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9 Actionable Ways to Make Speakers Sound Better


Nowadays the rate of bringing the latest upgrade to old cars is much higher than buying a modern car. Most car owners prefer to spend money on upgrades instead of applying for a loan. And, improving the car sound system is a top priority.

So, wondering, how can I make my speakers sound better?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, some people have a misconception that upgrading car speakers are tricky. It is not true. There are several ways to make your speakers sound better without breaking the bank.

The sole aim of this article is to show you the best way to get the ultimate sound quality. Read on below.

How Can I Make My Speakers Sound Better?

The best car sound quality requires decent gear and a little know-how. One can consider a car functional if it has a better sound system. Other than that, it is nothing but a tin can without life.

Thankfully, some advanced techniques make your car sound better. By following some simple tweaks, you can achieve your goal.

1. Get a Set of New Speakers

Some car owners think their existing factory sound systems are OK. For the most part, the inbuilt factory system doesn’t just give the tones you crave. Car manufacturers give it less priority while designing and building a car.

So, the only way to make it loud and crisp is to get a set of new speakers. You can make a massive difference by installing a set of aftermarket speakers. Before settling on any specific pair, find out the correct size for your car.

Only the best aftermarket speaker can provide tighter bass, overall clarity, and resonance. While replacing your speakers, don’t compromise with the quality and price. It is wise to spend a few extra bucks to get better quality.  It will not be worth upgrading factory car speakers but must know how to upgrade factory car speakers.

2. Choose Higher-Quality of Sound Files

You often play music on cars from our smartphones, iPods, MP3 players. There you use higher compression on music files to store more music files. At the same time, the music loses its great and low-frequency details.

Those music sound OK when you are listening through earbuds. But, when you play in the car, you can understand something’s missing. The sound is literally distorted or muffled. Hence, it would help if you fixed it with less compression.

Download the music that has a higher resolution. Also, it would be best if you consider the bit rate. That’s how you can get crystal clear sound with detailed bass.

3, Make the Proper Sound Adjustment

The sound not only distorts because of high compression on music files but also due to the wrong adjustment. It means you need to alter the settings like treble, bass, and fade.

You need to optimize these settings to get an appealing sound out of the speakers. However, the settings will be different from the type of music you listen to. Like, you may want to have a treble setting higher than the bass for rock music.

The bass has to be high as a treble in hip-hop music. You may get a distortion detector or O-scope to find the perfect tuning.

4. Get an Amplifier

The most effective way to boost your sound is by getting an amplifier. Usually, your factory sound system generates 200W power. It is not enough for most drivers. So, add an amplifier to your speakers to bring them to life.

An amplifier can make the sound more precise and loud. It means you can hear those frequencies that you used to miss. Getting an amplifier is not the only solution. You also have to invest in high-quality cables and wires. Consult with an audio professional to get the right accessories for your amplifier.

5. Get a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer will give you a noticeable upgrade to your car sound system. It makes the low frequencies more clear than before. You’ll get the deep rich tone that other speakers cannot replicate. Lastly, you can discover the notes with details.

6. Replace Your Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

Each car comes with a DAC that often is not very decent. The manufacturer uses a cheap system, so the replacement of DAC is a good option. In most cases, the smartphone or iPod is your music player.

If you connect your music player via a USB cable, you can bypass the DAC system. Ultimately, the sound quality is going to be much better if it is possible.

7. Sound Deadening Material

While you drive on the road, the surrounding noise and vibration affect the sound. Because of the building material, the car resonates and produces noises. As a result, it affects the accuracy of the sound. Hence, using sound deadening material can reduce noise.

If you install them on the door panel, it will prevent the metal door from interfering. You must use sound deadening material at each speaker location. In the end, you can enjoy the best sound quality, even at high speeds.

8. Add an Equalizer

Sometimes the sounds come out differently because of the sound reflections. The glass and plastic material reflect the sound differently than the carpets and seats. This causes ear fatigue even if you have the best speakers.

An equalizer can help you make some adjustments like treble, bass, midrange, etc. an equalizer allows for adjusting multiple frequency responses. So you get a smooth sound and increased bass response.

9. Get a Bluetooth Compatible Receiver

These days, it is far easier to store trendy music on your smart devices. Most of us are not used to carrying those auxiliary cables. Instead, they prefer to ride in silence. So, investing in a Bluetooth-compatible receiver is a great option. These receivers can make your car sound system into a Bluetooth compatible jukebox.


Getting the crisp and loud sound from the car stereo isn’t all that tough. If you do your homework, upgrading could be easy. Also, a bit of research and help from a professional installer can give the best result. Still, wondering, how can I make my speakers sound better? Don’t do that; instead, provide the above tweaks a try!