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Best 2-stroke Bicycle Engine Reviews


Let’s start by asking a few questions. Do you enjoy bike riding? Do you like to tinker anything by yourself? Do you have a little knack about engine installation? If you have nodded your head, then don’t be late to upgrade your regular bicycle into a motorized bike with the help of 2-stroke bicycle engine kits.

There are several bicycle engine kits available in the market. And different engine kit will improve your bikes speed differently. 

We know that it is backbreaking work to choose among all available bicycle engine kits, and if you have little knowledge, then the work will be more complicated for you to do. And for this reason, we have determined to write about the best 2-stroke bicycle engine.

From this writing, you will get an idea about the available best 2-stroke bicycle engine so that you can make a list of your preferred one and can choose the best one from the list.


Product Name

Editors Rating


Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit


80CC Bicycle Engine Kit


Iglobalbuy 80CC Petrol Gas Motor Bicycle Engine


Flying Horse 66/80cc EPA Approved Silver Angle Fire


80cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Gasoline Engine Motor Kit


Top 5 Best 2-stroke Bicycle Engine

Among all the available bicycle engine kits, we have chosen five best outfits for your assistance. We have mentioned their special features along with pros and cons differently so that you can have a thorough idea of those which will assist you in choosing the best one.

1. Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit

So, do you want to make your regular bike fastest and want to enjoy the motorized bike riding experience with your regular bike? If the answer is yes, then you must need some kits which will assist you in the process. And if you are searching for the perfect equipment, then our recommendation will be to buy a Goplus bicycle motor kit as this kit will be extremely beneficial for you.

Gaplus bicycle motor kit almost fits in most of the bikes only if the diameter of the fork is within 31mm. It has an incredibly powerful engine, which is a single-cylinder, air-cooling, and 2-stroke 80cc gasoline engine. This 2-stroke 80cc gasoline engine will play a crucial role in upgrading a regular bike to the motorized bicycle.

Let’s now discuss its unique features as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Special Features



However, if you want to make a motorized bike easily and want to speed up your regular buy, you could have this one. Make your motorized bike, ride the bike, and enjoy nature.

2. 80CC Bicycle Engine Kit

If you require a complete engine kit for converting your bike, then this one will be the perfect choice for you. And if you want a new engine for more exciting bike rides, then don’t forget about the IE47FA 80cc Bike Refit Engine Riding Assistant. It will give you the best service.

Let’s have a look at what comes in the package of it.

  • 1x 80cc 2-stroke engine
  • 1x Carburetor
  • 1x Ignition coil & CDI
  • 1x Throttle handlebar set
  • 1x Throttle cable
  • 1x Clutch cable
  • 1x Kill switch
  • 1x Clutch lever
  • 1x Chain
  • 1x Chain cover
  • 1x 44T Sprocket W/ 9 Hole Clamp Pads
  • 1x Chain Tensioner
  • 1x Fuel tank, Fuel filter
  • 1x Gasoline fuel line
  • 1x Petcock
  • 1x Muffler
  • All necessary mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware

Special Features



However, if you have road bikes, mountain bikes, chopper, cruisers, or 24”, 26” or 28” types of bike, it will fit in.

Moreover, this product’s customer service is excellent. If you are not satisfied with the product to try to contact them and they will try to resolve it, but if they can’t, you will be refunded. So don’t be late to buy your one.

3. Iglobalbuy 80CC Petrol Gas Motor Bicycle Engine

If you want a cheap motor bicycle engine kit, then you can go for this. We know we have a common perception that cheap things often do not come in good quality. Perhaps it is right for some other products, but it is absolutely wrong for this engine kit.

Though it is cheap, its quality is enough to satisfy you. So, if you want to upgrade your regular bicycle into a motorized one and also want cheap parts, natural processes to do that, then don’t forget about Iglobalbuy 80cc petrol gas bicycle engine.

One secret tip is to make the cylinder bore have a longer life span you should pour some lubricating oil into the cylinder bore from the spark plug hole, drain off the lubricating and then install the engine. For proper engine lubrication, use only synthetic 2-stroke fuel.

Special Features



However, not in every product, you will find a defect. Most of the customers are satisfied with the product. With this one, you will get all the facilities of upgrading your regular bicycle into a motorized bike within minimal cost. 

4. Flying Horse 66/80cc EPA Approved Silver Angle Fire

The flying horse 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engine is here for those riders who have dreams to install a motor on their mountain bike, beach cruiser or road bike and upgrade it into the street-legal ride. 

With this engine, you will be able to go anywhere you want, and you won’t need to pedal the steep hills. Flying horse 66/80cc engine has a catalytic converter with precious metals that help clean that exhaust from the engine, which makes it EPA approved for publicly used in the road.

Special features



However, it depends on you whether all features of this attract you or not, and do you want to buy it or not?

Be cautious about one thing do use a 1:100 ratio of gas to AMSOIL SABER professional synthetic 2-stroke oil, and if you alternate oils or fuel ratio, it will cause severe damage to the engine.

5. 80cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Gasoline Engine Motor Kit

This is another excellent engine motor kit for making your regular bicycle into a motorized bicycle. It will undoubtedly be an excellent aid for you.

It is convenient for your daily use and also easy to assemble and use. Many of the bicycle engine kits have the problem that they make annoying noise and vibration. But this one is free from those problems. With this one, you will enjoy low noise as well as low vibration.

The quality of the product is also fantastic; you won’t have any problem with quality. It has a CDI ignition system that is safe to use and also comes with a spark plug.

Special Features



You can buy this kit for your bicycle. It will increase the speed significantly, and you will be able to enjoy your motorized bike.

Essential Buying Guide for 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit

Here, we have tried to produce a vital buying guide for you. We believe that this buying guide will certainly assist you in deciding on which bicycle engine kit should you buy.

Necessary Specs for Determining the Right Bicycle Engine Kit

For installing a bike engine at first, we have to look at the various specs in which it will fit in. In a typical V shape bike frame, the bicycle engine will fit perfectly.

The diameter of the frame should be 25-28mm, and the seat tube height should be 9-11 inches for proper fitting. These things will make sure that there is enough space for installing the bike engine.

Availability of Replacement Parts

It is a common phenomenon that with better quality motor kits, customers complain about the quality of mounting hardware. 

For instance- with the Roadstar 50cc bicycle engine kit customer complained that he had to purchase enhanced quality mounting hardware for securing the engine in the right place tightly. So, do check those mounting hardware or replacement parts before purchasing.

Speed Level

Obviously, the main reason for buying a bicycle engine kit is to upgrade the speed of your bicycle. Not every engine kit provides the same level of speed. So, before deciding which one you will buy, do check the speed level and only buy if you are satisfied with the speed level.


For allowing you to see the speed level and controlling it, some kits offer you speedometer. We think that speedometer can assist you much, and if you have a speedometer, you will be able to control the speed of your bike precisely. 

So, if you want to have this feature, does check before buying if your intended engine kit has this one or not.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The larger capacity of a fuel tank means you won’t have to fill the tank too often. You can check the fuel tank capacity of your motor kit, and it will be given in cc’s (cubic centimeters). Mostly the popular bike engines have 50 ccs or 80 cc capacity.

Tire Diameter

Most of the bicycle engine kits will fit in either 26” or 28” diameter wheel. You must have to match the kit with your bike’s wheel diameter because 28” wheel won’t fit on a 26” bike, and if you attempt to put a 26” wheel on a 28” bike, then the brake assembly won’t reach the tire. For example- some engine kits fit only in 26” bike wheel and vice versa.

You must have to consider the differences in tire width. So, before choosing one engine kit, checks the tire width of your bike.

Efficiency of Fuel

Different bicycle engine kits will have different fuel efficiency. It is not hard to find bicycle engines that can achieve 100 km of mileage on 1.5 liters (this means 157 miles per gallon).

The Mixing Ratio of Fuel and Engine Oil

Different engine kits will have different mixing ratios of fuel and engine. For example- The Roadstar kit required 16:1 fuel and oil ratio at first. After 500 km of travel, the engine will be properly lubricated, and there will be less risk of wear and tear to the piston and cylinder.

The ratio can be increased to 20:1. So, it is recommended to check the fuel and engine oil ration before purchasing as it will assist you to guess what will be your cost for fuel and oil.

Other Features

Some other features should also be noticed. Sometimes the engine makes some noise, which is annoying. The safety measure of the engine is another feature to see, and the CDI ignition system is preferred.

Some engine kit also follows EPA emission standard which makes them environment friendly and if you want less emission you can go for those.


Most frequent questions and answers​

It actually depends on the preference of the person. But some of the best bicycle engine kits are:

  1. Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit 
  2. Flying Horse 66/80cc EPA Approved Silver Angle Fire

The standard compression should be between 90 and 100 psi.

It can happen because of overpriming or because the choke has been left open, which causes an excess amount of fuel to enter into the combustion chamber.

Time is the best cure for a flooded engine. Let the excessive fuel evaporate for as long as you can.

Until you run out of gas, you can go, and the included ½ gallon tank can smoothly go up to 60-70 miles.

If you are 16 or older, you can ride a motorized bike on the road without a license, registration, and insurance. 

Final Words

If you want to upgrade your regular bicycle into a motorized one, you must have to purchase a bicycle engine kit. So, here we have discussed some best 2-stroke bicycle engine kit. 

We hope the after reading, you have an idea about the best 2-stroke bicycle engine. We have described the top 5 best 2-stroke bicycle engines, and you can rely on our list as we have made a list after reviewing lots of products, doing market research, and we have also emphasized our customer’s feedback.

For your assistance, we have also provided a buying guide, and from that part, you can gain knowledge about what you should consider when making a purchasing decision of a bicycle engine kit.  Purchase the engine kit which matches your preferences and turn your bicycle into a motorized one and start to enjoy your ride with great speed.