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Best Foldable Exercise Bike


What happens when our body consumes more calories than it needs? The body stores it and transform extra calories into fat. Exercise is the only way to burn this extra fat and maintain a healthy physique.

Exercise not only changes an individual’s physique, but it also improves the mind and attitude. These days, people don’t have enough time to rush to the gym. What if we tell that you can work on your body while being at home?

Indeed, it is possible if you have the best foldable exercise bike at home. An exercise bike is undeniably an excellent machine for cardio-respiratory training. It allows performing intense cardio, low-impact, and many more.

The foldable design of the exercise bike is what draws many people’s attention. In comparison to other cardio exercises, it takes up little space at your home. When you’re done using, you can fold and put it into a corner.

With its ease of use and flexibility in mind, many manufacturers have brought countless models. It can be confusing for you to find one that offers excellent value. To help you find the best one, we’ve picked the top 10 models in the market. Have a look.

Top 10 Best Foldable Exercise Bike Reviews

We’ve gone through the process of searching, comparing, and selecting the best models in the market. After all that, we’ve gathered a list of the best fordable exercise bike. Here we’ll talk in-depth about what makes these bikes best than others. Let’s get started!

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

The Exerpeutic upright exercise bike is one of the most rated and best folding exercise bikes available today. The bike features a lightweight yet sturdy frame, comfortable seat, compact size, and many more.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The Exerpeutic upright bike features a space-saving design along with the sturdy yet lightweight frame. This compact-sized bike can be folded to half of the assembled size. You can move the bike from one place to another place using the transportation wheel

Sitting Arrangement: It features a large cushioned-seat that is perfect for people of any size. The seat is adjustable. You can move it up and down based on your comfort.

Weight Capacity: This 42.8lbs weighted bike can carry up to 300lbs user load. The heavy-duty frame made this possible.

Resistance: The amazing part is, it includes an 8-level magnetic tension control system. It allows the user to adjust the tension level according to their fitness level. 

Console and Display: The bike features an easy-to-read LCDso you can easily track your data. This console unit shows you the distance, time, speed, calories burned, and scan. Along with its hand pulse sensor, monitor your heart rate. 

What Else: Its 3-piece “high-torque” cranking system ensures smooth and reliable pedaling motion. It includes a leg stabilizer set for added security. 



Final Verdict

Overall, it’s a sturdy and user-friendly design for the money. Not to mention another thing that it also achieves MEN’S HEALTH EDITOR’S CHOICE.

2. Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

Marcy is leading the fitness equipment industry for over 35 overs. The bike offers the fat-blasting cardio into its basic design. The Marcy upright exercise bike includes the same features as high-end cardio bikes available in the gym.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The Marcy bike comes with super space-saving and foldable design. Even with the folding ability, it features a 14-gauge steel frame that boosts durability and surface resiliency. It includes counterweighted pedals with adjustable foot straps for secure cycling.

Sitting Arrangement: It features a high-quality foam padded seat that ensures comfortable cycling. The seat is adjustable from 28”-33” by using an adjustment knob. 

Weight Capacity: This high-quality exercise bike can accommodate a user up to 250lbs with the height from 5’1″ to 6’3″. 

Resistance: The bicycle features eight levels of magnetic resistance control. The resistance is manually adjustable, which lets you perform various degrees of exercise. 

Console and Display: The unit comes with a large LCD panel that displays your workout statistics. It shows stats like distance, speed, time, calories burned, etc. You can also plan workout routines and monitor progress. 



Final Verdict

All in all, the Marcy can be a great addition to your home for all family members. The bike not only helps you burn calories, but it also strengthens your leg’s muscles. You’ll surely get a good experience at an affordable price.

3. EXERPEUTIC 300SR Foldable Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic is always ahead in bringing variation in price and design of exercise bikes. The Exerpeutic 300SR is a perfect example of that. It is basically a semi-recumbent bike that includes a combined design of an upright and recumbent bike.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The bicycle features a durable, steel tubing-made frame. It is robust enough to withstand heavy use. The design of the Exerpeutic 300SR is foldable up to ½ of its size. It includes transportation wheels for smooth movement. 

Sitting Arrangement: The bike comes with a large cushioned seat and a padded backrest. The backrest provides excellent support to the lower back.

Weight Capacity: This semi-recumbent design allows the user up to 300lbs weight capacity. It can accommodate a user with the height ranging from 5’2″ to 6’2″.

Resistance: Like other Exerpeutic models, it features an 8-level magnetic tension control system. It allows the user to choose between easier and challenging workouts.

Console and Display: There is an easy-to-read LCD. It shows time, speed, distance, pulse, calories burned, and scan. It has hand pulse sensors on the gripped handlebar, which let you know your heart rate. 

What Else: This foldable exercise bike includes 3-piece “high torque” cranking system for smooth pedaling motion. Also, its precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt drive ensure quiet operation.



Final Verdict

The Exerpeutic 300SR ensures a comfortable and silent workout experience. You can quickly get on and off the bike. It is preferable for users with back pain issues. 

4. Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Desk Folding Exercise Bike

Coming up next, Exerpeutic brings an effective exercise bike for workaholic people. The Exerpeutic ExerWork 1000 is a multi-functional bike cum a workstation. It let you work and exercise at the same time conveniently.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The ExerWork 1000 bike features a steel tubing frame. It is painted with corrosion-resistant paint that ensures durability. This rust-proof bike is foldable into a compact size for secure storage.

Sitting Arrangement: Unlike others, it features an AirSoftseatthat is large and oversized. The seat is made using aerodynamic healthcare technology for better breathability. There is also a large cushioned backrest for added comfort.

Standing Desk: As mentioned, the bike features a unique standing desk. You can use the desk as your working platform. The desk can be adjusted forward and backward to use while sitting and standing.

Weight Capacity: This semi-recumbent bike can withstand user weight up to 300lbs.

Resistance: The bike features an 8-level magnetic tension control system. It allows the user to adjust the workout intensity depending on their fitness level. 

Console and Display: The ExerWork features an LCD that displays calories burned, distance, speed, time, heart rate, and many more.

What Else: It also includes a 3-piece crank system, precision-balanced flywheel, and V-belt drive. All these provide smooth and quiet operation.



Final Verdict

So, it’s time to get healthy while you are working. The Exerpeutic ExerWork 1000 makes it possible both to work and do exercise together.

5. PLENY Foldable Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

The PLENY Foldable Upright bike is highly-foldable in a real sense. The structure of the bike is the main reason you should have it.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: Earlier, we mentioned, the bike is excellent in structure and design. It comes with a compact and lightweight design. The PLENY bike has a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures good cardio workouts. 

Sitting Arrangement: It has a larger and comfortable padded seat that offers comfort on long exercise sessions. Also, it includes a foam-covered handlebar along with a heart-rate pulse sensor. 

Weight Capacity: This foldable upright bike allows user weight up to 260lbs.

Resistance: The great about this exercise bike is its 16-level magnetic tension control system. It allows a range of workouts with different intensity levels.

Console and Display: There is an attractive, easy-to-read LCD monitor. It shows odometer, time, distance, speed, calories burned, etc. on the larger screen and number.

What Else: There is a high-end curved crank arm for comfortable pedaling at high-speed. You can keep your feet into its textured, anti-slip blocks for safe driving.



Final Verdict

Overall, it is truly the best foldable exercise bike. It takes very little room so you can keep it in any corner. You are getting this without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for!

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2721 Folding Exercise Bike 

Sunny Health & Fitness always make sure you feel great while losing weight. The Sunny Health &Fitness SF-B2721 exercise bike comes with a trendy design and color. The design and features keep you motivated toward your goal.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The bike looks sturdy, and indeed it is. It is adjustable up to 3-levels for providing versatile and challenging workouts.

Sitting Arrangement: The extra-large padded seat is one of the attractions of this bike. This cushioned seat ensures proper blood flow and relieves pressure point while doing prolonged workouts.

Weight Capacity: The bike allows a user capacity up to 300lbs, which means users of any size can use it. 

Resistance: The SF-B2721 lets you choose between 10-level adjustable resistance systems. You can maximize or minimize the resistance level by using a convenient tension knob. 

Console and Display: It helps you track your progress through a large digital monitor screen. This performance monitor displays calories burned, odometer, distance, time, etc. It grasps your heart rate through the sensors in the handles.

What Else: There is a convenient tablet holder on the bike. You can keep your mobile, tablet, and similar devices.



Final Verdict

All in all, the Sunny Health & Fitness ensures a smooth, quiet, and durable operation. You can create a range of workout patterns in your daily exercise routine.

7. Murtisol Folding Exercise Stationary Bike

Next, we have a great deal for all the lovely ladies here. The Murtisol folding stationary bike is one of the best exercise bikes for women. It not only looks good but also allows you to perform different types of exercises.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: This multi-function bike is specially designed for women. It features a non-rusting steel frame with a sturdy X structure. The design includes twister plates with unique push-up handles. It helps burn calories effectively and improve cardiovascular health.

Sitting Arrangement: It includes a large cushioned seat with padded backrest and padded handlebar. The seat is 1/3” thick and adjustable to 6-level for person inseam from 31-36inch. 

Weight Capacity: The bike can accommodate user weight up to 264lbs.

Resistance: With 8 resistance level, you can increase and decrease the intensity of your workout. Also, there is a resistance band to work on your arm’s chest muscles.

Console and Display: There is a 3.5” large LCD screen that shows your workout statistics, such as; time, distance, RPM, etc. Besides, the pulse sensors at the handlebar let you know your heart rate.

What Else: The pedals are adjustable for comfortable pedaling. Also, it includes a phone holder for entertainment while using it.



Final Verdict

The Murtisol bike is a complete package for women with so many unique features. So, get your one and enjoy the most effective and convenient cycling.

8. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

The Exerpeutic Gold bike comes with a similar design like Marcy bike. The only difference is that it includes a wide cushioned seat and sturdier build. Because of that, it can accommodate the user’s weight more than others on the list.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The bike features a heavy-duty design for excellent workout results. The frames are made of high durability steel, and it has 20% more steel than other models.

Sitting Arrangement: Its 14.6” large cushioned seat is the main attraction of this bike. The seat is adjustable to fit users from 5’1” to 6’5”. 

Weight Capacity: Unlike others in the list, it allows users with weight up to 400lbs.

Resistance: The bicycle includes an 8-level magnetic tension control system. It allows performing from easy to challenging workouts.

Console and Display: There is a large LCD that displays your workout statistics. Also, it has a heart pulse sensor on the handlebars that allows monitoring your heart rate. 

What Else: For smooth and consistent pedaling experience, it includes a 3-piece “high-torque” cranking system. The bike is foldable up to half the size.



Final Verdict

As the name implies, the Exerpeutic gold ensures the best experience of cycling. You can now pedal your way to your fitness goal.

9. Innova XBR450 Folding Upright Bike

The Innova XBR450 upright bike brings an innovative design in the industry. The design is just perfect for exercise and reading a book or using a tablet at a time.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: The Innova upright bike comes with a dual-purpose design. Along with a sturdy frame, it features dual flywheels with high torque. The design is compact, and you can fold it into a more compact size.

Sitting Arrangement: The bike features a large comfortable seat along with a high seatback. It is adjustable in both vertical and horizontal positions for ease of use.

Weight Capacity: It is designed to carry user weight up to 250lbs.  

Resistance: This upright bike comes with a multi-crank and multi-level magnetic resistance system. It ensures the best workout varieties possible.

Console and Display: There is an easy-to-read display that shows time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and many more. It also includes a platform for tablets.



Final Verdict

Innova XBR450 is an excellent option for beginners. The design is exceptionally lightweight and compact, which saves a lot of space.

10. Best Choice Products Folding Upright Exercise Cycling Bicycle

The Best Choice Products exercise bicycle is one of the most versatile options in the market. It can be used as an upright and semi-recumbent bike as well. The bike looks trendy and includes features that you want to have.

Features in Details

Built-Quality: Even being new to the industry, it is already well-known for its sturdy construction. It features an ergonomic design along with the steel-made frame.

Sitting Arrangement: As the same suggests, it’s the best choice for its comfortable sitting arrangements. The seat includes a soft cushion, and it is adjustable into different heights through the adjustable knob. It also features a padded handlebar for comfort and balance.

Weight Capacity: The bike includes a user weight capacity of up to 220lbs.

Resistance: There is an 8-level resistance system. It is controlled by a knob placed in the half where the user can easily switch the resistance.

Console and Display: You can keep an eye on its digital display to know your progress. It displays speed, distance, calories burned, and many more.




  • No back support
  • The seat is smaller that causes pains in the buttocks
  • Pedals are positioned underbody

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent bikes, mainly, are an excellent option for people with back pain issues. It offers a cardiovascular workout while being easier on the lower back. The recumbent bike takes the pressure off the joint and provides the correct spinal posture.

This bike comes with a wide seat where the user can sit comfortably in a reclined position. Pedals are positioned in front of the body, which allows natural pedaling. Because of the comfortable design, these are good for beginners.

Users with all ability levels can use these bikes, even older people with joint pain. It can accommodate more weight compared to upright bikes. When intense cardio is a concern, a recumbent bike cannot meet the expectation.


  • The seat is wide and comfortable.
  • Gentle on body joints.
  • Gentle on the lower back.
  • Low impact helps to build strength.
  • It’s the right choice for people with neurological terms.
  • Safer to use.
  • Friendlier for all ability levels.


  • Not appropriate for an intense cardio.

Earlier, we mentioned, there are three more types of foldable exercise bikes. They are-

Spinner Exercise Bike

The sinner exercise bike is a rarely known type of foldable exercise bike. Many people may not recognize spinner bikes with its name, but it is available in the most gym. These bikes are more like an upright bike with a little difference.

Spinner bike has handlebars at a slightly lower position. The user has bent a bit while exercising. Because of the design, it ensures a more intense workout.

Semi-recumbent Exercise Bike

As the name suggests, a semi-recumbent exercise bike is a combination bike of upright and recumbent exercise bikes. It means both types inspire the design. The pedals are placed in front, similar to recumbent bikes, but a bit angled like upright bikes.

Also, these bikes have handlebar the same as upright bikes. The seats are slightly inclined, like recumbent bikes. They offer comfort to the lower back while providing an intense cardio workout.

Folding Desk Exercise Bikes

This type is a popular option for people who want to stay active while working. Folding desk bikes are mostly used in the home offices. These bikes have a tabletop instead of the handlebar to keep your notepad or laptop.

The design is much similar to recumbent bikes. Here, the pedals are positioned at the front like recumbent bikes. It also includes a large seat and back support. You can exercise while doing important office work.

How to Pick the Best Foldable Exercise Bike? (Detailed Buyer’s Guide)

Hopefully, this far, you’ve decided which type you want to go with. Even after that, it can be a challenging process to figure out which features you need. The answer is not straight forward.

When you’re looking for the best foldable exercise bike, keeping a few things in mind can help you get a clear winner. Here is what to consider before making a final decision.

Build Quality

In the case of an exercise machine, build quality should be the primary concern. The same goes for a foldable exercise bike. It determines the durability and quality of the components.

Generally, foldable exercise bikes are made of robust materials that are capable of holding enough weight. But, at the same time, it is lightweight as well. It usually has an aluminum frame that is robust yet lightweight.


And, this brings us to the next factor that is the seat. Perhaps, you know that the seat is what tells how comfortable an exercise bike is. If it is not comfortable to sit on, likely you’ll not use it for the second time. Also, it won’t serve its purpose.

Without any doubt, the wider seat provides more comfort to the user of all ages. If you feel comfortable, you can exercise for the desired period. Along with the width of the seat, you need to check if the seat is lavishly-padded or the hard, flat one.

Resistance System

The resistance system is one of the most important features that you need in an exercise bike. Without a good resistance system, it is nothing but a regular cycle with pedals. The ordinary bicycle doesn’t need separate resistance as the road itself provides the required resistance.

In an exercise bike, there could be many types of resistance system, and two are mostly used among them.

Back Rest

In consort with a large padded seat, you’ll need a comfortable backrest. If you need support in the lumbar spine, you shouldn’t choose an upright exercise bike. Those units don’t have any backrest.

Rather recumbent bikes could be your option. There are plenty of recumbent bikes that come with extra padding at the backrest. It offers extra-support and minimizes a lot of strain from the lower back.

User Weight and Height Limit

The foldable exercise could be lightweight itself, but it should offer sufficient weight capacity. It should carry the load of the heavy user who is looking to reduce some extra weight. Knowing the weight limit is essential.

If you don’t know the exact weight capacity, you could damage the bike with your extra weight. The height limit is what most buyers overlook. The height of a bike shouldn’t be lower or higher than your height. The inappropriate height makes it difficult to reach the pedal.

  • Magnetic Resistance System

This type includes a magnet inside the system. It operates with a magnet that repulses the metal-made flywheel. The magnet and flywheel generate a force of repulsion. This repulsion tends to produce resistance in the direction of the flywheel’s rotation. And, that’s how it works.

  • Friction Resistance System

The friction resistance system works similar to the brake system of typical bicycles. There is a resistance pad placed on the surface of the flywheel. This resistance pad initiates the resistance in the friction resistance system.

The friction pad puts on pressure when the user increases pressure on the flywheel. Similarly, it releases pressure with decreased pressure. This way, the flywheel becomes tougher or easier to rotate.

Which one is better?

There is no straight forward answer to this most asked question. Both are better in their own way. Still, we can mention one thing that is noise.

The magnetic resistance system works without a hitch as it doesn’t create friction with the flywheel. So, there is no chance of producing noise. Conversely, the friction resistance system creates constant friction with the bike. Even if running smoothly, it makes a grinding sound, which could be annoying for some people.


A flywheel is a spherical-shaped wheel located either front side of the foldable bike. It rotates when you pedal the bike. Flywheel plays an essential role in putting resistance through its weight. The heavyweight flywheel tends to provide more resistance. While you are buying an exercise bike, keep the weight of flywheel in mind.

Console or Digital Display

The best foldable exercise bike should have a contemporary console. The console displays workout statistics and other control information. You can consider it as a small computer. Some good-quality console features speakers, workout programs, and other built-in features.

It displays statistics like heart rate, speed, calories burned, and other information needed to track your progress. The size of the displays varies with the models. It is better to choose a larger display so you can easily see while doing the workout.


Adjustability is essential when you want to try different workout positions. You’ll like to adjust the position of the seat and handlebar according to your comfort. Almost all exercise bikes in the market allow better adjustability for maximum output.

Folding Capability

The reason you are buying a foldable exercise bike is that it is foldable. Some bike allows folding the whole unit to almost half size. Those units are easy to store in a small place. But, what matters is the ease of folding. It should be easy to fold to a smaller size.

Additional Convenient Features

Some additional features transform an ordinary to the best foldable exercise bike. Some bike comes with a media tray to read the book or watch a movie while you exercise. Also, there are some with a water bottle holder. You don’t have to stop your exercise from taking a sip of water. The larger bottle holder can be suitable plus here.


How much you are going to spend determines the quality of the bike you’ll get. A good-quality bike will last longer and ensures excellent performance. But it may cost you somewhat extra.

If you are going to invest in those units, that would be a great choice. Still, you can get a good deal without breaking the bank as the most bike comes within $100-$200 range.

Advantages of a Folding Exercise Bike


Foldable exercise bikes are foldable, that is the most apparent benefit of having these bikes. You can fold them easily after using and store them into a little space. Which is why it’s an ideal option for people who lives in a small apartment.

Ease of Use

The foldable stationary bike comes ina compact size with simple features. It is easy to use than other typical exercise bikes. Still, it provides the necessary workout option that you can perform from home.

Budget-friendly option

Another reason you may consider buying these bikes is its low price. It comes a lot cheaper than most other standard exercise bikes. These bikes are usually made of a lightweight frame and are hence affordable to manufacture and supply to the user.

Easy Assembly

Whereas some exercise machines take hours to assemble, foldable exercise bikes are easy to assemble by yourself. These bikes have a few parts to put together. So, the instruction is easy to follow.

Variety of Exercises

You can perform a variety of exercises into a foldable exercise bike depending on your fitness level. These bikes include different resistance level that allows you to practice different exercise levels.

Perfect for Beginners

Since it is easy to use, foldable bikes are an ideal option for users. Anyone can use it who has just started with biking. Also, it can be a good option who find it difficult to go to the gym.

Moved Easily

The compact size, foldability, and lightweight makes these bikes easy to move. It can be moved simply from one room to another room. Also, you can transport it easily when you move out.


Most frequent questions and answers.

Yes, it can be the best choice as they offer a small footprint, low impact cardio workout, and ease of movement. It can be stored and relocated easily in your small apartment.

It actually depends on the intensity level of activity. The adults need to spend a specific amount of time. If you are using at a higher intensity level, every day, 20 minutes, and four days a week is good enough.

Absolutely. According to your body weight and intensity of the workout, it allows burning more than 600 calories in one hour. It makes indoor cycling a good workout option to burn more calories quickly. And, burning more calories is the key to weight loss.

The foldable stationary bike allows performing low impact cardio workouts at home. It brings so many health benefits along with it. Here are some fantastic health benefits of using these bikes;

  • It can help lower blood pressure and ensure good blood circulation.
  • It improves your respiratory capacity.
  • It helps to gain more muscles and strengthen muscles as well.
  • Exercising at higher intensity helps you burn more calories.
  • It helps lower blood glucose levels.
  • It can lower cholesterol levels.

An upright bike includes a free-spinning magnetic flywheel. When you do pedal, the pedals of an upright exercise bike doesn’t move. On the other hand, spin bikes are similar to road bikes, but they are stationary. It is mostly used for indoor bike training.


Foldable exercise bikes are designed to encourage you to exercise painlessly. You can save your time by not rushing to the gym. It makes exercising less of hassle. All these possible only if you choose the best foldable exercise bike for your needs.

Now that you’ve gone through our in-depth review, including everything you could ever want to know. So, which one you’d choose to use at your home? Remember, whichever you choose, it has to be suitable for your body and home needs.

It’s time to start biking and lose some weight!