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How to Use Tire Repair Kit: Beginner Guide

Tire repair kit

Prevention is better than cure. However, things do not always end up the way we want it to be. When we are driving on roads, many events may happen that are not in our grasp. One of those is a flat tire or tire puncture.

You might be one of the most observant drivers, but your tire may still cop a needle, screw, or an errant nail. As a result, you might end up in a problematic situation in the middle of nowhere if you do not have the necessary tire repair kit. Even if you do have the tools, you should know how to use tire repair kit so that you can repair your own car tires.

Why Carrying A Tire Repair Kit Is Important?

Your tires are responsible for carrying the whole car and the passengers on the road. Tires are the first point of contact with the road. And there are many dangerous things on the road that can cause problems for your tires. As a result, it is quite common for tires to puncture and get flat every now and then.

Therefore, it is a must to carry a puncture repair kit that includes many tools to help fix the tire. It is essential to be prepared with some well-equipped kit and understand how to use them as well. The tools included in a kit can assist in repairing any punctured tire anywhere on the road.

The different tire repair kit contains various tools. For instance, if you drive a four-wheeler or more, the kit may include things that do not require in tubeless tires. Tubeless tires are mostly used for bicycles. Bicycles are very prone to punctures.

As a result, you should know which type of tools to carry and how to use both regular repair kit and tubeless tire repair kit for your convenience.

Tools Included in A Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Repairing tire puncture is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have several kits for repairing and keep you with yourself because you do not know when your tire is going to be punctured.

However, different kinds of tools you may find, and we will start our discussion from regular tire repair kits. Let’s check them out first.

Regular tire repair kit

Regular tire repair kits include repair cords, lubricants, pliers, cord insertion tools, etc. It is better to learn how to use them because you are going to need them anywhere.

Regular tire repairing kits are must-have equipment that is essential for everyone who drives cars often. Let’s know them at a glance.

Repair cords

These are stiff lumpy-cord strands that are inserted into the ruptured hole. It enables the tire to drive the car on the road safely temporarily.

These are the primary tools included in a tire repair kit. However, there can be more tools included in other equipment such as a blade and other lever devices to trim the repair cords, etc.


Lubricants are used on the tools that widen the puncture hole to be shoved in the leak.

A set of pliers

These are used to detach the source of the leak, such as nails, sticks, or screws.

The cord-insertion instrument

It is shaped like a connection between a narrow icicle and a handle-handled drive shaft. It is used to insert the cord inside.

The reamer

The reamer is also shaped like a connection between a narrow icicle and a handle-handled drive shaft. It is needed to smooth the puncture area and clean any debris around the puncture hole.

It is also used to momentarily detach the steel belts of a tire so that repair cord or plugs can be smoothly put in.

Materials in a tubeless tire repair kit

Here are the relevant materials that are needed to repair a tubeless tire. You must know them how to fix using these tools.

If you have a vehicle that has tubeless tires, then you have to learn them. Well, it is better to move on and see how these tools are working.

Extra tube(s)

It is essential to carry extra tubes so that when your tubeless tires are punctures, you can change it immediately. These must be taken extra care of you when moving.

Gorilla tape

It helps in re-taping the rim of a tire. It can also be used to repair any torn area of the tire.

Superglue or shoe glue

High volume pump: it is crucial to carry a high-volume pump so that you can repump air into the tubeless tire after repairing it.

Tubeless plugs

These can ensure a permanent repair for normal punctures. Small puncture holes can be repaired with these plugs.

How to Use Tire Repair Kit: Guideline for Beginners

If you are a complete beginner and haven’t used any of these tools, then follow our guideline to learn how to use tire repair kit for beginners. Here, we have explained everything you need to understand in a straightforward method. It will surely help you even if you do not have any idea about any of them. Let’s move on.

5 simple steps to use regular repair tools.

To make our guideline more efficient, we have divided it into five simple steps for you. If you can ensure that you have followed each step carefully, then next time, you will be able to repair the tire of your vehicle like a pro.

Step 01: Pull out the object

After carefully parking your car at the side of the road, take the tire removal kit and uninstall the tire from the vehicle. Then, use the pair of pliers to remove the sharp object that caused the puncture in the first place.

Step 02: Clean the puncture hole

Use the reamer to clean the punctured area. You should put some lubricant on the reamer before that to make the are smoother.

Step 03: Insert the repair cord

Next up, you should thread an equal length of the repair cord, which is sticking out from each half of the instrument through a unique eye of the insertion tool.

You can again apply a small amount of lubricant and push the insertion instrument with the cord inside the puncture hole.

Step 04: Remove the insertion equipment and cut the repairing string

You should now carefully tug the insertion instrument out without twisting the insertion tool’s handle. Then, trim the extra portion of the repairing string.

Step 05: Reinstall the tire

How to Use Tire Repair Kit: Beginner Guide

Your work is done, and all you have to do now is inflate your tire to the previous and appropriate stress. And you are now good to drive again.

A quick guide on how to use tubeless tire repair kits

First, thread a plug into the tool. After that, you should locate the hole on the tubeless tire. You can use water to create bubbles around the puncture hole. Once you have found the spot, insert the plug inside.

You will need some force to put the tool with the plug inside. You must remember not to put the hole plugin as it can just fall inside. Remember to keep half of the plug exposed outside the hole.

Then, cut the extra plug exposed to the outside environment and seal the area with gorilla tape. Before that, you can apply some super glue around the plug to keep it stuck in the hole. Sealing the area with tape and glue can ensure the tire to be as airtight as possible.

Once you are done with those, the last step is to pump the tire to check if it has been repaired properly. Reattach the tire, and you are good to ride again.


Anything can happen to a vehicle tire when you are driving or riding them on the road. A simple small needle can puncture a new tire, and even a huge sharp object can cause severe damage.

Having the proper toolkit with you is essential. More than that, knowing how to use a tire repair kit is exceptionally crucial.