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How to Know If Car Battery Needs to be Replaced

How to Know If Car Battery Needs to be Replaced Featured Image

Car batteries require to replace after several times. Like any electric equipment, the battery loses power with time. Eventually, it will cause trouble such as improper start, turning off lights or engine suddenly, or even lead to increased fuel consumption.

But how to know if your car battery needs to be replaced? Let’s find the answer in detail below.

How Often Does a Car Need a Battery Replacement?

The lifespan of a car’s battery depends on the car itself and its condition. Usually, every car’s battery has an average lifespan of four years. But it will send signals when it’s over three years old and needs a change.

Sometimes it won’t send signals, but you need to pay attention to it after every three years. It will harm other parts of your car otherwise. 

On the other hand, new cars don’t send signals. So, you must keep in mind their lifespan.

Don’t be afraid if your car needs battery replacement because every car needs battery replacements. Also, perform regular checkups expecting the battery replacement at the end.

How to Know If Your Car Needs Replacement?

As said, your car will give some signals when it is time for battery replacement. In the following section, you will find out about them.

The Engine is Slow to Turn Over

You may know about the gut-wrenching sound while driving. It is a sign that your car needs a new battery. Your car will take some time before turning on when it is time for a replacement. 

Your car’s battery is one of the key materials for your engine. This is what makes it run. Your car gets ignition power from it, and the starter turns a flywheel. So, in this short amount of time, many things take place.

But if this process takes longer than usual, it is sure that your battery’s lifespan is about to finish. Go to your nearest car repair shop whenever you notice such behavior and replace it.

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Your Dashboard Lights will Flicker

When the dashboard light is flickering, the issue might not be in the dashboard. It is a sign that your battery’s lifespan is nearly at an end and about to go down.

So, whenever you notice such flickering, get a new battery for your car and install it immediately.

Keep in mind that this battery signals its issues with the flickering light. However, dimming light can be a sign of other issues as well.

For example, you can have a car with a light-dimming issue. In this case, you will notice that the dashboard light has yet to return to its old state even after changing the battery. The reason here can be an alternator error or manual trouble.

Your Car Windows will Roll Slower than Usual

You won’t face any issues with the setup or starting in this situation. In fact, it’ll start just normally. But when you try to roll your car windows while the engine stays off, you will discover the problem. 

You’ll also notice it is taking much more time than usual. It is another sign that your battery‘s life is about to end. 

However, only an aging battery won’t slow down the window rolling process. It can be an issue with the window motor or regulator that takes time to roll.

Yet, you should not ignore any of these possibilities. What if it is about the battery? So, check up both at a good car repair store and solve the issue behind it.

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The Headlights will Dim Down While Idling Your Car

When the battery is nearly at its end, you will notice an issue with your headlights. During the time idling of your car, you will notice some dimming with the headlights. It will get bright again when you turn up the accelerator. It is one of the signs that your battery has aged a lot and needs a replacement.

However, like others, it isn’t always a battery issue when your lights dim while accelerating or braking. You may need to work with the alternator or need a new belt. You just need to make sure you are visiting an expert mechanic to find out the issue. Thus, you will be sure if it is the battery and change the necessary equipment. 

There will be Corrosion in the Battery

As a normal and healthy battery, your car won’t have any corrosion. It will be clean, and the light buildup will also be normal. But if you notice corrosion building up on the battery, your battery is having a problem. It can leak fluid or gas or, even worse, a nearly damaged battery.

No matter the reason, visit an expert mechanic and find out why. Usually, in most cases, old and damaged batteries cause such corrosion, especially when it is five years or more. If you can, replace the battery right away.

Your Car’s Battery Has Gone Old

The last sign of your car battery change is its lifespan. Usually, car batteries will serve you for nearly three to four years. But sometimes they can perform better or worse, serving you more or less than that time. It actually depends on the weather and your driving practice.

So, you must visit your nearby car repair stores when the serving time has crossed three years. You’ll get an idea of how much life your battery has left. This test will reveal whether you need a battery replacement or not.

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To Wrap Up

You have bought your car, spending a good amount of money. So it is okay to expect that it won’t need many changes or repair costs. But like any other electric gadget, your car uses a battery and loses its power when it exceeds its lifespan.

Hence, you must change it soon as your life costs much more. Otherwise, you may end up standing alone on a highway with a damaged car.


How Can You Tell If Your car Battery is Going Bad?

Here are some common signs you should replace your car battery.

  • The engine is slow to turn over
  • Your dashboard lights will flicker
  • Your car windows will roll slower than usual
  • The headlights will dim down while idling your car
  • There will be corrosion in the battery
  • Your car’s battery has gone old.

How Long Before a Car Battery Needs to be Replaced?

The normal time for installing a battery replacement is three years. All the batteries work well throughout this time. But sometimes, they can perform more or less depending on the weather and your driving practice. So, you can visit your nearby car repair stores after that to get an idea of how much life your battery has left.

What is the Average Life of a Car Battery?

Usually, the average life of a car battery is three to four years. But the time varies depending on the pressure you put on the battery. If you drive your car well with proper maintenance, it may last only up to five years, but if you don’t, it is damaged within even two years.

How Much do Car Batteries Cost to Replace?

The cost of a car depends on its power, quality, and size. Usually, the price range is $45 to $250. You can check your trusted car repair stores, check your car’s battery situation, and replace it if needed.

How to Extend my Car’s Battery Life?

Here are a few tips to extend your car’s battery life:

  • Avoid short rides; go for longer ones.
  • Make sure your car battery is fastened tightly.
  • Keep the lights off when you don’t need them.
  • Keep the corrosion in control.
  • Check your battery regularly.
  • Avoid using electric devices when you are idling.
  • Ensure regular check-ups of your car.
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