use lubricates

Any moving joint needs lubricate. So, it is very important to grease the saddles and the handles. In addition, you can find many grease guns for hydraulic jacks.

4. Store the jacks properly

While maintaining floor jacks, it is very important to store the jacks properly. So, it would be best if you wiped the storage place. In addition, you need to release pressure on cylinders.

5. Bleed hydraulic cylinder

Sometimes, you will find that there is straining on the loads. So, in such cases, you need to bleed the hydraulic cylinders. The bleeding process helps the floor jacks to have better performance.


To sum up, the processes are different from using the different floor jacks. While the mechanical floor jacks are very easy to operate, the hydraulic ones tend to be critical.

However, as the floor jacks are risky equipment, it would be best to follow the safety measures. By following the precautions, your tasks will get easier to improvise.

On the other side, the floor jacks help you through difficult times. But it is very necessary to maintain them properly. While you keep them clean, they would provide you with a service for a longer time.