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How to Remove Catalytic Converter and Replace with Straight Pipe?

How to Remove Catalytic Converter and Replace with Straight Pipe

Replacing the Catalytic Converter with a straight pipe is a wonderful way to save money on it. Since the converters can be clogged with time, many people opt for straight pipes instead.

People find the design with a straight pipe exhaust system more appealing, and some even find the authentic sound of their engine more thrilling. Regardless of why you want to replace your catalytic converter, we are here to help you.

If you wonder how to remove a catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe, you are not alone. This article will find the most straightforward step-by-step guide to doing that yourself. You need a few tools and a straight pipe you want to install.

10 Steps to Remove Catalytic Converter:

Before you remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe, you need to buy a new unit of straight pipe. Make sure you are purchasing a suitable pipe according to the size. After having everything you need for the replacement in place, follow the steps below:

Step 01: Park Your Vehicle Safely:

To ensure your safety while removing the catalytic converter, you should first park your car or truck where the ground is level.

You need to lift the car with the help of a hydraulic jack and support the car’s weight with the stands.

Step 02: Let the System Cool Down:

If you have been driving the vehicle for a while, you should wait till the exhaust system is cooled down before you touch anything. The catalytic converter you wish to change is supposed to be extremely hot after running.

You can test the heat with gloves in your hands. Put the back of your hand gently on the exhaust. Do that again without the gloves if you do not feel any heat. You’ll know when the car is cooled down.

Step 03: Locate the Cat Converter

Use a mechanic’s creeper to crawl under the lifted vehicle carefully. You should follow the tubes of the exhaust system. Depending on your exhaust system, the cat converter can be installed in the middle of the car’s rare.

You will have to look for the rectangular or the rounded box.

Another factor you need to ensure is how the converter is attached to the car. Whether it is welded or bolted, it will help you decide what tools you need to replace it.

Step 04: Remove the Oxygen Sensor:

If your car has advanced technologies, you may find an Oxygen sensor. This sensor usually works to monitor the efficiency of the exhaust.

Use a ratchet wrench to remove the sensor and place it in a safe place.

Step 05: Apply Penetrating Oil/Fluid:

To remove the mounting bolts easily and quickly, you need to spray some fluid. In most cases, the bolts are usually corroded and jammed in the place after prolonged car use. Pouring some oil will lubricate them.

Step 06: Remove the Mounting Bolts:

Wait 15 minutes for the fluid to loosen the grip of the mounting bolts. It will be easier to remove the mounting bolts with an adjustable wrench. In almost all cases, you have to turn the bolts counterclockwise.

Remove the rear bolts first and go for the front ones later.

Step 07: Remove the Catalytic Converter:

After removing the bolts, you will be able to pull the catalytic converter to the ground and remove it from the car. It is better to keep the converter in a safe place if you want to install it in the future.

Step 08:  Replace the Catalytic Converter with a Test Pipe:

Next, you must attach the test pipe where the catalytic converter was attached previously. If you look closely, you will find the flanges of the test pipe has mounting holes. You will need to twist the tube until the holes are aligned with the exhaust pipe’s holes.

Step 09: Attach the bolts:

Retake the bolts that you have put aside before. And start twisting them in a clockwise direction with the adjustable wrench and attach the test pipe. Double-check if you have tightened the bolts properly after placing the original bolts.

Step 10: Remove the Jack Stand:

To remove the jack stands from under the car, you need to raise the vehicle again with a hydraulic jack. Ensure the car is resting on the ground before removing the hydraulic jack.

Can I Replace a Stolen Catalytic Converter With a Straight Pipe?

Well, you can if you don’t have any other options, as a catalytic converter can cost you a fortune. The catalytic converter contains precious metals to convert the dangerous emissions. And thieves often jack up the car and steal the catalytic converter.

So, it is better to attach a straight pipe for the time being. However, driving a vehicle without a catalytic converter in some states is also illegal as it is not environment-friendly.

  • If not for maintaining the law, you should install the catalytic converter to reduce environmental pollution. The emission control will be imbalanced if everyone starts to replace the cat converter. The exhaust gas containing pollutants will be released directly into the air with harmful substances.
  • Besides the environmental issue, you will also observe that your fuel efficiency decreases. Your engine will become hot quickly when running a car with a straight pipe. Therefore, it is better not to replace the catalytic converter with a straight pipe to regulate the car’s temperature.


Although the straight pipe will reduce the weight of the cat converter and muffler, you will get more horsepower on the run. However, the idea of harming the environment is not so great as to obtain increased performance from your car.

Now that you know all the steps to remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe, we hope that you will get the job done in no time. However, don’t forget to maintain all the safety procedures while working under the lifted car.