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7 of The Best Portable Car Jack in 2022

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when your car stops middle of the road? Having a car jack must be the only thing you can think of, isn’t it?

When your gorgeous vehicle does not support you anymore, the portable car jack can save the day for you in the inconvenient situation.

There is no doubt that the compact floor jacks are the most capable of heavy lifting with the least effort. However, it is impossible to move around with them because of their heavy weight.

So, it would help if you had a car jack that is sturdy enough to lift your car and lightweight to fit it in your trunk.

Again, some people may quickly get confused about the variety of jacks available in the market. Well, worry not and start scrolling because I have listed the top 7 portable car jacks for you. Also, find a buying guide to help you decide which one is perfect for your car.

If you are looking for the best portable car jacks, check out this excellent list that reflects recent market research and customer reviews.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Overall

BendPak QuickJack Portable Lift

Best Price

Pro-Lift Speedy Lift Garage Jack

Best Value

ROGTZ Electric Scissor Car Jack Set

What is a Portable Car Jack?

A portable car jack is a mechanical device that uses hydraulic pressure or electricity to lift your car and assist you with maintenance work. Whether you want to change your car tires or change the old oil, you need more ground access. A portable car jack becomes your helping hand at that point.

And since it is lightweight and compact, you can move it around, take it with you in the back of the vehicle or use it to change the spare parts of your car in the garage space.

A portable car jack comes in handy as the minor routine maintenance costs more than it should when you go to a repair store. So, why not learn and take care of the easy inspections, changing brake oil or fluid transmission at home with your portable car jack?

7 Best Portable Car Jack That You Must Have in Your Car

Product Name




BendPak QuickJack Portable Lift

  • Maximum Capacity: 2.5 tons 

  • Height range: 2 feet

  • Jack Weight: 215 Pounds

  • Jack Type: Portable

Pro-Lift Speedy Lift Garage Jack

  • Maximum Capacity: 3.5 tons

  • Height range: 5-22 inches

  • Jack Weight: 90 pounds

  • Jack Type: Floor

ROGTZ Electric Scissor Car Jack Set

  • Maximum Capacity: 2 tons

  • Height range: 5-16.5 inches

  • Jack Weight: 10 pounds

  • Jack Type: Scissor, portable

Pro-Lift Low Profile Floor Jack

  • Maximum Capacity: 2 Tons

  • Height range: 3 to 14 inches

  • Jack Weight: 30 pounds

  • Jack Type: Floor Jack 

Powerbuilt All-In-One Bottle Jack

  • Maximum Capacity: 3 tons

  • Height range:11 to 21 inches

  • Jack Weight: 22.4 pounds

  • Jack Type: Bottle Jack, Portable

Big Red Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

  • Maximum Capacity: 3 tons

  • Height range: 5-20.88 inches

  • Jack Weight: 36 pounds

  • Jack Type: Floor 

Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

  • Maximum Capacity: 2 tons  

  • Height range: 5 to 17 inches

  • Jack Weight: 79.2 pounds

  • Jack Type: Floor, portable 

While dealing with minor repairing your car on the road or garage, you should choose more ingenious ways. And to work more efficiently, picking the right tools is necessary. And lifting the car is the first thing to do before working on the vehicle.

Since you may need to lift the car alone to change tires or repair the vehicle’s brake, a portable car jack is the first thing you need. Before you hit the road to buy your first car jack or replace your old one, take a quick tour of the list below.

This list is based on the particular specifications you should look for while purchasing a portable car jack. Let’s have a look.

1. BendPak QuickJack Portable Lift: Have the Safest Support

Product Details


  • The jack can lift up to 5000 pounds or 2.5 tons of weight

  • Require less than a minute to set up

  • Automatic Dual-positioned safety lock bars

  • Two locking positions in rising- mid & full

  • Remote hand-held pendant control

  • A quick flip is needed to disengage the lock bar

My first pick for you is the portable jack from QuickJack. Customer review for the products from this brand is high because of the safety and convenience it offers.

The model has received good ratings and reviews mainly because the jack can lift your car in less than a minute. Moreover, it ensures the safety margin by the dual locking positions. So, you can work without worrying that the car will lose balance and hurt you.

Furthermore, Ranger has added a new feature that makes the jack sturdier, and you will feel safer working with the jack. It features an upper box frame that is reinforced with welded steel. You will also find cantilevered rubber block trays for increased rubber block reach.

These extended trays ensure proper setup and positioning of the lifting frame. I believe these features have already blown your mind.

Let’s see some other vital features it has to offer.



Why You Should Have It

After using it for a while, most users gave positive reviews about this jack and even mentioned that it was worth their money. At the same time, they highly recommended using it for easy assembly, auto transmission, and ground clearance.

Best For:

Even though some people find the car jack as a bulky one, it was liked by most users because it can be used for heavy jobs while being a portable one. Remember to consider your car’s weight before purchasing the QuickJack.

2. Pro-Lift Speedy Lift Garage Jack: For Speedy Repair

Product Details


  • Designed for professional-grade performance

  • Can lift the load to a maximum of 3.5 tons

  • bypass device prevents over pumping

  • Easy jack positioning with Swivel Saddle and rear caster

  • The rolled side frame is added to reduce the risk of twisting

  • Foam handle provides you with a comfortable grip

Pro-lift Speedy garage jack became a hot choice among car owners because it only takes 1 to 2 strokes to lift the jack to your desired length.

So, if you are looking for an emergency jack for a vehicle, Pro-Lift can be the best one for you. And who does not like to get the job done quickly with the least effort, right?

Furthermore, the Pro-Lift jack also features the universal joint release mechanism. This mechanism ensures the control of load descent precisely regardless of the handle position. Additionally, the unique rubble saddle pad is included in the jack to protect the car when working on it.



Why You Should Have It

The users gave the jack good ratings in terms of sturdiness and maneuverability. But for some customers, the jack seemed heavy, so this item’s portability was also limited.

Best For:

Pro-Lift ensures speedy and effortless lifting so that you do not have to waste your strength on pumping the jack at the beginning. And as it is a simple-to-use machine, you should have one in your garage even if the item feels heavy more than the other carjacks.

3. ROGTZ Electric Scissor Car Jack Set: Best Electric Jack for Lifting Sedan

Product Details


  • The product is made with heavy-duty steel

  • Sturdy and stable jack with widened base and saddle

  • Thickening steel plate ensures wear-resistance

  • Built-in Flash LED to help you work at night

  • Can be connected to 12V outlet or car battery

Do you own a Sedan or SUV but could not find a car jack that can lift the heavy load? Try ROGTZ for once, and I can guarantee you that you will fall in love with this portable floor jack with a case.

This car jack is better than many other varieties found in the market because of its convenience no matter where you work. The only requirement this jack has is the flat surface.

After making sure that the surface is even, all you need to do is jack in with the power source, and your car will be in a lifting position in less than two minutes.

Even if you do not know when to stop going higher, you do not need to panic. The ROGTZ jack will stop automatically when it reaches the highest limit of the lifting range. Moreover, two power outlet options make the jack highly efficient as a portable jack and a garage tool.

So, now you can jump-start the maintenance in less than 2 minutes other than waiting for the tow company to come and rescue you in the middle of nowhere.



Why You Should Have It

Most customers were satisfied using the jack as it does not require any complex training or physical labor to set the jack to lift the car. However, some of them are disappointed with the base, saying that the factory should improve the part.

Best for:

Throw out your old complex-designed car jack and purchase the car jack that ensures a high safety margin and easy operation. Own the best electric car jack in the market and repair your car with style.

4. Pro-Lift Low Profile Floor Jack: Best Low Profile Portable Jack

Product Details


  • Reduce chances of overpumping

  • A safety release valve is also included

  • Extra-low profile to change your flat tire quicker

  • Secures the safety of the user with the robust steel structure

  • Fits under three and a half inches of ground clearance and maneuvers to the desired position

Pro-Lift has already earned a name for itself in the automotive parts industry. It is a reliable name for many people who own a vehicle. And the automotive hydraulics car jack is another beautiful addition to the car jack line of this brand.

The tool often comes in handy as it is surprisingly lightweight, and the structure is small enough to stow in your car trunk or under the seat quite easily.

If you are looking for a low-profile car jack just for routine maintenance or changing tires, go for a Pro-Lift hydraulic jack without any doubt.



Why You Should Have It

The users have given mixed reviews about this car jack. Many customers found the product not as sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of their car. Some individuals said that pumping the handle is inconvenient as it is pretty low to the ground. But as a portable car jack, it performed pretty well whenever the owners needed it to change flat tires.

Best for:

The product is made for you if you want a spare helping hand, just in case. But you should look for other options while looking for a jack for an auto repair shop.

5. Powerbuilt All-In-One Bottle Jack: Best for Uni-Body Vehicle

Product Details


  • Combined Jack Stand and Bottle Jack designed efficiently to fit uni-body frame

  • Designed specially to repair off-road and uneven surfaces

  • The ingenious design offers a wide variety of lifting points

Powerbuilt has launched heavy-duty small floor jacks manufactured specifically for Uni-body or Body Frame vehicles. The owners of these vehicles struggle to jack their car as not all car jacks fit their car frame. You need to fix the jack right where the factory left a notch to lift the car or truck.

So, the Powerbuilt fits efficiently and is usually strong enough, unlike the conventional jacks. Now, lifting your trucks, SUVs, and vans is easier than you can imagine.



Why You Should Have It

In most cases, people loved using the product as it can be used in cars and trucks. Many reviewers appreciated the heavy-duty performance and vital safety locking feature. The only thing that the customers were dissatisfied with was the hydraulic fluid leaking problem.

After receiving it, you should thoroughly check the package and contact the company if you find any problem.

Best for:

Who does not want an affordable car jack with stylish features? Purchase this product to experience the steadiness of a floor jack in a portable jack.

6. Big Red Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack Best Budget Pick Heavy Lifter

Product Details


  • Easy to use and enough height with adequate ground space

  • large steel casters and 360-degree swivel casters

  • Lifting Range: 5 to 20.88 inches

  • Load Capacity: 3 tons

If you are not willing to compromise on the quality of your car jack, Big Red Torin Hydraulic Jack for Car should be at the top of your list. And it is the best option for those who own heavyweight cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs.

Big Red Torin also ensures smooth maneuverability with the unique large steel casters and 360-degree swivel casters. Moreover, it saves time and quickly lifts the car with an extra-long saddle neck.



Why You Should Have It

The overall review of this product is good in terms of cost, strength, stability, and height range. With little maintenance and proper storage condition, this jack can help you for a long time.

Best For:

Big Red will not disappoint you when it comes to quality and performance. But it may not be the perfect choice as a portable car jack because of the weight.  

7. Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack: Coolest Car Jack 

Product Details


  • Applicable for lifting cars, motorcycles, trucks, or any terrain vehicles

  • Can raise to 5 to 17 inches

  • Load capacity varies from 2 tons or 4000 pounds maximum

  • Provides wide-chassis and holds the car with more stability

  • The precision lock ensures a safety margin when the vehicle is in the lift position

  • The product meets ASME and PALD standard

The name suggests what it can do for you. Powerbuilt has launched the cool car jack for those who own multiple vehicles. Now, you do not need to buy different jacks to work on them. You can do all the repair work with just one jack in your garage.

The surprising feature of this triple lift jack is the removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This patented design has made this tool a flexible one that can be applied to any type of vehicle within the limit. Again the additional locking safety bar allows you to support the car when raised for maintenance work.

And the triple lift jack has a built-in tie-down facility specially made for securing bikes to a more stable position.



Why You Should Have It

Since the jack offers service to various vehicles, it is an excellent addition to your garage or auto repair shop. Customers were satisfied as the broad base supports the car to stay stable, and you do not need a jack stand to support the jack.

Best for:

It may be the best choice if you look for a jack to take in the car trunk with you. But you may want it in your garage for maintenance as it can be used with different vehicles.

What are the Best Portable Car Jacks on the Market?

There are four car jack types available in the market, depending on the design—scissors, trolleys, and Bottle carjacks. Scissor and Trolley jacks are a better choice than portable carjacks. You could choose either one of them that is suitable for your car.

Using a Scissor type jack will give you the following benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

On the other hand, it is not a good fit for your car because:

  • Does not provide overload protection
  • Needs a longer time for lifting than hydraulic systems

Trolley car jacks have the following benefits:

  • Easy mobility as most contain wheels
  • Lifts vehicle fast and in a controllable manner

But, they are not as portable since-

  • they are heavier in weight
  • do not have any feature to stop over pumping
  • more expensive than the scissor ones.

How to Use the Floor Jack Safely?

It will be wise to read the instructions properly before jacking up your car. Here I have included a brief guide to using a car jack safely.


  • Step 01: Set the electric jack parallel to the vehicle.
  • Step 02: Connect to the power outlet. For roadside use batteries and the garage, use the proper power outlet mentioned in the product box.
  • Step 03: Insert the other end with the jack.
  • Step 04: Press the up button to lift the vehicle and the down button to descend.


  • Steps 01: Put the emergency brake on
  • Step 02: Find out the notches where you’ll put the jack
  • Step 03: Pump the jack handle to lift your car
  • Step 04: Add a jack stand under the solid frame
  • Step 05: Release the pressure slowly to ensure a safe landing

How do I Choose a Jack for My Car?

We almost always purchase an item because we hear good reviews about it. Don’t be stupid and spend some time researching the thing you are spending your money on. To help you with the research, I have listed the following mandatory factors to follow up in a good quality car jack.

Load Capacity Calculation:

The only way to ensure the safety margin with a car jack is by maintaining the car jack weight limit. You need a car jack that is at least 3 quarters of your car’s gross weight.

Usually, the manufacturers mention the load capacity in the product description. And you can check the weight of your vehicle on the internet with the model number.

Ground Clearance:

You never know when you need to work on the brake pad or any other parts on the underframe. So, purchasing a car jack only to change tires cannot be a solution.

Your car jack should lift your car high enough so that you can access your car’s hardest part to reach. Nevertheless, make sure your jack is not malfunction before starting the repairing process.

Safety Mechanism:

A safety lock that ensures your jack can hold the lifting position is crucial. It would help if you bought a tool that has an intelligent way to guarantee your safety.

Check the Stability of Your Vehicle:

Portable car jacks are supposedly lightweight. However, a good-quality portable car jack should be able to withstand the weight of your car.

And most cases, these car jacks may come in handy when you are in the middle of the road. So, you may need to go off-road, lift your car and do the maintenance.

Therefore, keep in mind that your car jack should lift your car and stay stable while working, even if the surface is not flat. Before purchasing a car jack, check the weight of your vehicle and ensure that the jack is compatible with your car.

Moreover, a jack with an extended base will give your vehicle extra support without the help of a jack stand. So, try to purchase a jack with these features.

Buy Jacks with Durable Material:

While purchasing a car jack, you should not look for the cheap ones because they may cost you more in the future. The cheap ones are usually made with low-quality alloys that bend, break, or face corrosion sooner. So, avoid them.

You can choose the ones with extra steel protective layers as a coating.


Decide what type of jack you need for your vehicle. It is better to choose the lightweight ones that you can stow in the back of your car while looking for a portable one.

Length Handle:

If you are going for the jack that requires manual handling, check the handle length first. A longer handle is better for pumping the jack to your desired level.


Before purchasing a car jack, check the price with your local retailers to ensure that the online shop is not robbing you. It is better to buy a good quality jack with some extra money rather than going for the cheap ones.


For some cars, floor jacks with an extra broad base provide the best service. So, you should avoid buying scissor jacks for them as they usually contain a narrow base point.

Ask for the Actual Lift Range Profile:

To clarify if the manufacturer is claiming the lift range correct, ask the retailer for the actual lift range of the car jack from the surface to the underframe of your car model. It is better to consider the length to provide you with enough ground space to work underneath the car for any repair work.


We hope that this article helps you decide on the best portable car jack compatible with your car. You should try not to get confused with the features of different carjacks. Compare costs, weights, and your desired height range in your car jack.

Remember the insights mentioned in the article. And ask for any questions in the comments below regarding a portable car jack. We will be happy to help.


These are some questions you may find helpful.

Which Type of Car Jack is Most useful?

A floor jack ensures safety and speeds up the process of any routine maintenance on your car. Although it can be heavy and not portable everywhere, its affordability and features such as long handles, large saddle, and capability to lift the vehicle quickly make it a better choice than other jacks.

How Big of A Jack Do I Need to Lift My Car?

The experts recommend buying a car jack that weighs at least three-quarters of your car’s gross weight. This weight limit is the minimum weight margin to lift the vehicle safely. The weight margin refers to the fact that if your jack is 4000-pounds, it can lift a vehicle weighing 5000 pounds.

What is the Easiest Jack to Use?

The mechanism of each type of jack is relatively easy to understand. Yet, if you are looking for a lightweight and portable jack, you should choose the scissor jack. On the other hand, floor jacks are preferable and require less effort while working in your garage.

Do I Need to Jack the Car to Change the Oil?

Whether you need a car jack to change oil depends on the ground clearance you have under your car. Some tools are available in the market to change old oil without getting under the vehicle.

However, if you need access to get under the car and need help to lift the car, you should certainly use the Carjack.

How Much Weight Can a Car Jack Lift?

A car jack can lift and hold more than the manufacturer mentions. The average car jack can lift from 6000 to 12,000 pounds depending on the weight range they belong. A few hydraulic jacks can withstand the weight of 15 to 30 tons.