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10 Best Bike Frame Bags for 2022 [Review and Buying Guide]

10 Best Bike Frame Bags

If you want to travel light, don’t like to carry around a lot of stuff, then bike packs are the best choice. And if you are looking for a modern, useful and reliable frame bag for your bike, you are in right place.

Whether you’re cycling around the city or the mountains, you need at least some essential things to carry with you. It is hard to carry things in a bike. However, the bike frame bags are the solution to this problem.

Commonly there are 3 types of bike packs. They are bike frame bag, handlebar bag, and seat pack. These bags are compact yet can store a lot of things. They are easy to use, having the benefit of being easy to install and remove. These bike packs are mostly secured to the bicycle with Velcro straps.

The best bike frame bag has good quality material, lightweight, and accessible. Bicycle frame bags are shaped differently to fit various types of cycles. As bike packs are becoming trendy, new designs and styles come out every once in a while.

In this article we have researched and reviewed the top products and provide in dept.  guide.  Read on to learn more and find out the most suitable one for you.

Lists of Best Bike Frame Bags [ Editor Pick]

Product Name




Aduro Sport Triangle Saddle Bicycle Frame Pouch


Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag


ROCKBROS Top Tube Bike Front Frame Bag


Blackburn Outpost Bike Frame Bag


Northseven 3L Carbon XL Waterproof Frame Bag


ROCKBROS Top Tube Waterproof Front Frame Bike Bag


WOTOW Front Tube Triangle Water-Resistant Bag


ROCKBROS Triangle Under Top Tube Bag


Potok Bicycle Phone Mount  Front Frame Bike Bags


Northseven Small Top Tube Bag - Lightweight & Aerodynamic


What is a Bike Frame Bag?

A bike frame bag allows you to have some storage in the triangle space of your cycle. The top tube, seat tube, and downtube form a triangle space. Frame bags are designed to fit into this triangle space to carry things. It is the best place to put a bit heavier items as it maintains a low center of gravity. As the hitch bike racks are used to carry bikes this bags are used in carrying small equipment’s, tools , gears etc.

Form the old days peoples are attaching bags with bikes to carry things. However, the propose of using them are changed. So, the modern days frame bags are more focused on design, security and utilizing space.

Likewise, some bike frame designs allow you to fit above the top tube. On the top tube bags, you can carry lighter, necessary things. Bicycle frame bags are attached with Velcro straps to the frame of the bicycle.

Usually, frame bags are custom made depending on your bicycle. Still, commercially there are some bicycle frame bags available to fit most bikes.

Generally, these frame bags will fit most cycles unless cycles with a small frame or full suspension. If you want fewer things to carry with you in your cycle, then there are half or partial frame bags available too.

Why do you need a bike frame bag?

Cycling is becoming common these days. People prefer to ride their cycle for daily transportation. Its accessibility is making it more widespread.

Moreover, the bicycle is environment friendly, takes less place to park. Therefore, people nowadays prefer using bikes over cars. Their only concern is not having enough space to carry things.

In that case, bike frame bags come in handy. They are lightweight and durable. They provide enough space that you need to carry your essential.

Bike frame bags are easy to attach or detach. Apart from that, there is a vast number of styles and sizes you can choose from.

They are lightweight and encourages you to pack lightly. As a result, you don’t have to worry about dragging unnecessary things everywhere.

Best Bike Frame Bag Reviews

Using bike frame bags, you are forced to pack lightly, which will ultimately help you ride a bike. Modern-day bike packers are better than panniers. They are not just necessity; they have become a fashion statement too.

There are many bike frame bags available that can help you with some modern features. Nowadays, these bike frame bags come in different styles, fabric, sizes, and shapes.

However, functionality is most important, which comes with a good bargain. Below are the top 10 best bike frame bags that provide functionality, durability, and arrive at an affordable price.

1. Aduro Sport Triangle Saddle Bicycle Frame Pouch

Aduro Sports frame bag is one of the best half frame bags for bicycles. It is suitable for all types of cycling, so you don’t need to worry about which cycle you have.

Moreover, it is made with top quality materials, easy to attach with good quality Velcro straps. As a result, you can attach or detach the bag whenever you need it. Again, Velcro straps are more durable, so you don’t need to change it frequently.

A big zippered opening allows you to access quickly. The zipper is smooth and functional, so that you will love it. If we come with the design, this bag comes in a simple yet classy design and 6 different colors. You can choose the color according to your bike or your favorite one.

The size of the bag is good enough to fit phones, wallets, and other essentials. It has a strong, durable, and weather-resistant polyester material. Therefore, don’t worry about the rain or water. Your material will always be protected and safe.

It has multiple compartments to carry various things separately. The size of the bag is about 11×7×2 inches, which is big enough, and you will find it useful.



2. Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

For the best frame bags for bikes, triangle-shaped bags are also trendy. Ibera bicycle frame bag is a triangle-shaped bag that sits inside the triangle space of the bicycle. This bag comes in two sizes, which makes it suitable for a large number of bikes.

The bag is made with anti-abrasive 420D Nylon fabric, which is long-lasting. The design is slim and wind-resistant, so protect your things from outside dust or moisture.

3 velcro straps ensure secure placement and will adjust with your bike frame correctly. The manufacturer generally provides a one year warranty but ensure it before buying it.

The bag is made with nylon, which is water-resistant. Therefore, papers or your electric devices will be safe here. It has a trim that reflects at night, allowing you a visual effect to avoid any accident. The main compartment opens up from the side, makes it accessible when attached on the bike. On the contrary, you can open the bag and can take what you need while riding.

The medium size bag is available with one zipper, and the size of it is 12 in x 13 in x 8 inches, and the large-sized bag is 16 in x 17 in x 11 inches and has two zippers. This two zipper allows you extra flexibility while packing or riding your cycle. Usually, the manufacturer provides a 01-year warranty but ask before you buy it.



3. ROCKBROS Top Tube Bike Front Frame Bag

ROCKBROS Top Tube Bike Bag is a great choice if you search for a top tube frame bag. The attractive design of this bag allows the user to create a new look to his bike. Again, it is easy to install or disassemble with the 3 straps.

The straps come with long straps that can be cut down according to your preference. Now come to the accessibility. The bag has a wide and smooth zipper, which makes it easily accessible. You can load your necessary items while going for a ride. Moreover, as it is a top tube front bad, you can use one hand to take anything from the bag while cycling.

Now, if we come to the material or fabric, the bag is made of water-resistant fabric to protect everything from water or snow.  

Another significant feature we have found that the bottom of the bag is made of non-slip fabric, which helps it stay on the bike. However, the size of the bag is 9.3 x 4.6 x 2.2 inches, which is enough to carry the necessary items.



4. Blackburn Outpost Bike Frame Bag

Blackburn Outpost Bike Frame Bag is a design made for the triangle space of the cycle. So if you do not have enough space at the top of the frame, you can attach it in the down triangle frame. The main feature of this bag is that you can expand it if you need it.

Apart from that, the bag also comes with water-resistant features. So you do not need to worry about water or snow while riding. Like other bags, the strap is also easily adjustable because it comes in three sizes. So you have the option to choose the strap according to your bike size.

The bottom part of the bag is expandable. So, if someone needs a bigger space, they can open up the zipper to get more space. Small 2/3.5L, Medium 4.3/5.8L, and Large 5.25/6.95L are the sizes this bag is available in. However, the price range will depend on the size you get. Overall, this is a good choice to use in the triangle frame of the bike.



5. Northseven 3L Carbon XL Waterproof Frame Bag

Another bag you can use for your bike is the Northseven 3L Carbon XL Frame Bag. This bag is suitable for all types and sizes of bikes. This bike frame bag is a simple, easy tool-free install frame bag for cycles.

3 sewn-on Velcro straps secure the bike frame bag to attach with the body. It also comes with 2 removable/adjustable D-string anti-slip mounting straps. As a result, the bag does not move while you are riding the bike.

This bike frame bag is lightweight and sturdy. Black carbon material gives a unique look and also makes it easy to clean. So you can easily wash the bag after use.

The volume of this bag is 3L. It consists of a spacious main pocket, two small mesh pockets, and an exterior pocket. So, you can carry your mobile phone, gadgets, or other things with you. The exterior packet gives you an extra facility to store things you need most.

Having a big zipper makes it quickly accessible. The size of the bag is 17.1 x 4.8 x 2.7 inches.



6. ROCKBROS Top Tube Waterproof Front Frame Bike Bag

Like other Bike Bag, this model comes with all the necessary and exclusive features. It is also a top tube bag that is very easy to install. The frame bag is lightweight and durable. The seamless design ensures that the bag is water-resistant.  This top frame bag comes in two sizes, medium and large.

It is compact to fit in any bike frame top yet gives enough space to store your phones, keys, and other stuff. This bag is seamless, so no visible gaps are seen in it. It has a TPU coating and waterproof zipper, which ensures more excellent water resistance for items inside it.

The frame bag for the bicycle is a dual zip bag. It has a separator between the two parts. So, it becomes helpful to put phones in one compartment and other sharp objects on the other.

You can also remove the divider and make it a larger compartment if you like. The medium-sized bag can hold up to 6-inch phone, and the large one can hold phone sizes up to 6.5 inches. Overall, a worthy one to buy concerning space and usability.



7. WOTOW Front Tube Triangle Water-Resistant Bag

WOTOW Bike Storage Frame Bag is a triangle bag. It has a large side opening, which allows storing things efficiently. The whole frame bag is padded with EVA foam that maintains its triangle shape and protects the items inside. However, this bag is large enough to hold phones, wallets, and essentials.

The material used for this bag is polyester fabric making it water and weather resistant. So rain or snow can affect less. Three adjustable straps and loops help it securely attach to the bike. The dimension of the bag is 10.6 x 8.3 x 6.7inches. The width of the bike frame bag is 2.2 inches.

If you want a bag at a reasonable price, then this one is recommended.



8. ROCKBROS Triangle Under Top Tube Bag

ROCKBROS Bicycle Frame bag is designed to fit under the top tube inside the triangle space of the bike. It has enough room for your phones, wallets, and other things. It comes in two colors and with attractive designs.

The material is durable, and it has a comfortable texture for it. It has a unique zipper that is more durable compared to other frame bags. The material of the bag makes it easy to clean.

Moreover, multiple compartments make it easy to store things inside the bag. The outer big zipper opening makes the bag more accessible. Material and design help it to be water-resistant and wind-resistant.



9. Potok Bicycle Phone Mount  Front Frame Bike Bags

Potok Bicycle Phone Mount Bag is mainly for holding phones. Suppose you are looking for a bike frame bag where you can put your bag and look into it. Then this is a good option. The bag is designed to store some small things with your phone.

The main advantage of the bag is, you can use your phone while it is inside the bag. This phone mount bag can be used for phones which are smaller than 6.5 inches.

The compartment has a transparent layer where you can see your phone screen. On the contrary, you can easily navigate the map or see it while riding.

However, it doesn’t provide a lot of space. It has a mesh compartment inside the main compartment too. The bag is lightweight and doesn’t have any rigid element which might scratch the bike.

The bag itself is made with waterproof fabric with a taped waterproof zipper. However, it also has a double zipper. Overall, this bag is called a phone mount because you can use the mobile phone attaching to it.



10. Northseven Small Top Tube Bag – Lightweight & Aerodynamic

Northseven Small Top Tube Bag for bike frames is designed to put on the top of the tube. It is big enough to carry some keys, few tools and nutrition bars, etc. it is simple and easy to install. However, the bag is not big enough to carry a phone.

There won’t be any scratches on your bike frame as it doesn’t have rigid straps. The bag is lightweight and aerodynamic. There is one Velcro strap in the front and two straps in the back to attach it to the bike. The size of the bag is 5.4 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches.
Overall, this bag is not too big, but enough to carry small tools like keys, chocolates or nutrition bars, etc.



How We Have Reviewed the Products

Bag size: There are various sized bike frame bags. It depends on your need what size bag suits you the best. But some bags are way too small even to hold your essentials. On the other hand, some bags are too big to fit in your bicycle.

As we discuss generic bike frame bags that fit most bikes, we will consider the bags that at least can hold your phone, keys, and a few other things that you might need to carry with you.

Material: The material of the bike frame bag has to be good. Most manufacturers claim to give waterproof fabric, but that might not be true in every case. Having a weather-resistant material ensures that you can use your bag all the time.

Functionality: Does the product fulfill what it claims to do? Some manufacturers claim a lot of things but cannot satisfy the customers with their products.  A customer buys a product for its functionality, and if the product does not function, then the product is not worthy of your money.

Price: Is the cost worth the product? Some products are unnecessarily costly. The price of your bag should justify its durability. If you pay a lot but the bag breaks in a few days, that’s not a good quality frame bag.

On the other hand, you can’t expect very high quality at a low price. We considered if the product is decent enough for the price the manufacturer is asking.

Buying Guide for the Best Bike Frame Bag

There are some standard features in every best bike frame bag. Different people have different needs from their bike frame bags. Some of the basic things that need to be available, or you need to know before buying a bicycle frame bag are discussed below.

Things You Usually Get in a Bike Frame Bag

  • A decent amount of storage is needed; otherwise, there is no use for bike frame bags. However, various sizes of bags are available. You can choose any size that suits you best according to your need.
  • The bag should have good quality straps to hold the bag tightly to the bike. The frame bags need to be sturdy to hold the position.
  • Usually, most bags come with a waterproof or weather-resistant material. It keeps your stuff inside the bag safe from dust and water.

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Best Bike Frame Bag

  • You need to keep in mind the size of the bag. If the bag will fit your bike perfectly. If you have a small bicycle and buy a big bag, it might not fit, and vice versa. In this case, you may need to know how should you pack a frame bag. Otherwise, you need to carefully compare the size of the bag and the size of your bike.
  • Suppose you plan to carry other types of bike packs or water bottles. Then you should see if the bag allows room for a water bottle or other things.
  • Most of us want to carry our phones with us. Most of the frame bags have large enough space for a smartphone. Still, some small bike frame bags might not give you that benefit.
  • If you want something that will hold your phone and let you navigate the map on your phone, there are frame bags made especially for that purpose.
  • If the bag is waterproof, if you plan to ride your bike in different weather, you should choose a bike frame bag with waterproof or water-resistant material.
  • In most cases, the zipper of the frame bags breaks first. Better look for a good quality zipper bag if you want to use it for a long time.
  • Make sure the bag is not too big. Firstly, it might not fit your bike. Secondly, it might interrupt while riding. Sometimes, bags rub your legs while paddling for triangle frame bags or touch your knees if it’s a top tube frame bag.
  • Do you need a single compartment or multiple compartments? According to that, you should look for frame bags. Also, there are options in the large opening, small opening or side opening, etc.
  • Generally, the bags available to buy will fit most of the bikes. You need to look for a bag that best fits your type of bicycle.
  • It’s better to buy a bag from a manufacturer who gives a product warranty or has a good return policy. In case you need to change the frame bag.

To Conclude

The guide gives you an idea about some of the best bike frame bag options. They are best for everyday use. However, they are equally compatible with frame bags for longer or week-long trips. These bags are made with durable and robust material, mostly weather-resistant, and keep your things safe inside.

So, while choosing a bag, you should consider the things mentioned above. It does not mean that a bag is cheap means it is good in quality. On the other hand, a costly one may be found faulty in some cases. Therefore, it is prudent to choose the one after some research.

FAQ: Best Bike Frame Bag for Cycling

So here are some frequently asked questions which people ask for. You can have a look at those questions to clarify your idea before buying a bag.

1. What should I pack in a frame bag?

You can carry your phone, wallets, keys, cash, cards, gels, lip balms, etc. You can also carry pumps and other small tools for your bike. It’s best not to have heavy stuff as it might disturb while riding the bicycle. If you have heavy things, it’s better to put them on the triangle bike frame bag.

2. How many Litres of Bikepacking do I need?

It’s best to keep your bike packs within 30 -40L. It depends on your need and your bike.

3. How can I carry my phone while cycling?

There are top tube frame bags available only to carry the phone. Most frame bags provide enough space to store your phone. Some give you the option to see the screen while riding.

4. How do you pack a tent for a bike pack?

There’s no right way to bike packing. You can carry your tent Wherever you feel comfortable. As most of the spaces will be used to pack your essentials, it’s best to pack the tent on the handlebar.

5. Where do cyclists keep their phones?

Not everyone is comfortable putting their phones in their jersey pocket, and many don’t wear a jersey. You can set your phone on a phone holder and attach it to the handlebar. If you need some additional space with your phone holder, some top tube frame bags are available. These bags allow using your phone while riding, which also gives a little bit of storage.

6. Is it bad to ride a bike with a backpack?

Backpacks cross body bags, and messenger bags are best for riding on a bike, as they don’t move much. Carrying a Backpack can be tiring and uncomfortable. In that case, you can switch to bike packing.

7. How do I pack my bike for an overnight trip?

For an overnight trip, you will need a sleeping system, cooking system, tools to repair your bike, extra clothes, etc. It depends on you how you want to pack these things. You can bike pack beforehand and see if it works for you. The number of things you can carry will depend on your bike pack capacity and your cycle.

8. How do you carry groceries on a bike?

You can carry your groceries in your backpack or top tube frame bag. But if you have a lot of items, you can choose a bike basket or pannier. If you want even more space for your groceries, you can attach a trailer to your bicycle.